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Kirei na yubi de boku o nazuru. [Apr 10 2008 / 1:57pm]

Character's name:Takahiro Sakaguchi
Character's birthday:June 29 1981
Character's job/role:Waiter at a club/Church
Aim name:sakitonight
Journal name:Sakitonight
Were they on hold:No
Band name:Nightmare

Taken/Held/Wanted/Application [Jan 04 2008 / 11:43pm]
Taken )



Held )

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Rules [Jan 04 2008 / 11:42pm]
1. The first and most important rule of the community, No mixing IC with OOC. if you fight with someone IC don't fight with them OOC. don't like them? then don't talk to their character(s). easy right? If we do hear about you mixing IC with OOC you'll get a warning, another one if we hear it again and not even a third. After the third time you will get banned and there are no exceptions

2. You can put japanese lines in your updates and posts but do realize that not everybody has picked up the japanese language even though they do listen to japanese music if they ask you what it meant what your character said please, do reply nicely and tell them. also not everybody has english as motherlanguage, give them a break. precise spelling and punctuation are not important. We like to keep this open for people that just got into rping too.

3. No killing of characters or your own character. Suicide attempts are okay but no 'real' deaths.

4. Mpregs are allowed but they need to be talked about with the mods, a couple are not allowed to get pregnant within two months of dating. After those two months of being together talk about it with the mods. also if you have a kid keep the ages real. the boys can get pregnant from sixteen years of age so when they're twenty the kid isn't a six year old. it's four like in real times. though pregnancies don't last nine months, the years do. shortest you can have as pregnancy is 2 months (premature) and longest is 4 months. (late)

5. You MUST update atleast once every three weeks, and the update has to be at least one paragraph long. picture posts and oneliners do not count as an real post. also don't spam the friendpage. no more then two updates a day. also the banning goes for the posting. if you do not post once in those three weeks you'll get a warning and three days to update, have you not updated in those three days you will be deleted. If you do update but next time you need to get another warning before updating you'll get another warning but the one after that. You're out without a warning.

6. If your characters aren't friends in real life they can obviously be in the roleplay, they can be anything you like. from lovers to family members to each others worst enemies. don't flame the person another plays just because you don't like the real person, not all characters are played how they are in real life. keep that in mind.

7. You can play up to three characters, if you do decide to play more then that then we WILL find out and you WILL get banned aswell. Yes we're a little strict.

8. Just to make sure you read the rules you have to put the following in your subject line. Kirei na yubi de boku o nazuru.

9. You're allowed to have a break, go on holiday and you name it. If you're going on hiatus please let the mods know so you can be held on hiatus also so we know why you haven't updated in three weeks. though the hiatus will be held for two months, can you not come back by then. let the mods know, If you do not and you get taken of hold but you haven't update in two weeks after the hiatus remove. You will get banned.

10. No godmodding.

Intro of comm [Jan 04 2008 / 11:37pm]


This community was created for those who like jrock, jpop, jwhateveryouwannafillin and who love rping.
So everybody who is smart enough can understand this is a community about rping with jrock/pop/whateveryouwannafillin bands.

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