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[15 Jun 2008|03:37pm]

That that don't kill me...

Character(s): Sam Winchester, Lucy
Synopsis: Sam's getting desperate and wants his brother back, so he goes to Lucy in hopes that she'll hold answers.
Setting / Date: Poughkeepsie, NY, 3 AM. June 15, 2008
Rating: PG-13


New York wasn't all it was cracked up to be in the movies. Sure, Sam'd been to New York City once or twice, but it wasn't really his thing. Big cities felt so crowded. He tended to stick to smaller areas. Even Stanford had been huge, but that was an entirely different case. He liked being there for reasons that had nothing to do with the location. But New York? New York was dirty, and he'd come to the conclusion that if people hated NYC because it was dirty, they'd obviously never been to Poughkeepsie. The place was one giant ghetto, and for once the greater threat to his safety was probably a random guy who'd want to mug him than a demonic presence.

Sam'd traveled all the way there on a tip that a woman living on the border of Poughkeepsie and Hyde Park--a place that was more farm than city, and seemed way out of place next to a place like Poughkeepsie--had dabbled in necromancy and had figured out how to bring things back to life. He'd gone there in hopes that maybe bringing Dean back to life would work. He'd been in hell, so technically his contract would have been fulfilled, right? Unfortunately the lead had been a bust, and Sam had gotten there only to find the lady more crazy than resourceful. She'd brought her cat back to life, alright. In her mind and with some string to make it a marionette.

Sam was tired of dead leads. His brother had been gone for over a month now. That meant Dean had been trapped and tortured in hell for over a month. He was desperate, and it was time to pull out the big guns.

The abandoned warehouse was covered in graffiti, and certainly wasn't anyone's first choice when it came to things to look at, but it had a concrete floor and nobody went in it anymore because it was likely to fall down within the next month. It was perfect for somebody looking to summon a demon, and that's just what Sam was set on doing. He had everything gathered, the symbols drawn on the floor, and a devil's trap hidden underneath a piece of cardboard that he was kneeling on. He took a deep breath and lit a match, tossing it into the bowl in the center.

Now he just had to wait and hope that Lucy appeared.
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Lay Your Weary Head To Rest [11 Jun 2008|03:24pm]

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Bela Talbot
Synopsis: Dean and Bela have finally escaped Hell through the Devil's Gate; the place that started it all. What they do not know is that they are, in fact, still in Hell and suffering one of their greatest torments.
Setting / Date: Hell . June 11, 2008
Rating: PG-13

It was the scent of wild flowers that never smelled so good. The clean scent that the air brought after a little shower of rain, the gentle breeze brushing against the hair of his arms, his face, his hair; being able to see, smell, taste, feel the life that Mother Nature gave to the human world. He was alive. He could feel again. He could hear the sound of his own heart beating against his chest; hell, he could feel it. He was not a demon, or some other creature of evil; he was himself; he was Dean Winchester.

He remembered fighting so hard to climb his way out of Hell and toward the Devil’s Gate – the same gate that he and Sam had accidentally allowed to be opened – like it was just yesterday. He remembered breaking free of his demon captors and fighting his way to Bela to free her despite the fact that he hated her; however, leaving her to suffer in Hell? He would not want to wish that upon his worst enemy; at least not anymore, after experiencing what he had. He remembered them fighting as they ran, Dean had to admit that she was a damned good fighter that was capable of holding her own. He had to admit to it, because, he had been one of her victims countless of times.

“We’re alive.”

That was all he could say.

Dean glanced about the empty cemetery before he made his way toward Bela and for once in his life, hugged her and actually meaning it. As he remembered his days of torment, and now being back in the real world, the remembrance of Hell did nothing more than break Dean emotionally.

“We’re alive, Bela,” he choked out through tears of happiness, holding onto her tightly before finally gave in and crumbled to his knees with his forehead pressed against her stomach. He wished Sam was here. Where was Sam? How could he find his little brother? Was Sam still alive?

