Dec. 31st, 2011


Private to all Dhamphir, Moroi and VA-alchemists

Very little has changed in the protection of Moroi.

Mason Ashford will till be Guardian of Prince Adrian Ivashkov.
Karolina Belikova will be Guardian of Miss Sydney Sage and Miss Zoe Sage.
Viktoria Belikova will still be Guardian of Prince Andre Dragomir.
Rose Hathaway will still be Guardian of Queen Vasilisa Dragomir.
Alexander Kozlov will be the Guardian of Marie Conta.
Dimitri Belikov will still be the Guardian of Miss Mia Rinaldi and Prince Ivan Zeklos.

Any Questions, complaints or comments?

This is also the second check in to make sure you made it through the second, smaller incident in which people were lost.

Sep. 10th, 2011


I thought that whole light show was meant to make winning this war harder; well that failed.


Gotham City, more like Gotham Gardens- It’s beautiful is it not Batty-boy?


I’m coming for you Lucifer, you demonic asshole, I’m coming for you.


[Private to hunters]
Is anyone reliable still alive and on Earth? Please..


[Voicemail left on Sam Winchesters phone]
Sammy I could really use your help right now, I think I’m in over my head this time.

Aug. 7th, 2011


Castiel you son of a bitch; Get your ass down here NOW.

Fucking Angels. Which was rather an enjoyable past time, not the best. But at least she wasn't a demon.

Jul. 21st, 2011


**Destiny is a prophet, so her 'source' is herself, this is how she is relaying her visions. This is in some national newspaper.
Freakstorms caused by Angels?
Sceptics claim that it is unlikely.

By: Destiny Peters.

Results are in from Tuesdays freak lightening storm, at approximately 11 p.m on Tuesday the 20th of July, 2011 a freak electrical storm, as scientists are labelling it occurred. Over 400 homes in the United states were destroyed with an ash pattern that Christian groups believe are a mark of god. The ash pattern is believed to be the silhouette of an Angel and the electrical storm was believed to be the coming of the Angels, a elite force of heavenly soldiers to rid the world of evil.

Two forests, a mall and uncountable amounts of cars and even train tracks were destroyed in the electrical storm causing commuters to be as late as four hours to work on Wednesday morning, if they made it at all. Bizarrely the number of missing people has risen in all areas affected by the storm. Police Sheriff Bronson of Houston Texas claims that the storm simply ‘frightened’ them off and that they’ll turn up as soon as everything dies down. Hospitals have reported a large number of peoples eyes missing from their skulls in the past two days- as if burnt out. Scientists and medical practitioners alike have explained that the people all have claimed to have been looking at the storms or ‘columns of light’ when they lost their sight.

In Washington Scientists claim to have found that this freak national storm is the result of Global Warming, not in fact anything relating to religion or aliens. They issued a statement that explained America’s role in destroying the Ozone layer and how this has ‘thinned the layer of the Ozone Layer allowing for lightening that would not have broken through the protective layer of Earth if America and the rest of the world reduced Carbon Pollution Emissions.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania suffered another storm last night with torrential rain downpour that caused flash floods and severe water damage to the country town of Lancaster. Recovery is underway, if you would like to help please access the website and donate.

A source predicts that another storm is due in three weeks time, twice as big with devastating results to America. But in two weeks time the Croatoan disease that has spread right through Asia and through a lot or Europe will reach our shores. Next week, my sources have told me that we will witness devastating firestorms throughout Canada.

Jul. 20th, 2011