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    Monday, March 5th, 2018
    My sister was here for a visit with one of her children, which she does, every so often. This time it was a niece.

    We wandered around doing touristy things - we went to the British Museum , and to Madame Tussaud's, and to the London Eye -
    and to clothing shops(niece's preference) and to stationery shops(my sister's preference)

    And they were brave in the cold and snow. My niece was fascinated by the snow - she went and touched the snow where it was piled up white - and then she complained of her hands being cold. (I told this to the beloved, who replied: "I can see the family resemblance"). My Sister had a warm winter coat, and a hat. Niece had a hat and a scarf and a coat, and on the second day here she was bought a pair of boots and a pair of gloves.


    My sister likes fountain pens and she has started collecting them a few years ago. So some of the stationery shops we went to, she chose specifically for their specialisation in fountain-pens and ink.
    At one shop she bought an extra of a pen she already had, and bought me a pen as a present. And some ink.
    At her last night, just before packing, she gave me the extra pen she had. After she'd filled it with sparkly ink, too.


    Today I found a fountain-pen I had lost at home. It's a Kaweco sport, so it just looks like a short-ish plastic tube - black, in this case. And I could not think where to find it. It had been tidied away into the cutlery drawer, and was among the teaspoons and tea-strainers.

    So now I have two new pens and one almost-new.
    (And two older fountain pens and two single-use pilot v fountain pens. Though there are videos on youtube on how to re-fill the single use pens.)

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