[info]soleta_nf wrote
on August 19th, 2007 at 03:16 pm

The LiveJournal Conflicts Archive

The LiveJournal Conflict Archive is a LiveJournal community [info]sailorcelestial and I created for the purpose of gathering in one place all those links and pieces of information we've seen floating around out there. We want to have an archive to act as a single, cohesive and comprehensive resource where users can have this information at their fingertips. Personally, I've been running an ongoing series of posts covering the current issue, but I wasted time searching for links to reference what I was talking about. The LiveJournal Conflict Archive will hopefully remedy that problem, not just for me but for everyone needing information for coverage purposes or for essays.

We want information on Strikethrough and Boldthrough, of course, but also on past controversies that have occurred in the LiveJournal community, such as the controversy concerning default user pics depicting breastfeeding and the ongoing controversy over advertising on LiveJournal.

[info]sailorcelestial and I have done our best to make certain the Archive will remain objective information, free from bias. While the information linked in the Archive may show bias itself, anyone posting to the Archive must refrain from using any biased/subjective language.

By posting this information here, we are inviting everyone with links to information to come join and help us build the Archive into the comprehensive resource everyone needs. Already, we have a timeline of events and a listing of communities dedicated in one way or another to the issues at hand. One person can only gather so much, however. We need to come together as the Live(and Insane!)Journal community to offer our knowledge, and in it, seek the larger truth.

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