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Dec. 6th, 2011


Who: Raven Harrison, OTA
What: Interaction
Where: Merlottes
When: After classes
Why: She wants to grab a late lunch and talk to people
Rating: PG-13
Open: Open to all, espeically True Blood, and Harry Potter characters!

All you need is love )

Nov. 13th, 2011


Who:Amelia Pond and The Doctor
Where: The TARDIS
When: Morning
What: Talking
Rating : TBD
Status: Closed

A fairytale girl in a not so fairytale land )

Nov. 10th, 2011


Painting the Town Red

Who: Grace Harkness and Dawn Summers
What: Giving Grace the guided tour
Where: Out on the Town
When: Wednesday, November 9th, 2011
Rating: TBA
Status: Open

After ten minutes of pleading and promises Giles and Buffy finally let Dawn go to the movies with Grace. Dawn grabbed her coat and seconds later the two girls left the shop. "So, how come you moved to Malvern?"

Nov. 9th, 2011


New In Town and Trying to keep busy.

{Who:} Grace Harkness, Dawn Summers
{Where:} Magic Box
{When:} Wednesday November 9th, 2011
{What:} Exploring the Town and it's shops
{Status:} Open
{Rating:} PG

Grace was wandering around town and feeling lonely and bored. She was new to town and didn't really know anyone and was looking around trying to get to know the layout of the town. She found herself outside the Magic Box and thought it was an unusual little shop and decided to go in and have a look around....

Oct. 31st, 2011


[ Who ]: Ash; open to Sam, Dean, Ellen, Jo, Cas, Bobby, and Gabriel.
[ Where ]: In town somewhere.
[ When ]: October 30th, 11:00pm.
[ What ]: Well, someone's gotta know that the dead man's alive.
[ Status ]: Open only to those above | Incomplete
[ Rating ]: TBA

It had been years since the incident at the Roadhouse back in Nebraska that killed him. So up in heaven, Ash was cool with spending the rest of forever at his own Ashland where he could drink without getting a hangover and smash a beer can against his forehead without it hurting. But what he wasn't expecting was to be sent to Earth. Naturally, when an angel came to him and said that he had unfinished business, Ash responded with his motto, "I'm cool with it."

What Ash wasn't expecting, though, was for him to be standing in the middle of a street in an unfamiliar town at night. "Hey, this works too. Damn angel," he muttered, squinting to see any sign of life around in this pitch black town.

Oct. 25th, 2011


WHO: Ellen Harvelle & Paige Matthews
WHERE: Harvelle's
WHEN: Early evening.
WHAT: Just a random meetup.
STATUS: Incomplete, only to those two mentioned above

It had been a while since she and Jo had risen from the dead in this little town of Malvern, and Ellen decided that she should set up shop to replace the old Roadhouse that burned down in Nebraska. The new Harvelle's. She had purchased a building similar to the one that was, and set up everything just like how it used to be, including the huge lighted sign that was so prominently displayed on the top of the building. With a flick of the switch, she turned on the sign and stepped outside.

"Bill, you'd be proud," Ellen said softly to nobody but the wind. She then went inside and into the back room to finish counting her stock.

Oct. 22nd, 2011



WHO: The entire town of Malvern. College kids, teachers, high school kids, everyone.
WHAT: Back to School Party for the town.
WHERE: Ravenhurst University's library courtyard.
WHEN: September 2, 2011 - 6pm till 12am
RATING: PG-13. Let's keep it clean, kids. Let's keep it clean.
STATUS: OPEN. Come on in, start your own thread, or just hop in with others.

Another school year had just begun for the college, and was just about to begin for the high school. Summer was officially over for some, and practically over for everyone else. The area in front of the library was set up for the dj and a couple of local bands, and there was plenty of refreshments for everyone. All people had to do now was show up, socialize, and enjoy the party.

Oct. 18th, 2011


Who: Lyssa James // Open
What: Arrival
When: Middle of the afternoon.
Where: Town
Rating: unknown
Status: Open

Here is a woman who looked like she had a hangover. To be fair she did have one. It also didn't help that she'd just appeared from nowhere. That would be the fault of the vortex manipulator on her wrist. Or to the passer by just a wrist strap that looked like some weird watch thing. Had Lyssa been a little more with it and less trying to claw back the memories of the previous time she would have been swearing at it in all the languages she could muster. Which would have taken a while. Instead she stared at it blankly. Then wished she had a pair of sunglasses. It was too bright. Far far too bright. Considering what she'd drunk before she'd arrived even if it had been pitch black she still would have found something to complain about.

