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LJ is ending the Basic account option

From May March 12 on, it's see ads or pay up:

Basic Account is an option available to accounts which were created before March 12, 2008. No account created after this date can be turned into a Basic Account. Basic Accounts will not have any advertising displayed on their accounts, but will have fewer benefits and features.

Source: FAQ 38

ETA: fix the date in my text.

ETA 2: Jason Shellen, VP of Product Development for LiveJournal" says it was to make the registration process "easier for new users to understand" To which I say, Apparently they think their users are STUPID. The new ones for needing it "easier" and the old ones for taking that crap.

Also, Brad says no one really asked him. And he's on the LJ Advisory Board -- that was the whole point of the advisory board!

ETA 3: Another advisory board member and "thought leader", Esther Dyson, says that no one talked to her either. And that the person who emailed her can quote her on that.


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Shitstorm's a comin' -- talk about breaking the social contract!! Brad's on the board of advisors and everything.

icon for LJ and not you, hon

What I love is that people are surprised.

Re: icon for LJ and not you, hon

Exactly, since when it is news that lj treats their users like they are total morons? I really hope that after a few more screw ups everyone with half a brain decides to leave ... the idiots can stay for all I care, I don't need this how dare you to complain attitude here.
LJ just keeps sucking harder and harder.
Even Brad Fitzpatrick is PO'd. And the new blood VP guy keeps digging his hole deeper . . .
The info with sources and links is in this post at the No LJ Ads community (the post is being edited to add further info when it comes up, such as links to comments by the VP of Product Development on the issue).
LJ just keeps on traveling down the same road. -_-
There goes another vast majority of their customer base.
We all knew it was coming from the moment the sale passed through. I just wish I could compel the rest of my friends to carry on to other sites so I would never have to visit it again...
Jason Shellen, VP of Product Development for LiveJournal" says it was to make the registration process "easier for new users to understand"

Clearly I am slow as I don't understand how making someone PAY for an account makes the creation any easier.
In this comment thread the new VP of Whatever attempts to respond to user comments and claims, "It's getting brutal."

Must.... fight the... urge.... to call... him.... a pussy... for thinking... what he's seen... so far is.... brutal.
Apparently they think their users are STUPID.

They certainly think their users will put up with the shittiest customer service in the blogosphere.
Not terribly surprising. Sad though, one of the few ad-free places on the net these days is now ad-only. And those ads... I had upgraded to a plus account (waaaay before Strikethrough, when I wanted to support the site but didn't want to give them my credit card info), and they kept giving me annoying things that were never relevant and tended to be for things that I couldn't buy even if I'd wanted to.

Ah, LJ. Every time I'm starting to think, "hey, that's almost reasonable," they find another reason for me to wonder where I put my cat macros...

don't shoot me for this but...

I don't really mind the ads on LJ.

I guess I'm used to them. *ducks flying rocks* I still like IJ and other journal sites tho.

What I *do* mind is LJ not telling the userbase that the Basic account is no longer going to be used.

I do think that LJ should have at least told the users that and I don't blaime Brad for being PO'd at them.
oh hai. i iz heer from ell-jay.

sweet fancy moses, are they fucking serious? way to misunderstand your entire customer base.

hel-looooo, insanejournal! (insane journal? i'm new, help me out.)
+ Adblock extension
+ Any level LJ account
Happy reader who sees NO ads on anything I don't want to.

I installed AdBlock and I don't see the ads on 90% of the places I surf to. It's wondrous and I love it. But given the choice I will still pay for an account without ads than scam the place I use by blocking their content.
They are made of so much fail. Why don't they just come out and admit it's nothing to do with anything except ad revenue.

In any case: Firefox + Adblock + NoScript = Much love.


I say this is the beginning of the end for LJ...no wait, it's the end of the end. Because now they won't have as many accounts. There won't be as many people signing up if they have to pay. Most LJ accounts are trolls, sockpuppets, and squatters anyway. Now that people will have to pay to open new accounts, they're going to start taking great sites like IJ a lot more seriously.

Hey, how did [info]squeaky know that LJ was going to create the next great migration over here? He's been working like one of Santa's elves getting the servers and the code in shape! Tweak must have predicted it...
I called that when they introduced ads, I'm actually surprised it's taken them this long to get rid of the basic account.
Poor Jason, he's not feeling well and now he's getting flamed on LJ. LOL


Now that's what I call poetic justice!
LJ's fauxpology is quite a thing to see.