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GJ is back up


specifically - http://www.greatestjournal.com/community/news/100625.html

Main DB died :( [Jan. 13th, 2008|04:11 pm]

There was a complete hard drive failure today in the main DB server - site now running on backup DB.

as mentioned earlier:
We recommend http://InsaneJournal.com with brand new servers and highly motivated admin and mods.

You can alwas export current Journals and Comments here:


Of course, you click "120 comments" and POOF, the DB is not available there.

Honestly, i am rather surprised they fixed it.


And again they sing the virtues of system.

Then when the shit doesn't work, they will start with the "I hate you" posts.
I think a good amount of the users there are Bipolar. They have to be.
They're RP gamers, which in many cases is the same thing.
You mean he's got virtues? That's a new one on me!
It's frustrating to know that they're just trying to fool themselves. GJ is really, honestly, not going to get better. *sighs*
Today was probably the worst I've seen it.
Those people really, really amaze me. At least most of them were thanking him for the chance to back their shit up so they can leave.
You used System and Virtue in the same sentence.

You are my literary hero ;-)

There are plenty "just shut it down" but there is this one chick going one about just KNOWING GJ will come back, just for her. Okay, so I stretched that a bit, but you know what I mean. Because there was one mistake made in the delete journals here, she is Scared to come over. *rolls eyes*

Personally, I wish he'd just overlay a working copy of the code, and keep some of the kids. But Sqeaky is made of WIN, so he is welcomeing even the goofy ones.
I wanted to repost a funny comment but I get this now:

Sorry, database temporarily unavailable.
I look at the GJ commenters over there, and all I can think of is this sketch:

Homer: It's just a little dirty! It's still good, it's still good!
It's just a little wet! It's still good, it's still good!
It's just a little airborne! It's still good it's still-
Bart: It's gone.
Homer: I know.
I'm not sure exactly why I do, but I freakin' hate GJ. I hope after everyone has a chance to back their GJ journals up that it completely implodes. I hit this comment (database for comments is back, apparently) and almost spit out my iced tea:

"You need to be a motivated mod. Don't you see we love GJ and don't want fucking IJ? Please don't do this again.. Please. Gj is home."


I cannot freaking believe anyone wrote that. GJ just needs to DIE.

And what exactly is so "fucking" about IJ? I know 700,000 users who are taking it up the ass on a daily basis thanks to sweet "system" but that sure as hell isn't happening here!

Which journaling site does all this happen on, please tell me?

- User icons cut from 1,000 to 100 to 10 to 5.
- Site advertised as a free photo host; cannot even upload images to it anymore.
- Journals and comments deleted all over the place; site admin says don't put in support tickets.
- Money donated to switch usernames and build site out; most donaters never get new names and site goes to pieces instead of getting better. No one can figure out what happened to the money to this day.
- Oldest, most broken out-of-date code and default layouts of any Danga-powered site out there, ads all over everything because system refuses to take money from users and still believes he can make a dime off Google Adsense and the like, proving he is clearly delusional.
- A TOS that like LJ's allows you to get booted/journal deleted/permabanned for almost anything.

It's not happening on IJ! But "oh that fucking IJ - we don't want that!"

Did I mention GJ's users are clearly delusional too? Fuck GreatestJournal and the horse that system rode in on.

I think some people are being unreasonable with their reasons for not wanting IJ in particular, but, to be fair, GJ was home to a good many people for a few years now. I made some of the best friends I have on that site. I held on for a few months hoping it would get better, but eventually moved. I really like IJ, and I don't think it is very nice to insult it when those who are doing it (well some) haven't even tried it.

Still, I can't say I want GJ to just crash and burn. My stuff is backed up, yes, and I don't post there anymore, but it is still a memory I'd like to keep. We're not all delusional. We just hate seeing a place we loved go down in flames. I understand you're upset with those who keep claiming IJ can never be a good 'replacement' but please remember a bunch of us who are here and happy still have fond memories of GJ (not of system, of the site).
Well, I didn't mean they're all delusional but I guess I should've spelled that out.

I came here from LJ and the difference is just like night and day. People on LJ were unfriendly, rude, snarky, cliquey, trollish, stalkers, troublemakers, immature, meddling, harsh, rash, stupid, and that's just the short list of the mob's overwhelming qualities. I was there for two years and one week and for two years and one week I hated it. I don't know why I stayed. The people on IJ are pretty awesome so far; that's one thing that's helped me to like it here.

GJ seems to have LJ's bad attitude spread amongst most of its users. I read the comments to the last two news posts on GJ; so many people there are so snarky and trollish, just like on LJ, but unlike on LJ where many trolls and insults are simply ignored, on GJ they get into a lot of childish fights with each other, get nasty, lose their tempers, and it all gets so ugly so fast. I dislike it intensely.

When they insult IJ because it has a color-scheme they don't like I just shake my head. Others complain that on IJ you can't change your journal style without a paid account; that's totally and completely untrue. You just can't edit the theme layer without paying - that's no different than how LJ works! We have so many features even for free users that GJ users no longer have, I wonder what part of the deal here they don't understand. I wonder why they are so harsh.

Another thing that impressed me about IJ is the news page, which as you probably know you can read right from the login page. Judging by the News page, [info]squeaky is always on top of things, he always lets users know what's going on right away, he always gives an ETA for when issues will get fixed and he always updates once issues are taken care of. That's mad impressive considering I was in the class of 60,000-70,000 users when I joined, and is even more impressive now that the site is already over 130,000 users in little over one month.

Not only that, he's responsive, which is a rare quality, and very hard to find in most site admins/owners. He really cares and even replies to everyone who thanks him for doing a good job. He probably takes a lot of time just to keep up with those comments in News, posting repsonses and answering people's questions. And he answers questions! All the time. Every time. Now compare that to system. Enough said.

He even listens to suggestions in comments in his own journal, in News and probably in other communities as well. For instance, the other day I suggested there should be a press area on IJ; [info]squeaky created [info]press just a few minutes later. Now that's a site admin who knows how to listen and knows how to respond.

I know I sound terribly harsh on system at times, but there is a world of difference between him and a good site admin, and anyone who can't see that is just pain blind. Sorry.

I love this site, no doubt. The site scheme is supposed to change soon, and even if it doesn't, it doesn't bother me. I'm here to write and hang out, not worry about what color the pages are. I couldn't care less. But I'll never trust any blogging site again after the way LJ went the "broken-promise-about-no-ads/broken-promise-about-no-censorship/bannation/sellout-to-Russians" route, and I don't make any secret of my flightiness or distrust anymore. It's not IJ's or anyone's fault, I just can't do it.
I agree with everything you said, but like I said to someone else if someone is so superficial as to choose another less reliable site over this one, I'd rather they do that. But every site has their trolls unfortunately. GJ used to be a good place to be, but now it has gone down the drain.

Squeaky even has a Twitter account to give site updates if the servers are under maintenance.
That's how I feel about GJ and LJ.
User icons cut from 1,000 to 100 to 10 to 5.

It was originally 2000, way back when I first got a journal there.

It amazes me that anyone is surprised by the site going down, because I actually called it back it May and I was only an occasional user.

How could people who were there every week not notice?
Just a word of warning, [info]naa is on here and posting comments in [info]announcements