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LJ news update

Explore LJ and ...stuff.... just saw this, and I know some of you don't have every single last place friended for info. (I am not even sure where all the info is anymore).



Yeah, this has some rather serious ramifications because apparently there are communities that are already getting comments from total strangers who have no idea WTF they're about, just because they happened to see it on the Explore page. And the community maintainers haven't been given the power to opt their comms out.

Oh, and older entries are apparently being picked up and circulated in Explore, in spite of the fact that the people who wrote them might want to opt out... but haven't been around on LJ for months of years.

Jeez. The cat macros haven't started, but they undoubtedly will soon.
I found out about this from here rather than LJ. (Mainly because I hadn't scrolled down far enough, but whatever.)

Argh. Not a move I like, el-jay. I'll be logging in to all of my old accounts and opting out of THAT. Honestly, the fact they love their opt-out instead of opt-in is aggravating.
Me too. I think I'm in at least one of the comms where they announce their fancy new features, but I didn't see anything on my flist yet.

You'd think they'd have learned to go with opt-in from the reactions to other recent new features.
Nope, because this way they can opt in old accounts no one uses or checks anymore.
Thanks for the post, I hadn't seen anything about this.
According to a response from marta somewhere in the comments, the only reason old entries should be coming up is because they've been edited. Whether this is true or not (and I'm skeptical, because it's LJ) remains to be seen.

Regardless, stupid move on the part of LJ, but that's par for the course.
Well, I'm not sure I would have a personal problem with it myself. If posts are public they're there for anyone to see anyway, should the user stumble upon it. Even with the search you get whatever users have updated most recent.

However, I do have a feeling it's just an easier way for people to track down and flag "inappropriate" content, and that I do have a problem with it. Especially since you can't do anything to communities as a mod. I no longer believe LJ does things just because.
That would almost be a reason to go back to LJ for some public posts with really naughty stuff in it and wait for them to shock some random users ;)
And this makes it so much easier for SUP to catch up on Russian political rants.
My, Livejournal did it again.