[info]sherlock in [info]07refugees

Logging in no longer works for GJ. It might be a server glitch, but part of me wonders if system didn't just say 'fuckit' and turn it off altogether. Maybe that's what he meant by ASIS.

(Details: you can log in but if you refresh you're logged out)

eta I tried posting a comment to the news post (by inputing my un/pw right before hitting post) and got errors galore. Now it's showing my comments sans text. (http://www.greatestjournal.com/community/news/100462.html?page=29#comments)


Its not rediculous......its ricockulous. I thought system said that they would not be doing anything with support tickets anyway.

Man, I came from LJ, not GJ. I think I got off easy. LJ migrate worked for me and I was done. Only disadvantage is that it makes all your LJ tags into IJ tags which I didnt even consider turning that option off for until it was too late.

I'm glad I went through my journal a month ago, deleted everything and then moved here. I didn't really use the journal on GJ, mostly involved in the support work.

But I feel better updating my journal on here. I'm slowly feeling uncomfortable with LJ now. :(