Lyssa decided she needed to find somewhere that did something akin to a full English breakfast at... She prodded the wrist strap then gave up. Whatever time it was she was sure someone would take pity on her and give her food. If not breakfast, something decidedly unhealthy and she'd be back to herself in no time. After wandering about aimlessly for a while she did find somewhere, had food and was getting back to herself. The sun wasn't so bad, even nice. She wasn't wishing the birds would vanish with their noises and didn't want the sunglasses.

However she was still no closer to finding out where she was, when she was or why the wretched manipulator had decided to dump her there. She sat on the closest bench people watching, wasn't as if she was going to know anyone here.


Who: Kyra Harkeness, OTA
What: her arrival
Where: Somewhere in town
When: late afternoon
Why: She wants to know where she is
Rating: PG-13
Open: Open to all, especially to Phoenix, Savoya, and Riley

Kyra knew something was wrong the minute she found herself in an unknown town and she was glad that there was not that many people around or they would have seen the young witch's hair change from its dark brown to a bright shade of red in her annoyance and look up and down the street ready to give whoever it was that brought her here a mouthful of words. She thought back to the last several minutes and a look of confusion crossed her face. One minute she was working at her job at Flourish and Blotts and working on her latest article for the Daily Prophet when she somehow got blasted here. Wherever "here" was. She could see it was not England, but figured she would look and see if her family was around. She hoped that her sisters and brother were there as well since she didn't want to be in an unknown town by herself. It would be really bad if she were here and Riley,Phoenix and Savoya were not.

Walking past several buildings, Kyra looked around, while keeping a hold on her wand just in case anything were to jump out at her without her knowing it. She brushed her hair over her shoulder, seeing it change back to its natural brown color and breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that she thought her ability was a curse rather than a gift and had not grasped the handle of embracing it yet. Blocking that thought out of her head, she walked up the street, looking for signs of her family or anyone she knew. "Nix? Riley, Savoya? Are you out there?" She called, hoping if she called, one of her siblings would hear her and tried to mask the worry and confusion out of her voice.


Who: Amy Moon
What: Her arrival at Ravenhurst
Where: Somewhere in town
When: Afternoon
Why: Amy has no clue where she is
Rating: PG-13
Open: open to all, especially the Moon family :)

It all happened so fast that Amy didn't have time to process it until she found herself not in the sitting room of her Aunt Raven's house. One minute she was talking to her and teasing her brother about blowing up basements, and the next she found herself in a street of a town she didn't know. Cornflower blue eyes scanned the area, not finding anything familiar as she walked down the street while pushing her wavy black hair over her shoulder. The confusion showed on her face as she walked, wondering how she got here and though she was fairly certian she was not in England anymore, she knew she had to find answers to why she got blasted here, but she also hoped her family was here as well. Crossing her arms she looked up and down the street and looked for any signs for her parents, Ian and Shelly.

"Ian? Shelly? Mum, Daddy? Please be here..." She called out. It was obvious the young witch was starting to look worried.

Oct. 17th, 2011


WHO: Ellen & Jo Harvelle
WHERE: In town
WHEN: In town on August 29, 2011. 7:30pm.
WHAT: Coming back from the dead.
RATING: Um, PG-13ish? IDK.
STATUS: Open to Bobby, Dean, Sam, Chevy, and possibly Cas later.

It all happened so quickly. One minute, Ellen was alive, and Jo had begged her to treat her like an adult. Sam and Dean had built a bomb to destroy the hell hounds while they got out of there. Then, they were dead - they were blown up. Of course, Jo was already dead, thanks to those Hellhounds that ripped her stomach open - quite literally.

Another day was starting to set on the town of Malvern as Ellen's body suddenly appeared. She didn't know how, or why, but here she was. Alive. Brown eyes scanned the area for any sign of Jo, the Winchesters, Bobby, Castiel...Hell, anyone. "Jo?" she asked, unsure if her daughter was alive as well. "Jo?!" Ellen repeated, but still no answer.

"JOANNA BETH HARVELLE?" she yelled, in hopes that her daughter would hear her.


Lesson Plans

Eleven walked into the staffroom, grinning from ear to ear, and spotted his old friend Blue figeting nervously in a corner. Frowning, he joined her. "Something wrong, Blue?"


Who: Nerys Spenser and Open
What: The nightly broadcast and musings on The Witching Hour
When: Nearing 1AM
Where: WRVN, Malvern Radio Studios
Why: Because every game has a start. And our plots start now.
Status: Open to anyone, resident, someone with business at the station, or someone else. The place is open. You just need to sign in!

There was really no way to tip the scales in the mortal world's favor... )

Oct. 16th, 2011


[[Who:]] Chevy Winchester

[[What:]] Leaning...and stuff.

