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Logging in no longer works for GJ. It might be a server glitch, but part of me wonders if system didn't just say 'fuckit' and turn it off altogether. Maybe that's what he meant by ASIS.

(Details: you can log in but if you refresh you're logged out)

eta I tried posting a comment to the news post (by inputing my un/pw right before hitting post) and got errors galore. Now it's showing my comments sans text. (http://www.greatestjournal.com/community/news/100462.html?page=29#comments)


Actually I notice alot of things that are blank. On the front page, no featured journal icons show. I went into that really long trainwreck of a news entry and the last page of stuff all showed blank comments. Not sure if the two are related
Well the front one is definitely related - since people can't login, they can't update.
You can log in and update , or at least I can, using Semagic.
Just tested it.
Hmm. I wonder why the updates aren't showing on the front page.
Maybe he shut that part down?
What did that news entry say? I have pretty much stayed away from GJ ever since system was like "Peace out, bitches." and when I try to go to the link I just get the error message mentioned in another post.
Yup. They are working on something for sure, or is that "not working" on something.
I'm actually shocked that the site was back up today, but of course whenever i try to click on anything it says "Database not available."
Did the news entry you were talking about get deleted? I only saw the one about how system was giving up on everything, and then the one posted either today or yesterday about a server crash.
All the blank comments were deleted (by, I assume, System, since he has no admin anymore)