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Open ID and friends locked posts

I was hoping someone here could help with a problem.

I understood, perhaps wrongly, that someone on LiveJournal could friend an InsaneJournal user's open ID and then, if the IJ user subscribed to the LJ user's feed, she would see friends-locked posts on her IJ friends page.

However, [info]happier_bunny logged into LJ with http://happier_bunny.insanejournal.com as her OpenID identity, and made a comment on a post on my LJ. Then she subscribed to a feed of my LJ, but cannot see my friends locked posts, even though I friended her open ID.

Did we do this wrong?

Should we have used http://happier-bunny.insanejournal.com instead, for instance? Or did we just get the whole process wrong?

Thank you.


Doesn't work quite like that :)

Her OpenID id can friend you on LJ, and she'll get a friendspage with your posts, open and flocked. But there's no way you can see flocked posts on a LJ/IJ feed.

Another way to see flocked posts is to use an external reader like Sage or Bloglines, and add her username and password at the end of the URL of the feed. I can't remember the syntax used and I'm too tired to search, but you should be able to find it in the LJ/IJ faqs :)
Actually you can see flocked posts on a feed but the username and password has to be part of the address.

Thanks, I asked a clarification question on that post... hopefully we can get it figured out!
Yes, but you would be 1. broadcasting your password for *everyone* to see, 2. making floked posts public.

Let me tell you, should I find out that someone had done that with my journal, I'd ream them a new asshole, and then would go to Support to get that feed closed as fast as possible.
I know that people have done it though presumably they're not announcing the setup for others to subscribe to. Which I'd also assume means it would add to the load at IJ or LJ because since the address would vary for each person the site would be setting up multiple feeds to the same journal. So yes, possible but not advisable.
Thanks! I think between what you said and what the next person said, we've got it figured out. :)