Almost reluctantly, Dean pulled away from Bela and tested the ground just to make sure he was really here. The grass and dirt were cool and partially moist, and felt damn good to his sense of touch. As he got back to his feet and gave the area another glance around, Dean returned his attention to Bela to see what she was feeling; if she was feeling anything at all. Hell, did he really save her? With his hands grasping the sides of her face, Dean kissed her not, because, he missed the taste of a woman’s lip – okay, it was because, of that. It was not like Dean could really change who he was. Better himself, maybe, but to do a full one-eighty? Not even being Hell could accomplish that.
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[03 Jun 2008|09:54pm]

Character(s): Allie Sterling & Lucy
Synopsis: Allie goes on a solo hunt to find and take down a demon; it doesn't go well at all.
Setting / Date: New Orleans, Louisiana . June 03, 2008
Rating: R

Allie wasn’t used to hunting alone. Typically, there was usually Deena or Sarah, and more typically, all three. But with Deena off doing God only knew what with Sam; things around here were going slowly. Allie still had no idea what Deena was even doing there. The last thing Sam needed was to be bothered right now, unless the person bothering him was Bobby. Even in that case, it was touchy. Sam needed time alone. More than that, if Deena was so much like Sam’s dead brother, Allie figured that she was the very last person that should be hanging around Sam. It was just badness all around.

Maybe Allie just didn’t get it because she’d spent so little time with the Winchester’s. She didn’t feel much for them either way. Sure, what happened to Dean was awful, but he’d made his own bed, and now he was lying in it. The idea of pulling someone out of Hell actually managed to frighten Allie more than give her hope. If you could just go around pulling people out of the after life… what did that say about life and death? It made it all seem so… pointless. Death seemed pointless as it was, but there was a whole philosophical approach to the problem that Allie wanted nothing to do with.

In order to feel productive for once, Allie got in touch with Bobby. He, like her, wanted to stay busy, and so he sent her to New Orleans, where apparently, a bunch of demonic activity was going on. Demons weren’t exactly her expertise, but it was much better than sitting around doing nothing. Allie got in the car and headed down south for Louisiana that afternoon. It was a long, long drive to make solo. She’d left a note and a phone message for Sarah, the typical, keeping-in-touch business. Sarah was better, and happier, doing what she was doing while poured over her books. Allie needed to do something.

When in New Orleans, Allie got set up in a motel for the night, planning on setting out in the morning. She looked for all the signs to make sure the demon was still in town; local papers, radio news… everything. The demon was still in town. Next came the process of trying to hunt it—or them—down. All of the particularly big signs were all centered around a motel about a half hour away. It was all Allie needed to go investigate. She signed out of her motel in the morning, and drove to the other in order to get a room there. She made sure there was hunter paraphilia around so she’d get noticed if there were demons around. She painted a devil’s trap above her motel door, and laid a layer of salt on the window sill.

Her plans didn’t work as well as she’d hoped.

While going into her motel room the following night, Allie was bludgeoned over her head. When she woke up, her eyes blurry and her head pounding, she was tied to a chair in another motel room. Across from her was a young brunette straddling a chair, looking at Allie with a curious look, half amused, half expectant.

“It’s about time, sleepy head!” Lucy beamed. She reached over and shuffled Allie’s ratty, sweat-and-blood drenched hair. “I’ve been waiting for hours!”

The girl got up from her chair and started walking around. It wasn’t just Allie’s vision that was blurry, but the room was cloaked in darkness. No lights were on. The girl, or rather, the demon wearing the girl, picked up a nail file and started working on her nails. Her back was turned to Allie.

“Your pain tolerance must really suck.” She turned her head, flipping the dark hair over her shoulder. “I’m Lucy, by the way. Nice to meet you… Lisa, I think your ID said? Lisa and Lucy. It’s like we’re a match made in heaven!” She paused and giggled before going back to her nails. “Well, not heaven exactly.” She scoffed and then moved back over to the chair, turning it around, before she took a seat. “Well Lisa. We have a problem.”

