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Fav of BB : Dirty cash... or lies, or crazy dog or last farewell ? aah... [01 Feb 2008|06:31pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Name: Hyorin
Character name: Choi Seung Hyun / Tempo / T.O.P
Character's journal: [info]topbox
What are they from?: BIG BANG
How did you find us?: Already have a muse here :D
Preferred writing style?: Paragraph. I can do action but uh... Paragraph.
Describe a little bit of your characters personality: Seunghyun way of describing himself isn't really what we could think he is. He likes to think that he is cute and shy (... Denial ?) when he is obviously everything but shy. About the cute part.... Okay, he is, but mostly against his own will, and far from the usual "cute little thing" we are used to. He likes to leads things and speaks his mind. (unfortunatly, even if he is the oldest in the band, Gdragon took the leader spot.) But he's not going to feel bad about that little thing and took the vice leader spot easily, and he don't mind saying what he think to anyone.
He speaks very well, which also gave him a work as MC for Music Core when Brian left, and as an actor in the drama "I am Sam".
Randomly: he is also very stubborn, his room is flooded by pink (*cough*Sungmin, you've found a friend *cough*), he likes fashion designing (or just dress fashion... well, the hip-hop style of the fashion), musicals and theatricals performances.

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