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Kim AhJoong's version of MAAAAARIAAAAA [18 Feb 2008|01:51pm]
[ music | Kim Ah-Joong - MARIAAA ]

Name: Yoon
Character name: Jang YooJoon
Character's journal: [info]greenfrog
What are they from?: ITT / I The Tri Top
How did you find us?: Meggy :B
Preferred writing style?: I do whatever the other wants~. Though I love paragraph, ...action when being a lazy ho.
Describe a little bit of your characters personality: Protective of his family, and friends. YooJoon is homely to a degree when not in the light or sights of people. Quite childish when left to his own devices for far too long, while having an over-active imagination when he has too much time on his hand, or about to go to sleep for the night for that matter.
A fear of creepy crawly things~, cockroaches to be exact~!.
Bouts of quietness, and moments of spacing out.
More often than not, smiling.
Band related, over all the controversy that plagued the band in the beginning due to his appearance, YooJoon isn't letting netizen comments and post get to him anymore. Moving on and looking towards the future, he's excited to have celebrated their 100 day not too long ago.

[IDK I HATE THESE XD -rabbles and stops now-]

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