“You tied me to a chair?”

“Well that’s your problem, not so much mine, and by the way,” with lightning fast reflexes, Lucy whipped her hand out—the one with the nail file—and slashed it across Allie’s face. “It’s rude to interrupt. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, of course, our problem! See Lisa, you set a trap for me, and while I could dig you for it if you were creative, your trap sucked. But see… I have to figure that there are other hunters not far behind you. I mean, you can’t be so stupid that you’d come alone and set such a bastard trap, right?”

Allie didn’t reply, she just stared.

Lucy got to her feet, filing away her nails again. “Well, either way, it doesn’t really matter. If you don’t have people coming after you, then this will just be fun. If you do, then they’ll have a nice message to find when they get here.”

Lean On Me [02 Jun 2008|02:43pm]

Character(s): Deena Sterling, Sam Winchester
Synopsis: After hearing about the death of Dean, Deena leaves her sisters behind to go see Sam and with the help of Bobby manages to track him down.
Setting / Date: Kansas City, Missouri . June 2, 2008 - 3:21 PM
Rating: PG

Week earlier…

Unlike the Winchesters that were traveling hunters with no place to call an actual home, the Sterling sisters did have a place of their own. A house that had been left to them in their parent’s will.

“I want you guys to continue trackin’ that bitch down, y’hear?”

Deena had been packing new piles of clothes into her duffel bag as she lectured her sisters – Allie and Sarah – what needed to be done, where they needed to go, the precautions that needed to be taken. Even though they were just as experienced as herself, Deena was the eldest and had promised that she’d look after them. This time around though, the death of Dean had reached them; it shouldn’t have had came a surprise to her due to the knowledge of the year contract he had, but still, the death of a hunter – especially a Winchester – was enough to cause fellow Hunters to mourn.

The Winchesters were the best. A bit reckless, but they knew their job.

“I’m going to see if Sam needs help; whether he likes it or not,” she continued on. Deena couldn’t imagine what it was like to lose a sibling, but the pain she knew all to well. The common ground that the Sterling sisters and the Winchester brothers shared was the loss of their parents and the love they had for Bobby Singer.

“Keep your noses clean.”


As Deena sped down the highway, a few profane words escaped her lips. The trail that Sam had left behind was nothing but lukewarm and getting colder by the day; had it not been for vampires and other assortment of demons that plagued each town and city along the way, Deena was more than certain that she would have caught up to Sam a long time ago.

It was clear as yesterday that when Deena had a one-on-one conversation with Dean, he had made her promise that when he left that she would help pick up the slack and watch over his brother as best she could, even if she had her own siblings to worry about. He had laid it in on her on how special Sam was and what he was supposedly was. Even though Dean was a lot of things, a liar wasn’t really one of them when it came to his job and family. She had been reluctant to agree; and to this day, it was a promise that remained a secret. Not even her own sisters knew.

The last place that Bobby said that Sam was in was in Kansas City, Missouri. “’bout damn time,” she said, passing the welcome sign as she entered the city limits.
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Companion piece to Hell's Bitch [29 May 2008|04:38pm]

Character(s): Bela Talbot
Synopsis: El torture
Setting / Date: Hell . May 29, 2008
Rating: Verging on R-ish

Days. A matter of days. That’s how long she’d been there, just a few days. It already felt like an eternity, only with forever to go.

For hours, for days, she’d been a fresh piece of meat while they awaited the appearance of their trophy; their crowning glory. At first an unseen force broke her toes, then her fingers, slowly moving onto her limbs. Broken legs, broken arms, broken back leading to a broken body and a broken will. The crying only spurred them on further. Without the ability to laugh without a body, and yet laughter still pierced her ears. The more she tried to hold back her tears and her cries of pain (who did she have to call out for?), the harder they rode her out, leading to a broken neck while tears, snot, and saliva covered her once pristine and beautiful face.

It was dying all over again, only to open her eyes, alive to die all over again.

