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New LJ Profile Page

Whether they want it or not, LJers are now stuck with a new profile layout:


User feedback is one of the most important ones

But apparently, not enough to actually listen when you get a resounding chorus of DO NOT WANT.


Wow that's ugly.
It's like someone just shit ugly on a page. YUCK. And I find the fandom_wank entry about it hilarious!
LOL, so not impressed... but that's nothing new. I love IJ. And when I WANT to be on a Facebook-looking site, I just go to Facebook anyway. XD

DO NOT WANT indeed!


Now taking bets on how soon The Squeaker will have to install more new servers...

Re: XD

my thoughts exactly
wow 78 pages of "do not want"
I'm so happy to be here and beyond that BS. Squeaky is fixin' to be inundated once again.
I was reading those last night-amazing how very few people liked it. And how LJ doesn't care at all. :(
Livejournal: Not listening to your concerns since 2007.

*Uses extra-spechul Tweak icon*
It's LJ; byt user feedback they mean, "Feedback from the users who tell us what we want to hear."

I don't hate it, but then, I barely ever look at profiles over there, so I can afford to be "do not care" rather than "do not want."


I have to say, I do in fact like it. My major problem with the old profile pages was that to see how entrenched the user was, you had to click "more info" at the bottom. Now the comment/post counts are at the top of the page in the default view.

This is actually important to me, and I think it's a change for the better.

None of the changes fit very well with the classic site-scheme, though.
Oh, but a couple thousand complaints, vs 14 MILLION journals that didn't complain... obviously, the majority approved!


I do happen to like the new profile pages, but do agree that it should be an option to switch to it and between the new and old.
I think the new user info looks okay.
I find it funny that they are referring to stacked chunks of text with hard returns between them "design" and saying how long it took.

Someone's snowed.

I'm also amused by the facebookian placement of the info no one but advertisers wants on the very top/most prominent place.

oh, no, but people don't understand what they want! what's good for them! that progress needs to be foisted upon them, not petitioned for and welcomed!
But apparently, not enough to actually listen when you get a resounding chorus of DO NOT WANT.

I stopped being surprised by that about a year ago. -_-;
Personally, I didn't much think of it when the beta profile button came into the user interface some weeks ago. I looked at what the new profile looked like and changed it back to the old design.

The new profile page is just too.... full of stuff. What annoys me the most is that it's so cramped.
I love IJ.
It's the mother of ugly. It looks as if someone put it together in fifty seconds.
Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how to check IJ's user stats (cos I don't) just so we can see how much they jump in the next month?
If anyone wants to take their LJ off the LJSeek radar, here's how to do it: http://artes.livejournal.com/270617.html

The bad part is it doesn't work on LJ usernames with an underscore in them, which unfortunately includes my old fic journal. *hates on LJ some more*
God I hate the new profile so much I made this account and one over at Inksome.

Woo new blogs!