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LJ Automatically Removes Videos Marked "Explicit Adult Content"

I am not sure if this issue was discussed here before, you are welcome to delete this post if it was.

I am on IJ now (going permanent soon)  but keep a basic LJ account to keep in touch with friends. Today I decided to post imbedded video in one of my entries. That video was a joke and had some naked Barbie Dolls having sex as explicit content *cough, cough*. OK, I know that I am immature! 

My journal is set to Adult Concepts because, frankly, I don't see why anyone under 14 would want to read my entries nor would I want them to. But I digress. I posted that "Barbie Porn" video in a f-locked post. And then I decided to use "Explicit Adult Content" setting for the first time. Just being a responsible adult and censoring my own entry.

LJ automatically removed a video in the entry marked "Explicit Adult Content"!!!
All I had left on my Recent Entries page was written staff.
So, I deleted the entry altogether.

Perhaps everybody already knows about this, but to me it was a total shock. My entry was never public, going from "private" to "friendslocked". But video content got removed as soon as marked "Explicit". And it's quite possible that the fact of auto-removal of "adult" video from my journal is tallied somewhere in my account stats. 

The very first use of Explicit self-censoring was a huge disappointment and I am not inclined to repeat this experience.
I used to think that it was a useful tool, a convenience, but the way it's implemented - no.


Since it worked when you redid the whole thing, I think it's just busted code on LJ. Last week, I crossposted on my IJ and LJ. I realized after posting that the code was broken, I went to fix it, and on LJ, the whole link disappeared. I messed around a bit, still gone. Had to make sure it worked on IJ first, then copy/pasted the whole bit on my LJ, after deleting the whole stupid thing.

I assume it was something along those lines, rather than LJ and the Adult stuff. Just some bad code. Not that you haven't got reason to be paranoid about LJ, but sometimes it's just something simple.

I don't embed video - I actually have the View videos and pictures shut off, as I am on dial up - so can't try it again. I'd just suggest not editing an LJ post until they fix it.

You are right, it was busted code.
(see wyldraven's comments ^)