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June 5th, 2008



[No Subject]

New Altamont Academy Members

Eliza Ryan
aim: Kung Fu Eliza
pb: Eliza Dushku

Clemence Preston
aim: clemencepreston
pb: Clemence Posey

Al Rashad
aim: Al FTW
pb: Alfred Enoch

Vanessa Phillip
aim: vip vanessa

Demi Cruz
aim: dem and sel
pb: Demi Lovato

Selena Castro
aim: sel and dem
pb: Selena Gomez

New Altamont University Members

Kim Jenner
aim: kimnoeljenner
pb: Kim Kardashian

Bryan Green
aim: BryanXGreen
pb: Bryan Greenburg

Altamont Orlando does not have a friends add tool, so be sure to go out and friend these lovely faces!

New Buddy List
(Simply delete your buddy list, click on the link, download, and then upload the new buddylist)

Altamont Round-UP )

Altamont Orlando Info
[info]aa_orlando is the only community in which ALL members of Altamont communities can past information through. If you're friendly and would like to make and expand to new friendships, or are throwing a party and would like to extend the invitation out to both communities, feel free to post here.

AO Business Directories

(If you'd like to ad your business, please comment the above link)


(If you would like to place an AD(birthday, business, or shououts) for your character, please comment this post and it will be placed in the next issue)

Who are the members of [info]aa_orlando?
- Students and Faculty CURRENTLY at BOTH establishments

- Students and Faculty who HAVE LEFT [dropped out of school, graduated] either establishments and want to stick around the city or via an alumni forum!

- Friends and Family of the students in either establishments. These people MUST STATE in their applications which student storyline they'd be a part of. The only way for you to get a character to come in for your sl is to RECOMMEND a s.l by commenting the Taken or Wanted list for in Dean Martin's journal. Once someone picks up your s.l., you'll be pmed by that person and it is up to YOU to approve of this person. Once you've approved, the character will be added to AO and then it is up to you and them to get friended by people.

How to get into AO?
Read This

-If you'd like to friend a member of either Altamont schools outside of your own school, you MUST friend them on your own. I.E. Students at AA wanting to talk to students at AU will have to individually add those members to their friends page. The friends add tool box is only for your own particular school.

Important Community Wide Information
Please check routinely for updates!

Activity Rules

All students who have or is graduating or have left any of the schools, please remain friended to the boards for up to date information.

MANDATORY SUMMER RULES FOR UPDATING: ONCE A MONTH! Enjoy the break and keep your eyes open for community changes and messages!