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March 3rd, 2008



Tweak says, "Hello world."

Comment notifications have been sent out to players today on the updating requirements for the Altamontverse. Please be sure to update within the time allotted.

Updating requirements for Altamont players are as follows:

[info]altamontacademy students: 2 per month; 1 every 2 weeks
[info]altamont_u students: 2 per month; 1 every 2 weeks
[info]altamontacademy faculty: 1 per month
[info]altamontorlando residents: 1 per month

Also, ALL [info]altamontorlando journals should be friended to [info]dean_martin so that the mods are able to see all updates made. These members of AO need to friend Dean Martin, please.

Shaki Ripoll
Casey Lewis
Ryan Vanderbilt