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October 2007
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wandering_bat [userpic]

I'm just sitting in bed, with insomnia (and I don't think the fact I can easily reach my laptop is helping).

Anyways, what do you all think of Drive-In Theaters? Awesome, lame, or a quaint but disappearing past-time?

Personally, I love them. I just didn't go that often when I had the chance. If I (someday) was able to open one, would it turn a profit?

2:42 is kinda late...

Hello cyberland. Just getting into this whole Insanejournal thing. Waaay too many pretty communities asylums to go through to sleep right now.

Introductions. I'm Door, soon to be off to my second year of college. Erm... nothing else off the top of my head, but feel free to ask!

Anyone else burning the midnight oil?

location: Bed
Current Music: my fan

Hi everyone!

Its not exactly late-night where I am right now, but I just found this comm and wanted to introduce myself... plus, its late-night somewhere, right?

Anyway, I'm DM. At least on the weekends, I'm often up really late poking around the 'net, working on my comm [info]striking_muse, websites, or assorted writing projects. I love meeting people online, so this is a pretty cool idea for a comm.

So, anyone here? :-)

ithildin [userpic]
First Friday Night Post!

Anyone else around tonight?

ithildin [userpic]
This and That

If anyone has interests they'd like added, let me know. I tried to come up with a bit of a variety initially, but am always open to adding more if wanted.

For those not familiar with the comm on LJ, it's pretty much whatever the members need it to be. From posts of 'I'm bored!' to comment fic, to well, whatever [g]

Make yourself at home and have fun.

ithildin [userpic]

Greetings and salutations from the IJ version of All Night Owl. Feel free to pop in whenever you're looking for late night company.

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