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[12 Mar 2009|02:23am]

My name is Jaclyn, I'm turning nineteen at the end of the month, and this is my third Project 365 attempt. The last two were on greatestjournal and I failed because I either forgot my camera or I lost inspiration. I've just restarted at this journal ([info]itsafishlol) and my regular journal is [info]theowl. I'm about to post my fourth day (March 11) and then go to sleep.

Anyway, I'll add back anyone who adds me, but you may want to comment on an entry if I don't seem to notice right away.
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Hello! [11 Jan 2009|07:54am]

I'm Amanda, 22 (in two days), and from Virginia. My regular journal is [info]capa and this is my second attempt at Project 365. I got through a few months the first time but here's hoping 2009 goes more smoothly. Add me and I'll add you back! I'm always looking for critiques and input, etc.
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[10 Jan 2009|01:04pm]

My name is Emerald Green. I'm 20-years-old and an American Sign Language/English Translation major from Colorado.

My regular journal is [info]mrazda.

If you add me, let me know so I can add you back!
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[05 Jan 2009|06:14pm]
post your UN here and add whoever you like. ;] no rules. just be nice.
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