This time there were fewer creatures, less vultures, there to torture her and revel in that torture. They’d finally received their real plaything. Dean Winchester. His voice was unmistakable as he screamed for his brother. She couldn’t see him—she didn’t want to see him, nor him to see her—but his screams only caused her body to shudder in regret. All of this could have been helped. No. She belonged here. It wasn’t her doing that had put Dean here, but her indifference had allowed him to fall, where once, he could have been saved.

She’d been preparing for this since birth. She wondered if she’d see her parents.

Even with their focus put onto Dean, it didn’t lessen the joy they found in torturing her. They weren’t breaking her limbs this time, and instead, she felt small, sharp pains piercing her skin all over her body. They were like needle points at first, digging through her tender skin. But they got bigger, and the cuts got deeper. Whenever she attempted to move her arms or her feet to try and kick away whatever it was implementing this searing pain, she was reminded of the leather binds holding her down and digging into her skin, causing her ankles and wrists to bleed.


It was the first time she’d heard that name since she’d been down here. It wasn’t her real name, but hell, it was the one she’d gone by for ten years. Tilting her head on the slab she was strapped down to, Bela looked through bloodshot eyes for Dean. She could hear him more than she could see him, but he was nearby. Now that he’d noticed her, had said her name, had told them to leave her alone, the demons’ vigour was only renewed. A sharp, burning hot implement was driven through her abdomen, and then torn out just as quickly. She screamed, louder than she’d ever screamed before in life or in death. She wanted to yell at Dean, to tell him not to talk to her or about her, but her lungs were no longer working.

She wanted to die again, if only it wasn’t a desire that was going to slowly be fulfilled for the rest of forever.

And as the implement, stone and coal and previously doused in fire, was raised about her throat, she could only look back. Why she was here, what she was here for, her bastard father and his hands and his eyes and the smile on his face all the while.

Abby’s eyes were full of tears and blood as she looked up at the implement, willing the creature, the demon, to show himself and face her. He didn’t disappoint, and he seemed to hover there, waiting for her to say, to do, to let go of whatever it was she wanted to get out before he killed her yet again.

“It was worth it.”

And it was all gone.

Hell's Bitch [29 May 2008|03:25pm]

Character(s): Dean Winchester
Synopsis: Living life in Hell; what else can he do?
Setting / Date: Hell . May 29, 2008
Rating: PG-13

Somebody, help me!Sam!SAAAAAM!!

One phrase and one word were all that echoed within the endless abyss. Dean Winchester, the eldest brother and only brother of Sam, had finally met his time. The only problem that Dean faced while he writhed in pain was trying to remember was whether or not it was still the same day. Had a day passed since his time in Hell? A week? How long had been here? He remembered being suspended on chains and hooks that pierced his flesh, he remembered the agony and pain it brought – so when was he freed?

Freed, what a joke.

He was still in Hell.

The only thing that had changed was his punishment.

Dean recalled bits and pieces of what Ruby had said to him when she described this place to him. He should have given her the benefit of the doubt; but, he was alive then and she was a demon – so why did he have to believe her? The air she breathed came out crooked, that was he believed and continued to do so, anyway – right now, Dean was in denial over the fact that Ruby had been telling him the truth.

When that bitch breathes the air comes out crooked.

Sam. Sam. Where was his brother? What was he doing in the world of the living? Fighting the good fight? Trying to find a way to bring Dean back to life?

Don't you see a pattern here? Dad's deal, my deal, now this? I mean, every time one of us is up the creek; the other is begging to sell their soul.

Dean remembered telling Sam not to save him, because, they were each other’s weakness. They knew it, so did everyone else – humans and demons alike. It was a hard thing to overcome, though; he knew that. Even if he was dead, Dean wanted to live life again, and not take certain things for granted. Life was valuable and he got that. Right now, however, it was hard for Dean to fight to keep his sanity – his humanity; hope.

It was hard.

