December 2008



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Dec. 9th, 2008


To Young Writers -- Purpose and Welcome

I created this asylum with a purpose in mind. Too many young writers are harassed each day because of their age. People believe that just because someone is young, they lack talent and therefore, have no reason to be writing.
I disagree with that way of thinking. I believe writing is not solely for those who can go off and write a novel in a month, but for those who just want to release an idea, a dream. Whatever they want. Writing has no age limit on it.
I do not want to sound as if all older people are out to make young writers feel bad. Some are very nice and willing to help.
To young writers, I just wanted to create a little place on the web for them to go and post whatever they wished. I believe with help from older writers, the next generation of writers can improve their talent over time.
What I am trying to do is create a nice atmosphere for these kids.

Now, time to set up some rules.
Use those IJ cuts. -- For those who use HTML, I will post a guide on how to do a cut here soon.
2. Play nice. -- If you leave a comment telling a writer how to improve his or her writing, do not attack them with all they did wrong or tear their work apart. Be helpful. Be kind.
3. Please, if it is above a PG-13 rating, post a warning. -- I will post a rating scale here soon.
4. Do not steal another authors work. -- That would be plagiarism, and that is wrong. (high school will drill that into your heads. lol)

What can be posted:
Original fictions -- please, do not steal from writers on here.
2. Non-fiction -- this includes creative non-fiction
3. Fan Fiction -- all fandoms are welcomed here. TV, literature, music, we have no limits here at 

[info]young_writers .
4. Poetry



…I think you all get the point. It’s all welcomed!

Also, this is a language free zone!

Thank you for joining, and welcome to [info]young_writers !