RE-Opening, Spring 2014
 _burntheland_ - (burnthelandmods)
06:48pm 05/02/2014
BurntheLand Mods posting in Burn the Land and Boil the Sea
So, those that had followed this journal or the Mod Comm. May have seen changing dates of reopening over last few years. RL difficulty had prevented the mods from being able to make this happen, however BTL is presently being worked on to open in the next few months. No solid date as of yet has been set in stone. Will depend on game promotion and Player interest.

Thank you! You can send any questions or comments to Amy VIA ... Please put 'BTL-Inquiry' in the subject line. Or Instant Message MindlessMun on AIM.
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The Titan of Silverhold
 _burntheland_ - (steelhydra)
01:03pm 27/06/2010
Vladmir Rasputin Sentinus posting in Burn the Land and Boil the Sea
Who: Vladmir Sentinus, Nikolai Sentinus, and whoever would be in the cargo bay, Open to Captain Storm, Oddball & Monica
Where: LP Cargo Bay
When: May 12th, Around Noon
Why: Even giants need a job
Rating?: TBD, hopefully it goes shiny
Status: Incomplete

Vladmir was sitting on a chair when he heard a rumble that sounded like dull thunder coming from outside. He knew who it was. It was his grandson. It was Nikolai...
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(no subject)
 _burntheland_ - (poetryinmotion_)
07:24pm 11/08/2008
Who: Captain Emerald Storm or anyone that might be watching for Waves
Where: LP Bridge
When: May 12th, Early Morning
Why: Because sometimes you just need to get away from civilization.
Rating?: PG
Status: Incomplete

Sebastian had come a long way from the Companion training house on Sihnon. Most Companions that went much further than the Border Planets were usually running away from something. Business was far more scarce and far between. He had been doing a little minor research on the ship, examining it at the docks and just asking people what they might know. So far it sounded interested or just had him more curious. People could be as bad as the young girls in the training house, all giggling and making up things that sounded outrageous. Then who knew? Maybe Captain Storm was plotting to take on the Alliance and declare herself Queen of the Universe. As long as he got to work, that was her business.

He had gotten up early... )
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Gathering of the crew
 _burntheland_ - (drunkincapngal)
03:02pm 01/08/2008
Captain Emerald Storm posting in Burn the Land and Boil the Sea
Who: Emerald; OPEN to LP Crew
Where: Lorrayna Phoenix- The Briefing room
When: May 12th, 7:15PM
Why: Soon as the Shuttle re-docked with the ship, the Captain called a meeting in the briefing room with all available crew. Those in the infirmary that can’t move are excluded. Simon was also told to find the briefing room, his input would be needed.
Rating? PG
Status: Incomplete

Emerald was waiting in the Briefing room, pacing back and forth. She was really starting to get tired of little surprises, they in fact were agitating her more than she would have liked. When the shuttle went out, to take care of their business, Emerald had gone in search of Serenity, since Mal hadn’t come to the ship sooner. But, she was unable to find the ship. And now she had a nagging feeling in the pit of her stomach, she felt that maybe something had happened to them, and it unsettled her something fierce. She’d been planning on a big ole meeting in the morning, mostly introducing new crew to all the others in an official capacity. But she guessed this would have to do now.

Lula had slipped into the room before Emerald even had made the call over the intercom. She’d told her sister Lola that captain needed everybody assembled, and she skipped off. Then five minutes later Emerald gave the announcement. The woman was sitting in a chair, staring down at her trusty data pad; waiting with Emerald for the others. She’d tried talking to Emerald, to help calm her nerves a bit, but she was really annoyed, so it didn’t help any.

Simon had no idea where the briefing room was. )
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You really arn't that stupid, are you?
 _burntheland_ - (ex_lostinthe332)
02:22pm 11/07/2008
Who: Dr. Cain, Soldiers, Marshal Hedrick, and Britannia Myers
Where: Paquin- Secret Alliance lab, 6 Hours to the West of Bayshire in the canyon
When: May 12th, around 9PM
Why: Somebody needs to fix the massive fuckup that happened earlier that day.
Rating? PG-12
Status: Incomplete, Log

Dr. Cain was in his office for hours he did not want to be disturbed or bothered subject 7 has gone off grid and has been unable to track down. He had been watching a video feed of a woman with red hair fighting toe to toe with his raiders. The last he check his raiders where for all intensive purposes super- human and here is the red head going blow for blow with them. Parliament was sending him some help now. She was to play sectary, lab assistant, and liaison to the parliament review board. At least so he thought. He had lost 3 out of his 5 subjects he will be needing more patients to administer the raider serum on and soon. He had posted guards on the landing bay of his secret base to assist the person the Alliance was sending.

