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Jul. 1st, 2010


Ainsworth is Closing

I think most people probably already saw this coming...

Unfortunately, I've been bulldozed with quite a few unexpected obstacles offline, and I no longer have time to dedicate toward RP, let alone modding. I sincerely apologize for inconveniencing you all. I was excited for this game and I'm really glad that you guys applied, as, just from reading your writing samples and your applications, I can tell that you're a really talented bunch.

You guys all have my contact information if you wish to keep in touch. My CDJ is over at [info]elfangor if anyone would like to friend. Likewise, feel free to leave your CDJs or other journals in the comments.

If anyone wants to take over modship, let me know. Otherwise, I guess this is goodbye. I really hoped that this game would take off, but unfortunately real life calls. I'm terribly sorry this game didn't last very long and wasn't too active.

- Mei

Jun. 24th, 2010


Just a bit of housekeeping and reminders and whatnot!

- A post should be going up Saturday for Olivia's birthday party! It would be a really good chance to participate, maybe even form a few lines. Thank you to Alex for offering that event up!

- The weekly weather is probably not going to be continued, as I haven't the time to update weekly. But, I've been kind of copy-and-pasting from The Weather Channel report for Hartford, CT. So feel free to check up on there if you're interested in the weather. Though, it really isn't necessary.

- If you know anyone who might be interested in joining this RP, or if you have any lines that you could advertise, that would be great. The more people participating, the merrier, right? I've been sending out advertisements and asking around myself.

Feel free to use this post for thread and/or journal prompts for each other, and maybe to find something to thread about!

Jun. 22nd, 2010


Sorry guys, this just isn't working. I'll still be over at [info]posteritas, otherwise, I've got to drop Dorian and Julianne. Best to all of you.
- Nina

Jun. 21st, 2010



Today is Olivia Fairchild's birthday! Sorry it's a few hours late.

Jun. 13th, 2010


Scene Lottery + Weather

... Storms + power outages + erasing my entire post was not so fun... T_T;

So I'll make this quick! I'm doing the scene lottery pairs early today because I'll be busy the rest of the day. If you didn't get a chance to sign up, no worries! If it works out, there'll be more to come. :)

Reminder: if you're on this list, you must have one scene with the other person. But you do not have to use the prompt given! Prompts were a little vague to give you more freedom on what to do with them. There is no time limit on these, but it'd be nice if you at least spoke to the other player by the end of this week to set something up.

[info]jimhenley & [info]jbeaumont; "I'm sorry, I must have the wrong room..."
[info]selbycarlisle & [info]vocal_shrapnel; "I think this is yours..."
[info]oliviafaire & [info]roald; "It wasn't me, I swear..."

And your weather update is a little late, but it isn't like people actually pay that much attention to these? :P WEEKLY WEATHER [6/14 - 6/19] )

Jun. 11th, 2010



Just wondering if anyone wants Karo for some plot.  I know it's not easy contacting me using email and im working on tyring to get aim to behave itself but you can still email at or just commenting here.

Or PM actually.

All manner of ways really.

Ta xxx


Events & Birthdays

- There are a few tennis matches today (Friday) afternoon. But not everyone in tennis was required to participate (there will be more upcoming, hopefully when we get a few more tennis team members :P) But for those who wanted to watch/participate, it was Friday at 4pm out on the tennis courts! Probably went for an hour or two.

- Jane Beaumont's birthday is Saturday the 12th!
- Julianna Hamilton's birthday will be Sunday the 13th

- And if you are interested in the scene lottery, sign them up here before this Sunday!

EDIT: Just as a reminder, public journal entries can be read by everyone, teachers included. For the most part things should be okay, and I gather most teachers would ignore half the things said on students' journals. But if you don't want teachers to read something, make sure to park it private to students only. (An example would be Alex Archer's most recent post. Should a teacher happen to read it and decide to take action *cough*Daphne Wolfe*cough* he may be in huge trouble. Then again, if he took the chance and no teachers happened to have read it, he's off the hook.)

Jun. 10th, 2010


Hello all!

Hi everyone! My name is Tyler, and I'll be playing Alan Achille. He's a very smart, focused individual, with a touch of a sarcastic wit. For more information, check out my biography. I'm looking forward to playing with you all. :)

Jun. 9th, 2010


Scene Lottery!

Sorry for being a little MIA lately!

To get a little more activity going, I have a scene lottery here. Basically, those characters who sign up will be paired up randomly with another character and given a thread prompt. The prompt is entirely optional and is only to get creativity going! Participation in the scene lottery is optional as well, but if you do sign up for it, please make sure you go through with the threading, because it's no fun if you've signed up and your partner goes MIA!

To sign up, comment here with the characters you'd like to include in the lottery. Sign ups end June 13th and scene lottery pairs and prompts should be up some time that night.

Comments are screened, so please also feel free to contribute any plot ideas you have or any questions, suggestions, or comments you may have so far!



Hi there! I just joined, and I'm very excited to play. :) My name's Lex, and my character is James Henley.

