February 5th, 2009

[info]darlinganna in [info]agos

too bad the burial was premature

Who: Anna, Open
When: Dec 31, afternoon
Where: Red Keep, courtyard 
Rating: PG
Status: Open 

Annaleyse Tyrell. It had been a long time since she'd used that name, but it would serve her once again. It must. Sandro had greeted her warmly as she stepped from his ship onto her homeland, but he'd greeted the gifts she presented him with more genuine delight. A magnificent medallion had been among the salutations, but she now wore it. The box had been the true piece of value- it's hidden compartment ingenius as it was informative. 

She smiled beneath her veil. She was dressed as one in mourning- easier to keep her face from those who might recognize her. She needed first to plead her case with the king, or more likely his Hand, if tales were to be believed. Tyrith Lannister had come far from the brazen lord she'd known not so very long ago, it seemed. Anna hoped not too far- a part of her would have been terribly disappointed if he was to have become just another great lord. 

She brushed some dust from her splendid gown- Lyseni to its seams but she had some others more domesticated for when she would meet her family again. Her sons would be entertaining at the least, and Selester... well, if he managed so much as 'entertaining' she'd swoon of shock. 

The whole palace seemed to be in an uproar she noticed, almost as if they weren't sure how to go about a grand feast to gree the new year. To be expected, if Sandro had the right tales- the queen was apparently something of a terror. Anna's smile grew. She dearly hoped this Kaelyn would meet the tales that were told of her. It would be nice to meet someone of such a like spirit.

[info]wolfprincess in [info]agos

Who: Genna, Gwyn 
When: Dec 31, afternoon
Where: The Riverlands... Pinkmaiden
Rating: PG
Status: Closed