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[14 Nov 2004|10:50pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I wrote this when I was VERY tired and somewhat bored. If you can make sense of it good. If not, well. Ignore it.

"Ode" By Creed. Or my interpretation thereof..
Peace is what they tell me
But I'm just a freedom fighter, no remorse..
the peace is DEAD in my soul
Who's got my back now?..
Somebody told me the wrong way...
There's still time.. ..
I cry out to God seeking only His decision
Hey God I know I'm just a dot in this world..
But again I stand against the faceless man...
The eyes stare at me in the dark..
He looked me right in the eyes direct and concise to remind me
Children with no vision do exactly what they're told..
(But I don't know him.. because he lies)
Waiting by the phone..
Should I sleep or stay awake?
Step inside the light and see the fear of God burn inside of me....
Or is it all just an illusion?
She told me where I'm going and it's far away from home..
What if those words could be charged like a crime?
But they ain't here anymore. . .
Cause they were sent to wash away those years.
Are you ready for what's to come?
We may rise and fall but in the end we'll meet our fate together.
Only In America we stamp our god "In God We Trust"
Gabriel stands and confirms I've created my own prison
Cause we all live under the reign of one King

Will they open their eyes and realize we're one?
Teach me now to relearn my love....

we'll surely melt in the rain

Alter Bridge : Electric Factory [10 Oct 2004|12:40am]

[ mood | excited ]

Well. I just got back from the Alter Bridge Concert!!!

What can I say?




Definately a great show.. As I read on someone else's review.. best 20 dollars I ever spent.


They sound absolutely AMAZING live.Though I can't hear now.. Candi and me were right under a speaker Lol..

Myles is actually quite cute in person. I got soo many pics hehe.

Well it just ROCKED overall. Submersed was good as well. The other band was... Eh. So so.

At one point, Myles actually took a sign someone was holding up. he's like.. "Hmm a sign. Signs are always fun they're like show and tell.Kirsten <3 Alter Bridge.. aww.. hmm.. Mark, Myles, Brian, Scott.. make out with me... Um I dunno, I'll have to check with our manager I don't think that would go over too well."


Lol Mark actually missed his part at one point.. The end of Open Your Eyes when he repeats "Hard to Walk this path alone hard to know which way to go".. Cause he was down at the one end of the stage, and at the end of Open Your Eyes he actually had walked over to the other side and missed his line, but Myles kept singing anyway.. He RAN back across the stage laughing to not miss the second part.


Overall the concert just ROCKED

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Weathered [30 Aug 2004|12:42pm]

And.. sadness. The last of my four CD reviews. It was fun. But, oh well. Maybe I should just start a CD review asylum for any CD anyone wants to review? What do you think of that idea? Anyway. Tell people about this asylum we need more members. :D
Enough OT stuff. Here's Weathered--

Bullets -- All I can say is ..Wow... What an awesome opening song for a CD, with the intro and everything. The video is just. Odd.

Freedom Fighter -- I'd love to know what he was thinking.. But it's great.

Who's Got My Back Now -- Well, like Pity For A Dime and Wrong Way, this is the official "Lets take five lines and drag them out over a very long period of time" song in the CD, but its very nicely written, if not a little dragged out. The chanting is just.. a nice touch to the meanings of the song.

Signs -- I'm still wondering what this song IS about...

One Last Breath -- This is one of my favorites not only on Weathered but by Creed or anyone else at all.

My Sacrifice -- A little over-played but very nice..

Stand Here With Me -- This song is great and.. I.. really have no further comment on it at this time.

Weathered -- Wow. All I can say is Wow.

Hide -- I love this song.. i liked Scott Stapp's explaination on it too if you've seen that..

Don't Stop Dancing -- This song is just beautiful..anyone see the video of it live at the 2002 Winter Olympics? ...OMG.

