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My Plans

Because a lot of people are discussing their plans with this whole deal, I've decided to put in my two cents over the matter.

Insanejournal appeals to me. Immensely. Almost more than GreatestJournal, but at the moment they're at about the same level.

As soon as NDK (the local con) is over, I will be saving money for my new laptop. The instant- The INSTANT I purchase that new computer, my next paycheck will be put toward a permanent account on Insanejournal.

This may take several months, but it is a realistic goal with priorities as they are. Until then, I will promote Insanejournal as much as possible. I will keep my journal both here and on Greatestjournal. And I will help get fandom grounded in both sites, so we can stay together even through the transitions that are occurring right now.

So let's all be friends with our fandoms. Let's go and bond together, and have a reason to stay on this site. Build your loyalties here, and never let Livejournal isolate us again.


well said.