He's a nice enough southern gent if you get past the old money paradigms. He's Alexander's roommate, so I'm definitely up for some back story. Let's see... he's quite polite on first meeting, and an all around chill guy. James knows how to have fun in his own way but he'd usually be the guy hanging back and asking if that's really a good idea. He's majoring in business and is considering a minor in English. He's also the equestrian vice-captain, a Sigma Phi Epsilon, and works on the paper on the down-low. He also likes music, but mostly to consume. He kind of has a lot of problems and is more than the conservative fellow he seems to be. His family owns a prestigious car company. They're very close to bankruptcy, and he's trying hard to keep it a secret. His enormous biography is here.

I'm AIM obsessed so I can always be found. I'd love to work out history and stuff, so by all means drop me a line. :)

Jun. 6th, 2010


Hey - I was really hoping I wouldn't have to do this but real life is currently sneaking up on me and preparing to slay me. So to prevent going MIA I'm going to have to drop Bailey :/ I don't want to because I love how she came out - but if things calm down soon I'll most definitely come back and play again.

But for now, I'm going to drop her v.v I had fun while it lasted though!

<3 Annie

Jun. 4th, 2010


Stepping timidly into ring

Hey there! I'm Fiona a second year student from London (hence the probably blatently obvious blunders I'll make about education over here) and to the table I bring Karo. (And yeah I did get the name after watching 'The Wave')

Karo is (naturally) from Kensington which is the upper class living area of London. Her father is a stock broker and her mother was a criminal lawyer. Karo is a Freshman hoping to rush for a sorority this first term. She' a big supporter of charities and most of her work is for them, she enjoys planning functions to raise money for local and international charities (She's a big supporter of Oxfam) she can be a bit of a preacher and is caught saying "There are starving children in africa" on more than one occassion. She has a bit of a problem with money and hates it when she's reminded of just how rich she is, it's something she's working on as she grows up but it cancome across as self loathing and self righteous.

Despite being judgemental she is a scared little girl in a new country on her own and is desperate to find people akin to her, someone she can get close to, someone who can teach her what it's like to live here and go to school in the US. She's already having issues with the weather.

So yeah if you want to know anything more I'm putting up her bio on her user page. At the moment I don't have AIM because it crashes my computer alll the time so I've fallen out with it. But I check here all the time so PM if you want or drop a comment on her bio post. Alternatively you can email me at I check that everyday and several times a day too, so if you wanna hit up for plot, prompt me to do something ive forgotten or just wanna chat im there =].
I look forward to playing with everyone. Thanks guys
-Fi xxx


Weather + reminders + hiatus notice

Your mod is taking a short hiatus this weekend. :3 I'll be gone Friday afternoon and I'll be back Monday afternoon. I'm unsure if I will have internet access where I am going, so just in case... I'm going to say I don't for now. So if you send emails or you have a thread open with me, I may not respond until Monday. If you need to ask a question, I'll be mobile on AIM, so feel free to IM me! Otherwise, here's a few reminders before I leave, and the upcoming week's weather!

- Bailey's birthday is Friday! (I got it right this time, promise.)
- Study abroad starts this coming Monday. More information was given here! If you want to sign up for that, comment to this post with the character going and which country they're going to be in, just so we have a nice list handy. And if you see another character you'd like to plot with while browsing the comments, feel free to do so! :)

WEEKLY WEATHER [6/6 - 6/12] )

Jun. 3rd, 2010


hello world

This is Mei! Finally finished my second character. :)

XueFeng Lin (Goes by "Alice" so no worries if you can't pronounce her name) is a second year graduate law student. She's a scholarship student and comes from a fairly middle class family, so she's not of the same background as most at Ainsworth. She's a workaholic and isn't too social. In fact, she comes off as being really cold and distant a lot because she has trouble being social. But get to know her and you'll find she's really quite loyal and sweet (and somewhat sarcastic.) She probably spent most of her first year at Ainsworth working. Alice would most likely like those who are driven and work hard for what they have and are academically inclined. She's probably offended quite a few with her rants about how sororities and fraternities and trust fund babies are silly. :P

She has trouble expressing her feelings and likes to keep to herself, even with close friends. But she'd just anything for a friend in need. While she's not vocal about her own personal life, she is extremely vocal when it comes to things she doesn't agree with that have nothing to do with her. So she'll be all up judging your life... (And she kind of hates kids like Alex trust fund babies who don't work for what they have.)

She loves dogs and stuffed animals. :D Turns into a little kid when those are around. She's rather embarrassed about that, but can't help it.

She... isn't in any clubs. But she's one of the stage managers of theatrical and musical performances. So if you're in any plays, the orchestra, the choir, etc. you've probably worked with her last year. She's also a TA for some undergraduate polisci classes. (And possibly law and ethics? Sina? Wanna plot~?)

