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    Thursday, November 16th, 2017
    On Tuesday, (14th) my laptop came back from repair. I have a service contract thing that was bought with the laptop. So when I spilled soup on it by accident just before Halloween, they sent someone to pick it up, shipped it to their repair centre, and a scant couple of weeks later, here it is:

    They found faults and replaced:
    AC adapter, display, extension board, cable, mother board, keyboard, palm rest, extension board, battery. It looks new. It mostly is new.
    It had Windows on it.
    Now it is getting Ubuntu installed on it and a restore-from-backup.
    I don't want to touch it. It's so clean and un-oily and no crumbs on it and it is so shiny and new.
    (this I am typing on the beloved's work laptop. Which is at home because beloved is on holiday)


    On Monday, (13th November) I went out with the beloved to see Thor: Ragnarok in our local cinema. We have a local cinema, now. It's been there for, two or three years? It's still new to me. It is close to to where we live! The old local cinema was closed for so many years.

    Thor: Ragnarok was very enjoyable. I am glad I went to see it. I managed to stay awake during all the fights! Usually the fights are where I fall asleep at movies. They don't have to be boring, they just often are.
    I had a special fondness for Korg.

    We stayed after the film and watched the mid-credits scene, and read some of the credits and cheered for the sysadmins, and watched the post-credits scene.


    On Saturday, (4th November) I went out for Derek's birthday drinks and got there late.
    He gave me my Christmas present, a bottle of Claree. To be opened in December.
    I bought him some gin.
    There were more trans men in one place than I'd knowingly encountered before, I think. It was inspiring and hopeful (and a bit hard for me. I felt small emotional wobbles. I just tried to get through them and not load them on anyone else).

    After the drinking, I went on to Duckie with [personal profile] apiphile and with Fiona and Rory. found space to dance and it was fun. It was crowded and overheated, as usual :)
    Sometime after one [personal profile] morwen showed up, we said hello to her and grabbed her bag, and then she came in and danced with us.


    On Friday, I met Derek out in Central London because he asked online for someone to buy him a coffee. I thought I'd be an arsehole and said 'Covent Garden' when he asked me to name a tube station, but joke's on me, as he's actually so fit now he just went up the stairs easily, and I arrived later and did all the waiting-for-the-lift (though it wasn't that bad).
    He chose a place that does monster milkshakes so I got one,
    It was caramel and it came with whipped cream and a doughnut and marshmallows on sticks.

    Then we wondered around Covent Garden, I was ambushed by some shops, At Paperechase I bought a notebook and a Pilot V-pen (which has a nib! like a fountain pen! But it's not re-fillable, as far as I know).
    Also tasted tea at tea-shops, wondered at the chocolate shops (some of which may be included on Derek's hot-chocolate tour), and so on. I bought some sealing-wax for the beloved's birthday.
    There was a sweet-shop which does prosecco-flavour and rosĂȘ wine flavour gummy seets, and some were acquired for the birthday boy.


    It's been November, so I am doing the read-and-provide-feedback for [personal profile] apiphile's nano, he sends it out a chapter a day to friends who volunteered.

    In previous years I had it open in a word file on one half of the screen, with a text file for my comments in another half of the screen. (tip: Ctrl+windowskey+left arrow to get a window to fill left half of the screen, Ctrl+applekey+right arrow to get a window to fill right half of the screen. Then it's just shouting at the pointer to do what you meant, not what you asked)

    This year my laptop was away for the first couple of weeks, so I wrote my comments - including quoting the text to show where I am - by hand in my new notebook with my new pen, - then typed it out into an email to send back.
    I enjoy the writing by hand with the pen - it feels nice, when I get the angle right and the ink flows - but the typing it all in afterwards was a bit of a pain, because I was using my phone for that. Now I have my laptop back, I will be able to use it, but I don't know if I'll write and then type, or go back to typing directly.
    I am beginning to understand how/why my sister started her fountain pen collection.

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