It wasn’t too long when the small ship containing the Alliance ‘representative’ arrived. The ship was a small, ASREV, Alliance Short Range Enforcement Vessel. It had a pilot, weapons officer, and one Marshal, and then of course the person that had business with the good doctor. The ship’s and the crew’s orders were to be taken from Ms. Myers, having been given to her for the fulfillment of her duties.

Soon as the ship landed, the marshal exited, a man in typical uniform and following him was a robed figure. )
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(no subject)
 _burntheland_ - (burnthelandmods)
02:18am 11/07/2008
BurntheLand Mods posting in Burn the Land and Boil the Sea
Who: Serenity crew and passengers; LOCKED to Zoë, Kaylee, Jayne, Dina, Morgona
Where: Shuttle 2- Leaving Serenity and heading to Paquin.
When: May 11th, around 8PM
Why: Mal’s orders to abandon ship and find Captain Storm on Paquin.
Rating? PG
Status: Incomplete

Serenity had been about two hours from Paquin; in the morning Mal, Zoë, and Jayne were to meet up with Captain Storm, Monica, and Gwen. Also, Simon and River were to be picked up off of Lorrayna Phoenix. Everything had gone smooth, except you know, the fact the job hadn’t gone smooth in the first place since the object that Serenity was to take, had been stolen, and the crew of the ship killed; along with an entire other ship being hired to do the same job. Badger had waved Mal, in which a long extensive conversation had taken place. However, he only mentioned that the ship looked to have been raided and the crew killed. That it wasn’t the set up that Badger had expressed, and then informed him the thing had been stolen. He mentioned nothing of Captian Storm or her ship.

At which, Badger, looked to not been surprised at the news. And didn’t fight over Mal not having it; in fact he seemed to write the whole bit off, and, Mal a knowledgeable man spotted a bit of fear in Badgers eyes when he told him that Serenity was trying to find those that took it. The man told him that the buyers hadn’t stuck around, and, told him to spend his time bothering with it, which was a complete turn around from when Badger hired him. Clearly something was wrong, and, Mal didn’t push the subject. He’d merely ended the Wave and was starting to discuss with Zoë her feelings and opinions.

As Mal and Zoe began discussing it, Wash, pointed out a ship that was rapidly approaching. )
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Not really a happy Captain at the moment.
 _burntheland_ - (drunkincapngal)
01:56am 03/07/2008
Captain Emerald Storm posting in Burn the Land and Boil the Sea
Who: Emerald, Monica; LOCKED to Zorya and Tanis
Where: Paquin- The Losada: Hotel and Casino
When: May 12th, 10AM
Why: Meeting with two potential crew members, cause Emerald would love to have a Communications officer, and Monica has expressed the need for ‘security personnel’
Rating? PG
Status: Incomplete

Emerald was waiting for Monica at the Exit ramp of the ship; looking annoyed pacing back and forth. She’d been in a very chipper mood at breakfast, until Talos’ comment about the Tam’s being worth a lot of money, which unset Simon who was already in a shady sort of mood, and, Emerald just sort of feed of his displeasure and annoyance. And then it got worse as she found herself waiting longer than she should have needed to for her Security officer. Emerald spotted the Red Head heading her way, “So why’d it take ya so long?”

Monica nodded some at Emerald, biting her lip a bit. “Huh?” But then realized what she’d asked, “Oh, I’ahh… Just making sure the message was sent out right. That’s all.” She looked a bit preoccupied in her thoughts.

Emerald nodded, “O K, everything went alright then, he didn’t mention anything about Lorrayna, did he? … And are you going to pay attention, or should I just go by myself?” She asked, noting the other woman’s state of mind and finding it incredibly rude.

