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    Monday, August 13th, 2007
    9:55 pm
    ADMIN: Braaaaaiiinnsss, er, Rules
    You like zombie movies. You like slash. You see the homoerotic subtext of zombie films. You read/write slash about them.

    This is the place for you.

    Postings can include male/male or female/female fic, living/dead, dead/dead or living/living, as long as it is based off a zombie film or is a story AU involving zombies. Vampires don't count. The Undertaker doesn't count. Wank about 28 Days Later doesn't count. Jury's still out on whether Arisen!Jesus counts. OMGZombie!Jesus/Judas OTP11111111!!!!

    Please use headers on your fic, fanart, and fanvid postings, even if you're just posting a link to a story or something. Usually a title (if you have one), author, fandom ('cause there are a LOT of fandoms), warnings (if there are any) and pairing can suffice, but you can add in your email address, website, authors notes, and file size (for images and video) if you want. We'd also appreciate it if you'd tell us if it's living/living, dead/dead, living/dead, zombie movie or AU. We don't know everything.

    Please place large images, artwork, and fic behind an lj-cut tag, with the headers outside of the cut-tag, as though you're luring unsuspecting pray into your garden of evil.

    Recs are welcome. We're always looking for the elusive Shaun of the Dead fic. You know, the good ones.

    Fics and recs will be added to the memories.

    Questions and brains can be sent to
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