December 2010



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Feb. 6th, 2008


Who: Tova and The Doctor.
Where: Outside the Tardis.
What: This is Tova finally getting up the courage to go see him.
When: Evening.
Status: Unfinished.
Rated: XXX. Honestly people, he's engaged and she is in love with a different version of him.

Tova had never been one to be scared. When she was a cop, she was always the first one into a situation. With the Doctor, she had never shied away from a fight and they had been many. She was scared though. This was not her Doctor, her doctor was tall and ginger haired and...not here.

She stood in front of the Tardis for a few minutes. She willed herself to knock, after all, Carolina was missing and she was a pretty good tracker.

He's probably busy, she thought to herself as she turned to walk away and then changed her mind. She knew that if she didn't do it now, she'd never be able to do it. Sighing softly, Tova knocked softly on the Tardis door. She was sure he had probably gotten a big kick out of watching her debate knocking.

Jan. 14th, 2008


Who: Suzie and Open.
Where: Her classroom.
When: Night.
What: She's plotting and scheming and...unpacking?
Rated: TBA.
Status: TBA

Suzie was thrilled, suprisingly, at the idea of teaching. Which was why she had been at the college early and was still there setting up her classrooms. Two classes meant two rooms. She had set up microbiology earlier and was now setting up biochemistry.

She tacked up the schematics of the Gauntlet in one corner of the room and stopped to study it. There had to be a reason for the side effects. She'd have to study it. It was nice to have time for things again.

"So many plans."

She thought of the pictures she had in her top drawer. The pictures of the skinny boy and the blonde baby, the pretty red headed woman. People who shouldn't be. She went tense as she felt a presence in the room, her hand went to the gun she had taken to wearing.

"What do you want?" she asked without turning.

Jan. 12th, 2008


Who The Rani and Suzie Costello (closed)
Where The Rani's office
When Saturday afternoon
What Oh nothing much, just bringing people back to life that kind of thing.
Rating TBD

The Rani had been bored since the New Year, which rarely bode well for anything. This time however she'd attempted to be on her best behaviour, which was why no planets had mysteriously exploded over the last free days. All of that was old hat to her anyway, it posed no challenge and the Rani liked nothing if not a challenge. Now raising the dead, that was a challenge and one, it seemed she had risen too. It was perfect, and if the things she'd discovered about Ms Costello were correct it could solve all of her problems.

Sitting behind her desk she waited for the newest member of her staff to arrive, hoping nothing had gone horribly wrong.