Na, it went out shiny. )
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A long awaited discussion
 _burntheland_ - (steelhydra)
08:31pm 28/06/2008
Vladmir Rasputin Sentinus posting in Burn the Land and Boil the Sea
Who: Vladmir, LOCKED to Emerald
Where: Lorrayna Phoenix - Bridge
When: May 12th, around Noon
Why: Vladmir needs to answer questions he's sure Emerald has
Rating? TBD
Status: Incomplete

Vladmir waited for Emerald and asked her if they could talk at the bridge of the Phoenix. "Maam, it's high time I answer any questions you may have. Fire away."
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Why do ya want to know??
 _burntheland_ - (__walker__)
12:24am 27/06/2008
Monica Walker posting in Burn the Land and Boil the Sea
Who: Monica, Gwen
Where: Lorrayna Phoenix- Bridge
When: May 11th, around 4PM
Why: Cause, Charles would want them getting along?? Right?
Rating? PG-13, for swearing.
Status: Incomplete, Log

Monica was curled in the pilot’s chair, in Ace’s chair. That bottle of Jack Daniels sitting on the floor next to the chair.

Gwen was headed to the bridge; she was bored and was just walking around the ship. She saw a shape of somebody in the pilot’s seat. She poked her head in, thinking it was Ace. She sat in the co-pilot’s seat, about to say hello to Ace, but quickly stopped when she saw it was Monica instead of him. She sat there a moment watching her sleep, and then went to get up and accidentally kicked the bottle that was on the floor that she didn’t see.

Monica stirred in the chair... )
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 _burntheland_ - (drunkincapngal)
07:03pm 23/06/2008
Captain Emerald Storm posting in Burn the Land and Boil the Sea
Who: Emerald, Oddball; OPEN to all those on ship
Where: Lorrayna Phoenix- The Kitchen and Dinning Hall
When: May 12th, about 8AM
Why: Breakfast … a crew must eat, right?
Rating? PG
Status: Incomplete

Emerald had plenty of things to do today, meet with Zorya Kolesnik and Tanis Wheeler, find out where Serenity landed, talk to captain Reynolds, talk with Monica concerning a plan she forged in her head over the night having to do with the Talos situation, wave Roland again, hopefully getting an answer this time, also had to see about selling some of the things that got ‘salvaged’, things on her and Mal’s ships that the crew’s weren’t going to keep, then slit the profit, check back with General Marrs and see how he’s come with tracking that ship that was responsible for killing Joseph Wheelers crew. Also, she wanted to look into the fact, the potential cargo master, and communication’s specialist having the same last name.

But, before any of that was to happen, the captain lady needed to eat. Otherwise, nothing would get done, and she’d be a grouchy captain lady. And with Monica being so for the both of them, she didn’t want to be snapping at people because of her stomach. So, she made her way to the kitchen. Not finding Gwen inside, but Oddball instead. She grinned at him, “Heya Mister.” Emerald had found Oddball cooking more often the last few days, than she had Gwen; something was up with her as well. And it pained Emerald that Gwen hadn’t come to her, to talk about whatever it was. And when she’d mentioned it, the weapon’s officer brushed it off as if she was fine. The captain, while very intuitive at times, was completely missing the connection in Monica’s bad mood, and Gwen’s lack of interaction with the others. She was just so busy with other things, to notice that it was all being caused from the same thing.

Emerald happily helped Oddball make breakfast, noting that he didn’t necessarily always cook to other’s likings. Not everyone on ship was as loving of all types of food, the gals, for instance ate far less than him and Akira did. The pleasant smell of food cooking radiated out from the kitchen, hopefully drawling the others out to join them. And those that couldn’t come, for instance anyone in the infirmary that wasn’t able to walk yet, Emerald would send food to. The woman kind of hoped that the doctor and his sister would join them today, since it was likely their last day on Lorrayna, and she fancied both of their company. Oddball’s laughter and Emerald giggling filled the room, as the two teased each other while cooking. Emerald sat the table, as food was being plated onto serving dishes by Oddball, Emerald imagined if everyone came to eat with them, that the dinning table would be it’s fullest it had been in a while.
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Meeting new people
 _burntheland_ - (_oddball_)
03:16am 18/06/2008
Johannes Zade Marrs; Oddball posting in Burn the Land and Boil the Sea
Who: Oddball; LOCKED to Tanis
Where: Lorrayna Phoenix- Tanis & Zorya’s Double Berth
When: May 12th, around Noon
Why: Because Oddball likes helping people with things. Even though, technically it’s work, but, for some people he ignores that fact.
Rating? PG
Status: Incomplete

