October 31st, 2019



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November in Zion.
Location: Desert ½ hour outside Tucson, AZ. (Next Month location: New Mexico!)
Show schedule: Night shows - Friday, Saturday.
“Sunday School” Shows (Shows during the day meant for kids) - Tuesday, Wednesday

Special days:
Thanksgiving - Special meal and celebration @ cookhouse
Black out Days (No show) - Friday 11/1, Arrival, set up. Saturday 11/30, teardown.
Promotion - Saturday 11/2, Small group goes into town to promote the carnival’s arrival before the show.
Stock Days - Saturday 11/2, Every Monday, Small group of Roustabouts go into town to get supplies. (Any ‘orders’ should be placed by Sunday night)
Mass - Every Sunday, Reverend Conrad holds a small service
Birthdays - Wednesday 11/20, Professor Blackstone
Moon - Tuesday 11/12, Full moon, Tuesday 11/26, New Moon (Effects start at nightfall, end at sun up)
(If you have any special days we missed please comment. Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc?)

Plots: Just getting to know our characters!

Important world happenings:
Prohibition - It’s on the horizon, news of it’s passing into law on 10/29 spreads. Will go into effect 1/17. Stock up on your booze now.
November 9th - First Animated cartoon showing at the cinema
In the headlines - Coal Strike and the Palmer Raids. The red scare is real and as a result on immigration regulations approved in 1918 going into effect, repercussions are felt as Coal Miners strike a the first of the month and on 11/7 over 10,000 communists and anarchists are arrested in 23 cities (not Tucson).