Especially when, “AAAAAAAAAAH!” It felt, as if, he had a thousand of needles trying to rip through his flesh – from the inside. Skin burning and sizzling from the eternal heat, razor sharp talons that tore into him. He was being tormented, but only in hopes that he would be broken. Dean was a Winchester; he was a fighter; he was not going to lose his humanity to these sons of bitches. If Ruby held onto hers, why could not he do it? Could not be that hard, could it? It was damned hard.

“B.. Bela?” That bitch was in Hell too. It was hard to forget; her own screams of pain resonated into his eardrums, forcing him to look toward her. She was nearby; at least, that is what it sounded like. From what he could see, Bela was not in that bad of shape as he was. Not like he was surprised. He was Dean Winchester; the trophy of Hell. But still, even though he hated her for what she had done, Dean could not keep his heart from going out to her. “LEAVE HER ALONE! Demonic, motherfuckers; it’s me you want!”

How did that saying go? Where there was a will, there was a way? Or some shit like that? He could not remember clearly. All Dean knew was that he would find a way out of here. He needed to get back to Sam. Bobby.

Sammy, how you doing up there?

One Against An Army [26 Feb 2008|02:31pm]

Character(s): Winchester Brothers, Sterling Sisters, Jo, Ruby, Bela
Secondary Character(s): Random civilians
Synopsis: The team up of the century! The Winchester Brothers have teamed up with the Sterling Sisters, Jo Harvelle, and Ruby for the ultimate hunt: Bela. Their goal is to recover the Colt she had stolen, but during their journey just when they think they are close to catching her, something else happens causing them to detour off path. In the end it is Dean who nails her, but of course, she still manages to get away - even after a little heart to heart is shared.
Setting / Date: On the road again . February 26, 2008
Rating: R

“Can’t believe we just missed her!”

It was day nine of their hunt for Bela, making it a little over a week now.

Dean had literally had to put the pedal to the metal when their little side adventure cost them to lose Bela. It was moments like these where Dean hated vengeful ghosts more so, thinking that the dead just needed to get over with whatever that had happened to them; fortunate for the brothers, it had been an easy case to solve, but no matter what, Dean still hated losing the time that could be spent in recovering the Colt, because, without it the war was pretty much lost – and it had yet to get here.

“Sarah find out where she’s headed to next?” The youngest Sterling sister was Sam’s counterpart, and was – in Dean’s opinion – a hell of a lot smarter than his brother, which baffled Dean. At this point, he had accepted it, because, that girl had the know how in tracking someone down with that nifty laptop of hers. Where as Sam was stuck using his Blackberry during their travels in the Impala, Sarah had once told Dean that she had the computer capability and was growing in the field of hacking.

As he released the gas pedal, Dean began to make a turn that would not cause the Impala to topple over and go rolling with the speed he was going at. “She better be connected with everyone else!”
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Girls Rule, Boys Drool [28 Jan 2008|01:19pm]

Character(s): Sterling Sisters, Winchester Brothers
Synopsis: During a routine werewolf hunt, the Sterling Sisters cross paths with the infamous Winchesters.
Setting / Date: Roswell, New Mexico // Sioux County, South Dakota . January 28, 2008 - 8:21 PM
Rating: PG

Deena Sterling felt and heard the pounding of her own heart as she raced through one of the many forests in Roswell, New Mexico with a Smith and Wesson in hand that was loaded with silver bullets. She could hear her sisters running along side her close by, eventually going their separate ways in order to cover more ground. A trail of reckless killings with missing hearts had brought the sisters to this city – the lack of hearts in the victim’s bodies had been a clear sign that a werewolf was the cause; the downside was that the wolf had managed to elude them, escaping through two states and a handful of cities.

What she didn’t know was that another pair of Hunters was nearby on the same hunt.

With her legs on fire, Deena made a cut to the right and was glad that she was familiar with the territory, being as this was the sisters second time being in Roswell. As luck would have it, in the near distance, Deena saw a fleeing feminine body with blonde hair. Without ceasing her running steps, levering her arms as she brought the gun up, a shot was fired off – even though the shot had struck the girl in the back of her shoulder, it was enough to throw her off balance, allowing Deena to go in for a tackle. “Ooh, no you don’t.”