Oddball had been aware of the Captain Lady, and Ms. Walker [aka Miss Grouchy-pants] going to meet with two of the three applicants that had applied for ship board positions. The woman had left earlier that morning, Oddball being left in charge until they came back. He’d noticed that going on the last couple days; the man wondered why Gwen wasn’t. But as he came to think of it, the gal was keeping to herself a lot more than usual. He hoped she was alright, and not sick or anything. He mentally made a note to go see her sometime today, perhaps bring a bottle of wine as a gift. Since the two often shared bottles together, and pleasant conversation.

The woman of the ship had returned, but he hadn’t actually seen them as of yet. He was just about to go find Emerald when he saw a young woman in the lower end of the crew berth hallway; the ones that were to the back of the ship, closer to the exit ramp. He didn’t recognize her, and there for smiled widely figuring it must have been one of the people the captain went to meet with. He saw the ramp doors open, and it seemed that she was bringing belongs in from outside. “ Ni How, Young Miss.” He spoke smiling at her.
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A meeting via Wave
 _burntheland_ - (burnthelandmods)
01:50am 11/06/2008
BurntheLand Mods posting in Burn the Land and Boil the Sea
Who: Dr. Arthur Cain, Mr. Morgan Duncan
Where: Paquin- 6 Hours to the West of Bayshire in the canyon.
When: May 11th, around 7PM
Why: In order in continue funding the Parliament wants new results.
Rating? PG
Status: Complete, Log

Arthur Cain just walked into his base his solider and lab scientists saluting him as he was walking but he paid them no mind he continued to fiddle with his tracking devise, blindly walking into his lab. His lab was huge it had twelve testubes four out of which where occupied. They are capable of holding adult males in stasis. It was the size of three studio apartments and holding the most advanced tech in the verse. He walked to his desk over looking the lab and placed it next to his computer monitor and a frustrated toss on his desk, where he sat in his black button down shirt with a red tie. Then a beeping coming from his monitor caught his attention. He tapped a receive button on his keyboard.

On the screen was a man in his mid-forties whom was wearing a fine black suit. )
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A talk about a job, and place on Lorrayna Phoenix.
 _burntheland_ - (drunkincapngal)
04:32am 26/05/2008
Captain Emerald Storm posting in Burn the Land and Boil the Sea
Who: Emerald; LOCKED to Lola
Where: Paquin- The Marrs Estate
When: May 11th, 8AM after breakfast.
Why: Because it’s something Lula really wants, even if it might be awkward.
Rating? PG
Status: Incomplete

Emerald spoke in detail to General Marrs concerning Lula’s request. Explaining everything to him about the job, Serenity, and Lula’s feeling about Talos and things in general. The man had always had an odd sort of understanding with the woman; long after all the others on the property went to sleep, except for patrolling guards, the old acquaintances stayed speaking, discussing all matters. After decisions were decided upon Emerald was given her old room, which oddly still hadn’t been changed any.

In the morning she was invited to breakfast, where the majority of the family eats together. Most the household always started early in the day, so breakfast was usually served at seven in the morning. All of those at the table knew Emerald years before, when she was known by a different name and lived with the Marrs’. Jonathan Marrs, the girls’ father and head of the house hold, introduced the lady captain as Emerald Storm, Johannes' Captain. Not many mention, or verbalize the oddity of the changed name, since everyone, or at leased those of the family and any house hands that worked for the family years ago when she lived at the estate under another name, and friend of Lula’s and a few of the others. Nobody seems to question the name difference, but all those that knew her do remember. She wasn’t the sort of woman you forget. He also explained that she was in town for a few days.

