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Knowing the Song I Will Sing Till The Darkness Comes to Sleep [10 Apr 2009|05:22pm]

[ music | .hack//SIGN- "Aura" ]

Who: L and Der Tod
When: Friday, April 10
Where: The Happy Bookworm
What: The Metatron meets Death! It'll be the second time. ;)
Rating/Warnings: PG to start. :)Will be upped if necessary.

Come to me, I will tell 'bout the secret of the sun. It's in you, not in me, but it does not mean a thing to you. )

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Don't Be Afraid to Be Weak, Don't Be Too Proud To Be Strong [09 Apr 2009|09:13pm]

[ music | Enigma- "Return to Innocence ]

Who: Beatrix and Imari (Open, possibly to bartender?)
When: Wednesday, April 1, Evening.
Where: No Worries Bar and Grill
What: Drinks and bonding between a pair of Hell's ladies.
Rating/Warnings: PG to start. :)Will be upped if necessary.

Just look into your heart, my friend, that'll be the return to yourself, the return to innocence )

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It's Time, To Show All You People You Will Never Survive [01 Apr 2009|05:54pm]

[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | Scars on Broadway- "Whoring Streets" ]

Who: Rorschach and (Open)
When: Wednesday, April 1
Where: Sweets For The Sweet (Candy Store)
What: Rorschach's shift. Be afraid.
Rating/Warnings: PG to start. :)

Whoring down your whoring streets, killing you while you're killing me )

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[27 Mar 2009|10:55am]

Who: Evey Hammond and Todd Engel
When: friday afternoon
Where: Todd's place
What: After talking through the journals they meet in person
Rating/Warnings: no se...TBD I guess

Evey had never worked anywhere besides at the station. She had also never seen real products before. Butter and Eggs were such a rare thing to have it surprised her when the Italian Restruant she worked at had such things. She could had stayed there and watched the cooks with awe all night; but she had promised Todd that she would go and see him. He seemed like an interesting person. He certainly had many stories to tell of other countries. Evey couldn't wait to hear what he had to say.

It took her a little while to figure out where he lived but she soon made it there when she said she would; and knocked on the door she had hoped was his.
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[20 Mar 2009|12:07am]

Who: Dean Winchester, OPEN to anyone.
When: Thursday Afternoon
Where: No worries bar and grill
What: Bitching about his situation,worrying about his brother,whatever comes up.
Rating/Warnings: I;d say a light R for cursing.

We hunt monsters,I Mean,what the hell?! )
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To See Beyond The Forest Edge [19 Mar 2009|04:48pm]

Who: Pirogoeth, OPEN to anyone.
When: Thursday morning.
Where: The edge of Our Town.
What: Pirogoeth, not trusting the town, plans to escape, while she still can't really move that well.
Rating/Warnings: None at the moment? Pirogoeth might mention burning people depending.

With broken body, the spirit not far behind, how long can I go on? )
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There's A Devil Waiting Outside Your Door... (How Much Longer?) [18 Mar 2009|08:14pm]

[ music | Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- "Loverman" ]

Who: L and Imari
When: Thursday, March 19
Where: Imari's Garden of Earthly Delights
What: L loses his virginity. He'll sorely regret it later on.
Rating/Warnings: Strong R, for sexuality and drug use.

L is for LOVE, baby )

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Go Rake the Leaves Off Your Grass and My Grave (Finished Thread) [18 Mar 2009|06:17pm]

[ music | Billy Talent- "Voices of Violence" ]

Who: L, Light, and Seto Kaiba (finished)
When: Today (L and Light's first day working at The Happy Bookworm
Where: The Happy Bookworm
What: Kaiba reminds L of Light. He'll find out why pretty soon.
Rating/Warnings: PG-ish? No warnings as of yet.

Unleash the skeletons from the closet/These strangers are friends that you've never met )

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[07 Mar 2009|11:56pm]

Never having felt a sanguine feeling such as this, Lucifer softly trotted over to the cafe. This terse meeting was purely innocuous. No one would get hurt, except maybe the few random tourists who might ask why the waiter was asking if they wanted chips or not when all they wanted was some french fries. He might have to hurt them. The world would do better without them anyway.

It was then that his eyes set upon the one he was meeting. He felt a medley of emotions run through him, but a smirk still ended up lining his face. He checked his suit and slicked back his practically platinum blonde hair before sitting down at the small table. "Hello, what name are You in the mood for today?" Lucifer asked Him, watching as a waiter brought out some wine for the two and then rushed back inside.
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