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My name is Katie. I'm late-30's and have returned to IJ after an ill-advised sabbatical where I experimented with Tumblr (too much shiny, not enough discourse) and - hesitatingly - LiveJournal (HISS!!!). I'm into science fiction like Firefly and Red Dwarf, horror films, Japanese cinema (although I'm not snobbish about it), and anime & animation in general. I'm a child of the 80's, so I get references and jokes from that era. I believe in equal rights for all human beings, not just one or two groups of folks. I like to read, although there is precious little time for it, really. I used to sing but am now focusing on trying to write something interesting.

I'm trans-ish (check my profile to see what I mean), Wiccan, pescatarian, and really have no orientation label. I'm married to my partner of the last-almost-10-years and we are polyamorous (i.e. like an open relationship). Oddly enough, we have little drama in our lives since we communicate rather effectively.

Feel free to add me if you like. All adds will be reciprocated. :)

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