Lullaby -- I thought Creed didn't do love songs? :P But then again you have To Whom It May Concern too..
we'll surely melt in the rain

Human Clay [29 Aug 2004|11:32pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Well. Here is the third of four reviews I am posting on the CDs. This on happens to be my favorite Creed CD.. human clay [which is why it's the asylum name]

Are You Ready -- Cool :D

What If -- I love this song :D its great

Beautiful -- The music is cool ^.^

Say I -- Can you say DRUGS? Heh. Well nevermind. Anyway.. I love this song XD; This is one of my fav's. (o/t tip. the whole.. children with no vision do exactly what they're told.. thing.. isn't true)

Wrong Way -- Umm. Okay. O.O; Whatever.

Faceless Man -- Hehe I remember my friend forcing me to listen to this song when I really wasn't interested but.. its great :D

Never Die -- I like the music :D

With Arms Wide Open -- Nice..

Higher -- Umm what can be said about this song...

Wash Away Those Years -- This is my favorite song it's cool :D

Inside Us All -- Very nice.

To Whom It May Concern -- I can't believe they didn't put this awesome song on the US release... x.x

Young Grow Old -- I have only heard a live version, which I can't make out the words but the music is great.

we'll surely melt in the rain

[28 Aug 2004|07:32am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Only 20 days until I see Alter Bridge in London. YAY!

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[26 Aug 2004|12:31pm]

Okay, I am going to do the same as I did with One Day Remains and write a brief little review of each of Creed's CDs, starting with My Own Prison. Feel free to make one too and share your thoughts :D

Torn - Great song! Lots of feeling here. o.o;

Ode - I didn't really get it at first, I want to know what's being said at the end :D But its a cool song

My Own Prison - Great song! I was just.. amazed the first time I heard it.

Pity For A Dime - Too-the-point, but lots of feeling here too.

In America - Um. Alot of this is rather true, in a way..

Illusion - Wow.. that's all I can say is wow.

Unforgiven - I love this song, it makes a very strong point without being pushy.. its just HEY THIS IS WHAT I AM AND HOW I FEEL. TAKE ME OR LEAVE ME. Well that's my opinion anyway.

Sister - Cool song :D

What's This Life For - I love this song! Probably my favorite on the CD.

One - True..
we'll surely melt in the rain

One Day Remains [15 Aug 2004|12:20am]

[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Alter Bridge ]

Well the CD is great! All the songs are just.. Great. :D; Here is a basic review..

Find the Real - Very nice song. Not terribly much to say on this one yet.

One Day Remains - Okay so the title doesn't make sense, but truth there... Doesn't everyone search..

Open Your Eyes - Well. Duh.

Burn It Down - Umm kinda. Sad. Heh.

Metalingus - Coooool. I don't get the title. but very cool.

On Broken Wings - Absolutely beautiful song, may very well be my favorite on the CD..

In Loving Memory - Way too sad. Yet I can't skip over it usually. Then I'm all like. Ready to cry when it's over. It's beautiful but.. sad.

Down To My Last - I'm not sure of what it's about.. but it's about something. And I like it.

Watch Your Words - Hehe coooolies music XD

Shed My Skin - Odd. Just. Odd. "I am not alone, I live with the memories, regret is my home. This is my true freedom..." Um. Genius lyrics there. Truly... o.O; yeah.

The End Is Here - Cool music. XD

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ONE DAY REMAINS [09 Aug 2004|11:47am]

[ mood | excited ]

One day remains until One Day Remains. Will post how the CD is later this week. :D Yay! ((someone join i want to keep this community)) :(

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Alter Bridge [05 Jul 2004|08:47pm]

[ mood | relieved ]
[ music | Alter Bridge - Open Your Eyes ]

I just heard Alter Bridge's first single - "Open Your Eyes". IT'S GREAT. Listen to it! I was so worried this new band would suck. They're great. Maybe even as good as Creed was. If that's possible.

we'll surely melt in the rain

Opening [05 Jul 2004|08:47pm]

Welcome to the __humanclay__ community. This is a community for Creed/Alter Bridge/Scott Stapp fans to discuss music. This community has open membership so feel free to join.
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