[[Where:]] Just Outside the University

[[When:]] August 30th. 8:00am

[[Rating:]] PG-13

[[Status:]] Open


It was always about waiting with the two of them. She didn't like it, though she expected they didn't like her sassing back all that much either. Well fuck them. She was sick and tired of them laying low here or whatever they were doing. It was bull. She was getting restless. They had a goddamn place to live for god sake. When the hell did they ever live somewhere? They never lived anywhere for long if they ever lived somewhere so she didn't seem to mind as much. It still bothered her. She was used to wheels on the pavement, constantly on the go, never stopping for more that a day to rest. Now they were at a school. Now they were taking time off.

The answer at the end of the day was that she was bored, out of her mind, bored. She looked it too, leaning against the brick wall with her eyes following anyone passing by. She looked rather intimidating, people purposefully moving away from her to avoid her. She chomped down on the tooth pick with her arms crossed. Looking like an ill placed bouncer, the toothpick was dwindling as well as her patience. She looked at the bag beside her filled with all a hunter's needs, her fingers itching for them.

Oct. 10th, 2011



Minutes before dawn, a huge gust of wind swept through the town of Malvern. With that wind took everything of the past, and started everything new. Right as the sun rose in all of its morning glow, the wind died down, and dark shadows from everything that goes bump in the night hid until that night, and every night after.

Mar. 12th, 2011


[[Who:]] John Winchester
[[What:]] Arriving
[[Where:]] Malvern
[[When:]] Midday
[[Rating:]] PG-13
[[Status:]] Open ~ Open to All; Multiple threads welcome

As John rolled into town, he looked around complete unimpressed with the simplicity of it all. To be honest, John wasn't even entirely sure why he was visiting this town. There was nothing to notice, nothing special to see.

John spotted a place and thought he'd stop in for a bite of lunch. Something about this place called Harvelle's Roadhouse felt welcoming, almost familiar although there was no reason why it should feel that way to him.

He parked the car and as he got out he paused in the parking lot taking in his surroundings as well as enjoying the sunlight for a brief moment before stepping inside to the dimly lit roadhouse.


[[Who:]] Maureen Johnson
[[What:]] Getting ready for and walking to work
[[Where:]] The house then through town to One Song Glory
[[When:]] Mid-morning
[[Rating:]] PG-13
[[Status:]] Open ~ Open to all; Multiple threads welcome

As Maureen climbed out of the shower she yawned widely. Having a real job was starting to be a bit of a drag. For a woman that was better fit to do as she pleased, when she pleased keeping to a schedule was proving more than she cared to normally deal with. However, when she had moved here without Joanne, Maureen knew she would have to go against her normal behaviors and actually take a job. Even with Joanne back, given that Roger had been good enough to give her a job, Maureen had continued to work at the music shop.

Setting out the front door, Maureen turned towards town and set out to One Song Glory. It raised her spirits a bit to feel the warmth in the air and smell the freshness of Spring around her.


[[Who:]] Tom Collins, the person, not the drink
[[What:]] Walking home
[[Where:]] From the college to the house through town
[[When:]] Early evening
[[Rating:]] PG-13
[[Status:]] Open ~ Open to All; Multiple threads welcome

Collins was happy to have another set of mid-terms finished. The upcoming Spring Break was already getting a bit of that Spring fever under his skin. Being a teacher was a great joy
Collins, and was he was learning, it was also a bigger burden than he could have imagined.

There was a spring in his step to fit the weather and lighter load as he walked through town toward home. He was eternally grateful to Mimi for having picked such an amazing house for the entire group to call home.


[[Who:]] Satine
[[What:]] Walking and singing
[[Where:]] Malvern Public High School
[[When:]] After school
[[Rating:]] PG
[[Status:]] Open ~ Open to All; Multiple threads welcome

Satine was just finishing up some bits of cleaning. The students had a tendency to never clean up their messes. She smiled to herself thinking how much she truly enjoyed taking care of her students. Each was more important to her than what was probably healthy, almost like a pseudo-mother than a true teacher-student relationship.

As she cleaned Satine caught herself humming a montage of songs from a what seemed like a lifetime ago. "Come what may, I will love you" the song that seemed to be haunting her more and more as of late. Her longing to find Christian so deep it cut her straight to the bone.


[[Who:]] Greg House
[[What:]] Wasting time on a quick break
[[Where:]] Outside Malvern General Hospital
[[When:]] Midday
[[Rating:]] R
[[Status:]] Open ~ Open to All; Multiple threads welcome

House was, once again, bored with the mundane life he was now leading. Whatever possessed me to take this boring job? he thought a bit impetuously. For a man used to being a diagnostician of the most difficult illnesses, working in an emergency room where little more happened than panicked mothers brining in small children with bumps, bruises and similar issues made House miss his Vicoden laden days.

He sat on the bench where he had last spoken with Victorie before she and Wilson moved away to their dream house to start their happy family, or some similar bullshit. He heaved a heavy sigh and watched the few people coming and going across the campus.

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