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How to Archive and Repost Journal entries (windows)

What with GJ sinking fast, these instructions needed to be posted somewhere public and stable so people can have a reference on hand as they perform backups. I've also got a roundup of every tool and tutorial I could find here at my journal.

THIS IS NOT BY ME. This is the tutorial from the Official Issues Community on GJ. I asked and recieved permission to repost it elsewhere.

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]gynee at Greatestjournal on the Official Issues Community)

There are three different tutorials below:

1) Archiving/Backing up your journal entries and comments to your computer.
2) Exporting your journal entries and entering them to your new journal site.
3) A link to the tutorial for migrating communities.

[info]cdenise asked me (gynee) if I would like to post how to archive and input your information into another LiveJournal based site.

The information I used was originally posted by [info]sherlock in this entry: http://www.greatestjournal.com/users/karma_apple/28440.html
and requested by [info]sherlock:

It may also be useful to link people to the Community Migration Tutorials as well:

How to archive/backup your journal entries and comments only:
1) LJ Archive

http://download.yousendit.com/48A1BEA80C37E82D (This is the link that I used that was the simplest to download and open)
Lets you download all of your shit. Straight forward. (I uploaded in case the first doesn't work)

Step 1:

Open up the program. From the beginning it will give you the option to save your file where ever you want and name it what you will. All you have to do is click on the yellow folder name it and place it where you intend to keep it, then click next.

Step 2:

You will need to enter your login name for your journal and your password. Then you will need to click the box next to alternate server and enter the address for greatestjournal exactly as it is shown here then click next.

Step 3:

Step 4:

This is the screen you will see next. Notice down at the bottom that it shows how many it is downloading. These include your comments as well.

Step 5:

Once it is through downloading and archiving, this is the screen you will see. Your journal entries and comments are saved on your computer. Now you are done with archiving your journal! Pat yourself on the back!

How to move your journal entries to another journal only:
2) LJ Sec
Lets you download all of your shit and move it elsewhere. Instructions below.

LJ-sec will not let you move comments. No program will [Not entirely true. You can't move comments to another LJ-clone site, but Wordpress CAN import comments. Any custom security settings will be borked, though]. It won't move polls

Step 1:

You will need to click on "configure manager" because none of your journal information will be present after download.

Step 2:

Check the server URL. Make sure it reads exactly like it shows on the following picture. Then you will need to enter in your journal user name and password. Click on close.

Step 3:

Before you click login, your username and password should be present and your screen should look like this but with your user information in the boxes. If your information is correct, click login.

Step 4:

After you get logged in successfully, you will see this screen. It will take a few minutes depending on your net speed but it will show in the blue line that it is downloading your entries.

Step 5:

Once all your entries are completely downloaded it will now look like this and you will need to "select all" or the ones that you want reposted in your new journal. (You can manually select the ones you want posted as well.)

Step 6:

Now you select "repost selected entries to another journal"

Step 7:
Next you will enter in the information for you NEW journal where you want your posts to be placed. You enter in your user name, your password and you will have to make sure the URL is changed to be the new journal site you want to post these entries in. Once you have all that in place you click "begin reposting".

Step 8:
Before it processes your request, it will ask to make sure you are wanting to repost these entries in another journal.

Step 9:
Once you have selected yes, it will start reposting your entries. Your page will display how many entries are being reposted and the number it has posted until through.

I have checked to make sure these programs still work on GJ tonight before I submitted this information. As long as your enter your user names, passwords and URL's correctly, I don't foresee a problem.


LJ-sec/LJ-migrate tutorials have been on my journal for a while. Not to be self-important, but it just seems like it would be easier if people linked to those instead of using my tutorials to make new tutorials that are almost precisely the same >.>
Well, brown-betty made the first tutorial on LJ, but yours is better with the graphic explanation.
That's the only reason I made the graphic version, honestly. I'm too retarded to follow written directions so I figured other people might be.
/o\ I'm sorry!

I thought because it was posted in an official GJ comm, this was the one we were all supposed to use? If it weirds you out I can just bahleet it, though.
No, dude, don't even sweat it. I just found it weird there (because cdenise had posted links to my tutorials a few weeks prior in issues @ GJ) and then weird again here. I wasn't trying to yell at you or anything, I'm just kind of like 'why?' to the original OP
Dude, just link to [info]sherlock. Who gets off on tutorial fame??? Plz seek help.
The OP is reposting what was in the issues comm @ GJ... regardless that's kind of unnecessarily hostile, dude :\
One minor point correction: WordPress will import comments, using the commenter's LJ username as the comment's author. (It won't link to the commenter's LJ, though)

Still, as the tutorial pointed out, security settings won't import, so I don't recommend exporting to WP unless your LJ is exclusively public.
I didn't write the tutorial, but I don't think the OP will mind if I add that info in. *goes to edit*