As she wondered what was taking her sisters, Deena began to wrestle the no-name girl, having her weapon knocked from her grip she stared up at the feral blue eyes and fangs, struggling to keep its fangs from her neck while feeling her flesh being ripped apart. After a bit of rolling, Deena had managed to gain the upper-hand and be on top, struggling to keep the dominance as she tried to grab a silver stake from the inside of her jacket pockets.
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The Evil That Women Do [18 Jan 2008|03:57pm]

Character(s): Jo Harvelle & Winchester Brothers
Synopsis: After sending a text to Dean that his help was needed, Jo continues to do her best at saving the men of Duluth. However, along the way she gets possessed by the succubi spirit, which forces the brothers against time to save not just her life, but her youth as well.
Setting / Date: 8:27PM . January 18, 2008
Rating: R

The dark-haired woman continued to ravage the man’s body in heated passion, not just was pleasure on her part but to seek the revenge against the woman with whom he had committed the seventh commandment: Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery. Not only did he release sighs of pleasure, but his breathing had become suffocative like he was gasping for that fresh breath of air, but fought it due to fearing that he might lose this moment of excitement. With heated palms, she pressed them against his chest causing his heart to strain as she rode him.

At the time of climax, a devilish grin marked her red lips just before she cried in ecstasy. As her back arched, and nails dug into his shoulders – literally piercing the flesh – she would laugh maniacally at the sound of his pain. She gazed down at him and with a smirk, felt the exiting of his penis by unnatural means. Sharp razors within her vagina had sliced off the partner's penis, leaving him in unbearable pain that sent his body into shock. Once she had rendered him helpless, canines emerged from gums pushing out the ones she had already.

Red eyes snapped toward the sound of a crashing door while a guttural growl sounded from the base of her throat. This was an event she certainly wasn’t expecting, especially as a young, blond woman came charging into the room.

Even though Jo’s first reflex was to turn and hurl her afternoon meal, she kept the barrel of the shotgun trained on the succubi. “Can’t say he didn’t deserve it, but…,” BANG! Two rounds of salt rounds penetrated the demonic spirit’s naked chest, causing it to disperse into nothingness. The body of the young woman that it had possessed however wasn’t as lucky. Jo stepped toward the bloody scene and peered at the girl and witnesses as she shriveled into an old hag. Getting the spirit was beginning to prove to be a bitch; it had already left over a dozen dead men, and a handful of young women dying of old age.

Just as Jo was preparing to leave the house, she felt an overwhelming heat build within the depth of her gut. Exiting the room, and dropping her shot gun, Jo clasped onto the wooden railing and leaned against it, gasping. Oh god, no. She had become possessed by the spirit itself.
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What's wrong now? [16 Jan 2008|02:51pm]

Character(s): Winchester Brothers
Synopsis: Dean receives a text message from Jo, and you know what? He doesn't know how to view it, so after passing it to Sam and a bit of brother bickering (mostly Dean), the brothers head to Duluth, Minnesota.
Setting / Date: St. Louis, MO . January 16, 2008
Rating: PG-13

“You know Sa—,” the sound of a beep was emitted from his cell phone, causing Dean to pause in mid-sentence and lean off to the side in order to withdraw his cell from the back of his pocket and stare at it like ‘what-the-hell’. With a brow being brought up, reading the little screen that said he had an incoming text message, Dean just stared at it with confusion on his face before tossing it to Sam.

“Check that out.” Dean did not need to inform his brother that he did not know what to do next, because, all he was really skilled to do was answer the phone and/or getting to his voicemail – he could even track someone down with the GPS signal; but checking out text messages and replying to them and downloading songs or images? That was a whole other story that Dean knew that his brother took pride in poking fun at him about. “Text message,” was all he said, who it was from – that was Sammy’s department.
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