Emerald really didn’t speak a whole lot, unless spoken to. People’s opinions and thoughts on her being there where mixed, although most weren’t spoken aloud. However, they didn’t need to be, do they? Lula was giddy to see Emerald at breakfast, and sat next to her while they ate. After finishing, the captain lady made her way towards the library in the main section of the house. After everyone else had gone about their morning business Lola’s father approached her, saying that their guest would like to speak to her in the library.
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She doesn't want to be alone, can you blame her??
 _burntheland_ - (__walker__)
05:52am 21/05/2008
Monica Walker posting in Burn the Land and Boil the Sea
Who: Monica; OPEN although she’s looking for Akira.
Where: Lorrayna Phoenix- Heading to the main Engine Room
When: May 11th, Late evening after the talk with Talos in the lounge.
Why: Because she can’t sleep as usually, and now she doesn’t want to be alone.
Rating? PG
Status: Incomplete

Monica sat curled up on the large sofa in the Lounge for a little while. Crying to herself, she didn’t do it too often. Especially where somebody could come a crossed her, but it seemed the last couple days it was become for frequent. She nearly fell asleep, but that she caught herself waking at the sound of a noise. Or, she thought it had been a noise maybe it wasn’t after all. She sighed, wiping at her face. Her eyes were blood shoot, but she didn’t care. She wouldn’t really know unless she looked. And she wasn’t going to. Monica sat staring at the cards and bottle sitting on the floor. The more she stared the more she felt like she’d start crying, again. Her brain was wandering in all sorts of places. She couldn’t really sleep, and she didn’t want to be alone.

So she pulled herself to her feet. At first she figured she’d just get coffee, maybe coffee would help. But as she wobbled, yes wobbled. The pain killers were still pretty strong in her system, and it seemed the strongest side enough besides the rambling unintentionally which she didn’t think could really be described as a side effect; the next worse was the dizziness. She decided coffee would only make her for jittery, so she decided the idea. She oddly, wanted to find Kira. If he was awake, she’d find him. And she didn’t know what else. Talk to him maybe? She just didn’t want to be alone, and really the only person she could even imagine going to, was him. He, after that conversation over dinner a few days ago, He was the closest thing she had to a friend on ship. At least the way she saw things. Of course part of herself thought it was a stupid idea, but another knew that he’d help. Just by him rambling about something else, that’d help. She didn’t even know if he was awake. Though she figured if he was, her best bet was if he was tinkering in the engine room. SO that’s where she headed. And if he wasn’t there, she’d go to her berth. But she didn’t really want to. Her cards and bottle were left, she figured she’d get them later on sometime.
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Making a little bit of progress, maybe??
 _burntheland_ - (__walker__)
05:06am 21/05/2008
Monica Walker posting in Burn the Land and Boil the Sea
Who: Monica, Talos
Where: Lorrayna Phoenix- Lounge
When: May 11th, Late evening
Why: Because Talos need to at least try; he still loves her. And Monica is medicated, makes things a bit easier. Right?
Rating? PG-13
Status: Complete, Log

Talos worked all day, the sound of the knives or sharp objects being sharpened. Talos had a computer on his desk with what he was hoping to designed. Next to it was his chest plate on the screen was a revolving 3D suit. It had the chest plate, the arm guards, the gauntlets; he was working on adapting the amour for practical use. After a while he began to get hungry. He went to the lounge and to maybe get something to eat. He walked down the corridor, up the stairs, his pistol in its holster.

He was tired it was late in the evening; he had been working all day since he joined the crew. He hadn’t said a word, he only spoke when spoken to and while on duty he did everything Monica would ask him without question; he didn’t speak to her about anything else.

Monica was sitting on the floor near the large sofa. )
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Who’s Vladmir?
 _burntheland_ - (_oddball_)
02:50am 11/05/2008
Johannes Zade Marrs; Oddball posting in Burn the Land and Boil the Sea
Who: Oddball; Open to those in the patient common room
Where: Lorrayna Phoenix- Infirmary, the patient common room
When: May 11th, about 1:21 PM
Why: Because he offered to speak to Vladmir
Rating? PG
Status: Complete

