July 16th, 2022



RP: The Fawley Foundation Carnival Fundraiser!

Who: Open to all
What: The Fawley Foundation Carnival Fundraiser
When: Saturday, July 16th, 2028
Where: Welford Park in Berkshire
Warnings: TBD; most probably none. [Keep an eye on Subject headings]
Completion Status: Open


The Fawley Home

Holly Shingleton
Shingleton Holdings

Casper Wood
Fawley Foundation; Communications Office

Welford Park in Berkshire

The Fawley Foundation Carnival Fundraiser opens at 8am local time, and runs until 10pm, when there will be a grand fireworks presentation to cap off the festivities. There are concessions, rides, games, face painting, a petting zoo, silent auctions... Everything to thrill the child in your heart! Welford Park has been thoroughly warded and charmed for the entire carnival process and event. All monies raised - 100% - will go to The Fawley Home, the estate that houses and raises the wards of The Fawley Foundation, 17 and under.
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