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Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

    Time Event
    Who: Sara Moon and Clara Pritchard
    What: Sara needs to get some things off her mind.
    When: March 1st
    Where: The Library
    Rating: NC-17 (Is anyone shocked?)

    Clara was thoroughly exasperated as she flipped through the pages of one of the many tomes in front of her. She had not gotten nearly enough studying done. First it had been noise. Luckily, Madame Pince and Clara shared the same opinion on that and the offenders were out on their ears. Then, came a few boys, one after the other, trying to sweet talk her. She sent them away.

    Finally, she was able to get to studying. She had a few hours left before curfew, though she might be able to sweet talk Madame Pince into letting her stay later. It was time to get down to some real studying.

    Though her uniform was nearly perfect save her loosened tie, a lock of hair fell in Clara’s face as she leaned over one of the books. Her fingers were stained with ink, even under the closely clipped nails that Pansy or Daphne would have had a heart attack if they had cut their own nails so short.

    Clara chewed the feather tip of her quill as she read, a habit that she’d had since her first year. She was oblivious to the world around her as she was thoroughly engrossed in the book, trying to absorb it all for the paper she needed to write. It wasn’t due for three weeks, but she was getting a later jump on it then she would have liked.

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