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Sunday, July 27th, 2008

    Time Event
    Who: Heidi Macavoy and Tracey Davis
    What: Heidi gets injured. Mediwitch Davis to the rescue!
    When: March 3rd
    Where: Hufflepuff locker room.
    Rating: Eventually NC-17

    It was halfway through the match, Hufflepuff versus Slytherin, and Heidi was on a roll, already scoring over half her teams points. She was absolutely sure they would win, no way would Slytherin get the snitch or get ahead of them on the scores. Heidi sped on her broom, intently focused on finishing the game victoriously. Quaffle in hand, she was already speeding for the Slytherin's goals.

    As she was about to score, however, something hit her broom, she didn't know what, but it made her stop. Her broom wouldn't move. It was only for a split second, but in that short time, Heidi lost her focus and looked down to her broom, it must have been some sort of hex on it, and she didn't even see it coming. Zacharias yelled at her just in time for her to look up and feel the force of a bludger hit her square in the side, knocking her off her broom. Heidi couldn't even think as she fell, all the stories about how your life flashes before you, they aren't true, she found out as she hit the ground and saw white before darkness.

    What must have been a few hours later, Heidi woke up and found herself in the medical wing, on a cot. Sitting up, she felt an immediate pain in her side. Looking down, she saw she had no shirt on and could see a large dark bruise on the side of her ribs from where the bludger had hit. She looked at it for a moment before she heard Madam Pomfrey hurry over to her, informing her of what had happened.

    Apparently, after Heidi had been hit, Hufflepuff's seeker had lost concentration and Slytherin's had caught the snitch, making Hufflepuff lose. Immediately, Heidi began to shout at herself in her head, blaming herself for the teams lose. Pomfrey continued to talk, telling her that a Skelligrow had fixed a couple broken ribs and an arm, but the bruises and a cut just above her left eyebrow remained. What was worse, Pomfrey advised her to take a couple weeks break from quidditch, to fully heal - advice that Heidi didn't, and probably wouldn't, listen to.

    After a few more minutes of Pomfrey talking, Heidi was free to leave and slipped on her thin undershirt she wore under her Quidditch robes, her Quidditch pants and boots. She grabbed her ropes, goggles and gloves and made her way to the Hufflepuff locker room, relieved to see it was deserted, she didn't want to talk to her team or house, whom she felt like she had let down.

    Throwing her stuff in her locker, she gently laid back, being careful of her bruises, and her arm was still a bit sore, on the bench. She reached up and felt the cut above her eye before folding her hands over her stomach and began thinking about how she was so stupid as to lose her focus and cost the team the game.

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