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Ame's Insanity
User: [info]amejisuto
Date: 2020-07-04 08:37
Subject: Happy Fourth of July!
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Mood:sleepy sleepy

For you Americans, happy 4th!

For everyone, happy full moon!

I think that covers everyone. LOL.

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Ame's Insanity
User: [info]amejisuto
Date: 2020-06-23 20:36
Subject: So I'm trying to get better...
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Mood:blah blah

I called yesterday and got some doctor's appointments. I'm seeing my psychologist so I can get my medicines adjusted tomorrow. Or my psychiatrist. I can never remember which one it is that does meds. I had a call early this morning to do verbal counseling over the phone. It was just an intake call, I won't start for two weeks but it made me nervous all the same.

Not as nervous as I could be though, which is strange. I think the blahs are overtaking my nerves even. Which is odd since I am used to a certain amount of panic, especially when I go out.

But yeah, I'm taking some steps to make myself better. Wish me luck tomorrow at the doctor.

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