April 28th, 2008

[info]yohjideranged in [info]80sficpicalooza

Posting Instructions

Posting begins this Thursday for those who claimed prompts.

Claiming will remain open for those who haven't.

Here are your handy dandy posting instructions:

All art and fic over 100 words must be behind cut tags.  Any fic that includes explicit material, character death, etc. must also be behind cut tags.

Please use the follow format when posting:

[Subject Line]: Title of Fic/Art, Fandom (Pairing)


Word count:

Please post you work to the community for archiving purposes, not just a link to your IJ.

Please leave the tagging up to the mods for now (until we get it established) and will be organized according to date, fandom, and author/artist.

Recipients will remain anonymous until the end of each posting day.  Unless, of course, they choose to remain anonymous. ^_~

For those just here for the read:

Read and weep for your childhoods, but please be sure to drop a comment or two for all the hard work the authors put into warping your precious childhood memories.