Oddball headed threw the door that lead out to the man infirmary area, not very long after Vladmir had hollered in to Dori. He hadn’t actually been in here since the men were found, all except very early this morning when he helped Simon carry a certain red head in, and onto a bed. So, needless to say he didn’t actually know which one was Vladmir just at the sight. He glanced around after making sure the door was closed. “Howdy, fellas… which one ya be thee one was askin’ about Capt’n? Who’s Vladmir?” He raised an eye brow, and offered a small friendly smile. He glanced rather quickly, and didn’t recognize the two men that he more-or-less knew. It’d been a long time since he’d seen Gregorio, and even though the man defiantly spent more years tagging along with his older brother and Joey than he’d admit to now, Oddball didn’t even recognize Joey at the moment neither.
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Talking with a cargo master...?
 _burntheland_ - (drunkincapngal)
12:59am 03/05/2008
Captain Emerald Storm posting in Burn the Land and Boil the Sea
Who: Emerald, Joey
Where: Lorrayna Phoenix- Infirmary, the patient common room [Cause for now that’s what I’m acallin’ it!]
When: May 10th, 12PM
Why: Joey was the very first to awake, and the captain wanted to speak to him.
Rating? PG
Status: Incomplete, Log

Before Emerald headed to the dinning hall for lunch, she headed to the infirmary to check on the patients. She popped her head in the back room to take a gander at the bandaged up men; wondering if any of them had awakened yet.

Joey had a headache when he awoke. He looked around at his surroundings he seemed to be waking up in new places lately. As he looked around he realized he was in an infirmary. He noticed a black haired woman in the doorway. Joey saw the other two men lying near him in beds spread across the room.

Emm noticed the man opening his eyes. )
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The meeting of two mechanic types
 _burntheland_ - (_on_my_mind)
06:51am 29/04/2008
Lula Marrs posting in Burn the Land and Boil the Sea
Who: Lula; LOCKED to Akira
Where: Lorrayna Phoenix- Main Engine Room
When: May 11th, about 1PM
Why: Because she wants to see every part of her birdie, and where else would she really start.
Rating? PG, don’t see any reason for it not to be.
Status: Incomplete

Lula headed down the entrance corridor skipping upward towards the bridge. She left Talos in Emerald’s hands knowing she’d take really good care of him. She wandered a bit before heading to Lorrayna’s main engine room. She was talking all the while to her, the best she could. Lorrayna never had a problem hearing her though; most people wouldn’t understand normal talking to ships, much less Lula’s way of doing it.

The little thing made her way inside the engine room. Was nobody in there, although she saw some sign that there might have been not long ago. She was prancing all around, and then knelt over to take a look at the engine. She smiled gleefully; her girl seemed to be in wonderful shape. She rubbed part of the metal lovingly, Whose been carin’ for you baby? The Kara done a shiny job of it. Lula didn’t know if there was another mechanic or engineer.
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Got things to do
 _burntheland_ - (_oddball_)
04:24am 29/04/2008
Johannes Zade Marrs; Oddball posting in Burn the Land and Boil the Sea
Who: Oddball; Open to those needed
Where: Lorrayna Phoenix- Infirmary
When: May 11th, about 1PM
Why: Because the Captain needs Dori to do something for her!
Rating? TBD... PG for now
Status: Incomplete

Oddball had taken the bags to the berth that had been sat a side for Talos. The man had to take the bags down in two parts since he didn’t want to be falling down the ladder like a certain pilot had recently done. On his second trip back up to the hallway he heard somebody banging on the outside airlock. He figured it was Monica, and so he then made his way to let her in. It was the red head. He informed her that Emerald wanted to see her in the briefing room; Monica of course glared and mumbled to herself which wasn't all that strange and actually rather normal and she then went as instructed. The man then headed towards the infirmary figuring that was the best place to look for the doctor first. If she wasn't in there he'd wander till he found the pretty little woman.
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She often wakes in strange places
 _burntheland_ - (__walker__)
10:38pm 26/04/2008
Monica Walker posting in Burn the Land and Boil the Sea
Who: Monica; OPEN to anyone, perhaps one of the patients.
Where: Lorrayna Phoenix- Infirmary
When: May 11th, early before breakfast about 6AM
Why: Monica was taken to an infirmary bed instead of her bunk.
Rating? PG-13 for swearing on Monica's part.
Status: Incomplete

Monica moaned slightly as she regained consciousness. Her head ached something fierce, she wasn’t exactly sure what had happened the night before things were a bit clouded. She rolled onto her stomach, opening her eyes, and then groaned as the light filtered into her vision. Why was it so bright in her room? She wasn’t even aware yet that she wasn’t in her bunk; the red head was in the bed next to Gregorio.
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