September 2008



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Jul. 22nd, 2008


claim, yo.

muses name: Kim Youngwoon ; Kangin
muses band/solo: Super Junior

muses age: 23
muses occupation: Daycare Center worker, DJ at a nightclub (on the weekends)
muses aim sn: appa kangin
muses journal: raccoonboy


muses name: Ohkura Tadayoshi
muses band/solo: Kanjani8

muses age: 20
muses occupation: Bartender and waiter
muses aim sn: kansaiprince
muses journal: [info]kansaiprince

bio: Ohkura has returned to Japan after moving to Korea to study at an experimental highschool where he'd hoped to gain a higher level of education. Instead he gained a boyfriend and a few months of headaches and fights with idiots. Having returned home with his boyfriend Tegoshi he found his parents didn't approve of him dating a guy so they chose to run away to Tokyo where he got a job in a bar to pay for their apartment. He now hopes to settle into a new more calmer life where he can love his guy in peace.



muses name: Kim Heechul + various amounts of nicknames
muses band/solo: Super Junior

muses age: 25
muses occupation: Model and aspiring actor
muses aim sn: gimme moah
muses journal: [info]heerobbong

yeah yeah, let's get going )

Jul. 21st, 2008


claim ^o^!

muses name: tegoshi yuya
muses band/solo: news

muses age: 18
muses occupation: singer for a bar.
muses aim sn: imthebesttego
muses journal: [info]ayuy 

[[ I do believe that Ohkura-mun will be here shortly~ And I hope that their history is okay with the mods of the comm, don't want to break any rules or anything ^^; ]]


:DDDD Claim!

muses name: Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi)
muses band/solo: NEWS

muses age: 24
muses occupation: Doctor in training :D
muses aim sn: Code Blue Pi0409
muses journal: (will create once accepted, most likely will be code_blue cuz I'm lame XP)

rest here )

Jul. 20th, 2008



muses name: yokoyama yu
muses band/solo: kanjani8

muses age: 18
muses occupation: part time construction worker, studying pre-med
muses aim sn: yokoooooooo
muses journal:


Jul. 19th, 2008


CLAIM. Nishikido Ryo.

muses name: Nishikido Ryo
muses band/solo: Kanjani8 / NEWS

muses age: 22
muses occupation: social worker
muses aim sn: ryo says rawr
muses journal: [info]dokkunsan

bio: About Nishikido Ryo )


Helloooo World!

muses name: 이효리 - Lee Hyori
muses band/solo: Solo

muses age: 23
muses occupation: Bartender/ Aspiring Model
muses aim sn: moonlightaddictx
muses journal: [info]moonlightaddict

bio: Can't fight it... )



claimslist here )

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