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Navigation strip

For all displaced LJ users who might just miss the handy navigation strip at the top of the journals and not remember where to find it -- http://www.insanejournal.com/manage/settings 

There you'll also find a number of intriguing viewing schemes -- I picked Insanime, and it cracks me up in the best way! Don't know if I'll keep it (things are a little scrunched on the page), but for now, it amuses me no end.  ^___^

It's the little things that really make a house a home, and I have to admit, I was missing the navigation strip pretty badly. I think it was probably the only thing LJ had gotten right in a very long time...


I am very happy to have a nav bar again.

I am annoyed there are no dark-text-on-light-background layouts with vertical links. Blah. I picked Brown, as the least harsh on my eyes. I hate the dropdowns because I can't right-click and open in new tabs in Firefox. (Also 'cos I have dialup internet at home, and dropdowns suck on dialup.)

I'm considering whether to deal with Lynx. On LJ, I use Dystopia.