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A plea for asylums...

I have a plea to the new members of InsaneJournal (since wow, this community is over 1200 watchers now...)

If you're thinking about creating an asylum here for a topic of your interests, please check to see if one is available first. As pointed out in this totally awesome newbie tutorial by [info]das_dingsi, even though we've had a flood of new members coming over here we are still far, far, FAR below the population of LiveJournal or even GreatestJournal. To have so many communities dedicated to the same topics is going to cause fandoms and interest groups to be spread out very thin if there's 5 general asylums dedicated to one TV show, or interest group of people.

And if you do create an asylum? Fill out the interest lists as soon as you possibly can, and remember to include the name of your asylum on the interest list. Otherwise no one will be able to find you, even if you promote it on [info]asylum_promo.

And lastly, if you're looking for a specific fandom, [info]fandomdirectory is there and it is *awesome*. Don't forget to submit your newly created fandom asylums to it, and if you find an asylum that isn't there but you aren't the maintainer, you do NOT have to be the maintainer to submit it to be included. Anyone can do so.


Thank you. I've wanted to slap a few people down this past week for the sheer ridiculousness going on with asylum creations. I've wanted to create a particular asylum for a while, but there's already a rather dead looking community around and I'm waiting it out.
It needs to be said frequently and in many places. Just spread the word :P

Contact the mod and ask if you can take it over? Or at least co-mod? I've done that once or twice.
I contacted the mod through their gmail but I received no response. They took the perfect community name for it too. I could post on their community and help build it up but if nobody's moderating, there's no point. I'll probably start it this weekend...if 20 refugees don't make 30 duplicates before then.
Yeah. No point unless there's an active mod. I created [info]buzzwire accidentally because I didn't know [info]moonlight_cbs already existed (the maintainer hadn't put "moonlight" in their community interests, so fail right there), so at the very least I'm going to try to structure it a bit differently if I can.

Yeeeeeeeah... if you tried already, maybe you could just acknowledge the other community's existence and give the new one some sort of distinct structure? (not knowing what the comm is I couldn't suggest something, but you might know what I mean.)
I'm trying to see if we have some kind of "fuck you" type ranting asylum yet... closest I can find so far is [info]unleashed_fury. The maintainer isn't exactly... active, and there's only 5 members, so, I'm not sure.
I used to have daydreams about owning my own insane asylum/club in L.A. I would have clientele like Russel Crowe and for thousands of dollars, he'd rent out a soundproof, padded cell. 20 years later, I'd write my memoirs. *rubs hands together*
If you had security cameras in the rooms, the footage could be worth millions.

:o Why do I not have you friended? You are high class.
I have footage of Oprah trying to eat her way through the padding. Loves her personal trainer, as if.

Me? High class? *looks over her shoulder* Me?
Ahh, well in the case of that (where it's not specific to a fandom or group of people) it doesn't really matter as much if activity is focused in a specific area... idk. If you don't get a response, I'd just go and make a new one :/
Ahh, whoops! I thought that previous comment was directed at [info]alchemy...