Annnd... yeah. That's about it. Her (very long...) profile is here! Possible people who can break her shell, people she's probably offended with her big mouth... other plotting~

Jun. 2nd, 2010



Hi everyone! It's Dany with a second character. Huge apologies for not being active so far - I've been really busy/on hiatus, so I haven't had time to really to go through intro posts and introduce Tim to various players/characters OR get active and start playing. I'll do that after I finish this. :)

Now, let me introduce Daphne Wolfe. Daphne is an English professor who specializes in literature. I have a list of her classes, and when she'll be teaching them in her info. At some point, I'll be making a separate entry for it, but will have a link from her main information to that entry so it'll be easy to find. For the summer, she's only teaching one class, and anyone who wants to take it can! As for her, as a person... she's highly conservative and old fashioned. I'd say she's mildly offensive in her beliefs (against biracial relationships, doesn't approve of homosexuals, etc, etc.) though she makes it a point not to let that interfere with her teaching methods. As a professor, she's strict, probably not the most liked faculty member out there. There's more, which you can find here!


Updates, updates, updates! :)

Sorry for the epic fail earlier, if you saw that post...

This is an actual update this time. I have created a map of town, you can view it here. It's kind of quickly drawn and definitely not to scale, but it provides a basic idea of where everything is. Along with that, I've expanded the off-campus housing to four main apartment buildings. If your character is living in an apartment (that would be [info]chiaralorento, [info]matt_hatfield, [info]chanelborn, and [info]roald!) please check out these descriptions and try to pick an apartment building that best describes where you'd like your character to live. I figured it'd be easier to plot that way, if characters end up living in the same complexes. If there isn't anything that fits your description, feel free to have them live somewhere else; these four are not in any way the only apartment buildings in town.

Also, the [info]ainsworthnpc account is now up and ready to be used. I'll actually be away this weekend, but hopefully a new newspaper/magazine article will be up the beginning of next week. :) Feel free to use the tabloids for your own plotting! Just talk to me with any ideas you have.

And... that's it. A few upcoming notes:
- Bailey's birthday is June 4th.
- First opportunity of Study Abroad starts next Monday.

EDIT: Oh! I also added a Timeline. But since there haven't been a lot of threads, it's kind of blank right now.

May. 30th, 2010


Weather report + Updates to come!

My apologies for not being around so much this past week. Things have been pretty hectic around here, and from the sounds of it, that seems to be the case for a lot of others as well. In any case, here is a list of things that I'm working on, and will hopefully be done in a few days:

- There will be an NPC journal and a few NPC characters. A police chief, a magazine gossip columnist, and a New York Times news reporter. PBs are still in the process of being chosen. The point of this would be to create more plot. With so many characters from wealthy, and most likely high-profile families, there's bound to be drama, rumors, scandals, and the likes running around. So the NPC journal will be in charge of newspaper/magazine articles and playing out interrogations if need be. If you have a plot you'd like to shoot across, let me know and I'd be happy to work with you on that. :)

- I'm also in the process of making a map of the town, and also creating about four apartment buildings for off-campus living, so we won't have everyone living in different apartments and there's potential for more plottage. Hopefully that'll all be done some time next week!

But for now, the weather update:

This is your weekly weather update! Remember that the weather of Perthshire, Connecticut is based off of that of Hartford, Connecticut! This is for those who are detail oriented who like to know. For more detailed weather, click here!

WEEKLY WEATHER [5/30 - 6/6] )

May. 28th, 2010



Ack! Sorry I've been MIA and not active yet guys! I promise to fix that this weekend. <3 Jess

May. 27th, 2010


Hullo, I'm Alex and I bring you Olivia Fairchild.

Olivia is an intelligent girl who has her mind focused on one thing; herself. She works hard in everything she does, and she does a lot. Olivia is the Rush Chair for Beta Kappa Upsilon, and a soprano in the choir during the semester, and participates in  internships when the semester ends. She's ambitious and lets nothing stand in her way, and believes problems are like bugs, squish them and have someone else clean up the mess. Her bio and info is here.

She's looking for friends, enemies, classmates, etc. I'll be posting her classes later today.
Feel free to contact me on AIM at yaykebab or IC at oliviafaire.

Note:I'll be leaving for 5 days tomorrow afternoon, but I'll be online at night. I'll be back on Tuesday (my birthday!) Scratch that. Trip has been postponed. I'll be here.

May. 25th, 2010


More characters

Sina here again, with a second character. Started to feel like I might need someone that could actually interact with the rest of the students rather than scoff at them and roll her eyes. So I bring you Tova Taylor.

Tova's a 23-year-old undergrad senior, majoring in Architecture. She's the treasurer of Beta Kappa Upsilon and goes by the name Kalooki (which is a sort of Jamaican Rummy for the inquiring minds). She's a very active person, involved in both tennis and gymnastics and can usually be found with a cup of coffee in her hand. Tova isn't the least bit shy and rather liking the sound of her own voice she'll talk with anyone she finds even the least bit interesting, though if whoever she's speaking to starts to bore her, she'll let them know and then just walk away which might make her come off as rude though she prefers to view it as honest. Tova is working part time at Pavlov's Bell because she finds it fun, it's a busy place and she's never really too far from her beloved coffee. She's got anger issues, is obsessed with shoes and suffers from an unhealthy addiction to coffee.

I think that's about it but if I've missed something all the info can be found on her journal.

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