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[04 Jan 2020|10:54pm]

It has been a really really really long time since I've played, but today something in the cosmos brought me here and is compelling me to reach out. If I've ever had the pleasure of your writing company, if we developed storylines and/or friendships in one or more forms, please know that you've left an indelible mark on my heart. I hope the years have been, and continue to be good to you.
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[20 Jul 2018|09:30pm]

I just wanted to take a second and say [info]savannahga [info]youareamazing!

There is just something about this special little group of writers that makes me smile. From the moment I joined everyone was so welcoming and wonderful. It had been a long time since finding a home like this and honestly I was afraid. Most of the homes I found were like this before turning my worst fears into reality but not you [info]savannahga. No you reminded me of what it was like to write with people who were fun and laid back. Bringing back my faith in games and reconnecting me with former rp partners. Here is where I would normally call out specific players but really everyone makes this place special and fun. We support one another IC and OOC, lines are picked up or created, and it just takes me back to a better RP time. Very rarely does one get a chance to thank a whole community for being wonderful and ever rarer it seems do we show our thanks.

So short and simple as it might be thanks again [info]savannahga for giving this girl a place to house her kiddos. Can't wait to see where this small little community builds into and what other memories we can make together. <3
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[11 Oct 2017|02:53pm]

in nearly a year i, as a writer, and my character ~tierra/tinis has gained a home. a place where i felt comfortable writing due to the courteous nature of the writers, regardless of their characters. a light that helped me through some really personal trying times and needed this getaway from life and circumstances. and while i'm leaving the community and no longer believe it to be a home, i want to take the opportunity to thank you all for what you had given me. and especially to let you know that all of our shared comments and interactions will be sorely missed. when i applied her, i could not imagine the kind of welcoming i did actually receive for her. not because of her pb, but because of her personality and the love that she tried to not only offer, but give to everyone and the light that she was given back. i have not had an experience like i had with her in comms in some time. or let alone in writing in a female. and i'm more sorry that it all comes to an end.

for the love i'm leaving behind at ~newamsterdam )
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[22 May 2017|03:21am]

The ladies who played Jackson Rathbone, Ben Graupner and Jerad Anderson at some community, I played Ben J. You guys were so welcoming and it felt like a brotherhood (all things considered ;) ) The show came up on Facebook memories and I was just thinking about the good ol' days.
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Thank you for being there!! [16 Feb 2017|12:25am]

I just want to say thank you to my group leader who has been the most understanding person possibly these last two days - patiently putting up with me going crazy over the loss of a family member. For sitting in my house with my family and I as we process and for getting me away from the single toxic person in the comm who is making my life a nightmare.
You sir are amazing and I am glad we met in University when we did.

The second thanks goes to my long term gaming partner and BFF who has been effectively distracting me online from the nightmare of my life right now, know what to say or send to make me feel less like an emotional nutcase and more like life in normal again; even after loosing someone so young.
I would be lost without you.
Now if only you would cave and marry me, life would be bliss.
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[02 Jan 2017|02:53am]

when you are so in love with a new line you end up binging the entire work of your kid's significant other. THANK YOU for playing him, THANK YOU for like basically being him true to every interview I have watched ever. THANK YOU for my sleepless nights filled with sassy little Cubans in fancy suits.

you are basically the epitome of amazing.
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[01 Jan 2017|10:17pm]

Hello, everyone.

This isn't a typical post. Usually you'd point someone out by name, but it turns out, the people I want to talk about aren't really on the names I once knew them on.

It's been a long time, but I wanted to say to these people that I appreciate the time we spent writing together. Ages ago, I had a small cluster of friends who had the most imaginative, innovative minds I'd ever come across in my fifteen (check it - I started writing online in 2002) years of writing with others online.

Now, I've fallen out with a few people through my course, but I wanted to tell the people that I've written with this: Regardless of where we ended our relationship, you influenced my writing and creative process in ways that I could never thank you enough for.

We've all been there - we've lost lines and friends. Every one of those closed doors is worth remembering and cherishing. So, thank you - and Happy New Year.
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[02 Nov 2016|01:28am]

To our wonderful [info]antiquis players, [info]youareamazing;

It’s been a year! One full year gone by and boy did it go fast, huh? It’s hard to believe we’ve covered so much in-game and that most of you have been with us since the very beginning. !!! We absolutely love each and every one of you and your characters!

oh there's more )
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[10 Aug 2016|01:33am]

oh man. amazingly enough i remembered this password! i miss playing Cory so much, and the Glee crew was so amazing. thank you guys for making my time playing this guy so amazing. i hope you're all ok and making your dreams come true! [info]lmchl [info]cdarren and [info]cchris
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This community should be used more often. [26 May 2016|03:45pm]

Have you ever met someone that you just click with? Your writing styles mesh. You challenge each other at every turn. You build worlds together and develop characters with an actual plot and not expecting a romance until months and months down the road, even then it's not a guarantee. Because, you know, it’s the adventure that takes you there and they have life obstacles that keeps building, and gets more exciting with each post.

I know it takes a long time to find that diamond in the ruff. One that sticks around. The one that understands your way of thinking. Has the same interests as you, and even if they don’t they are willing to explore because the character development is so in depth that it’s hard to pass up, for anyone who truly enjoys writing as a pastime.

Becoming friends almost instantly. Talking ooc, and when you’re having a hard go at, just, life in general. They are there to tell you it’s ok. That if 'you need me I’ll be here if you want to talk, or if you need space I understand that as well'. Even though you don’t really want to talk about it because your personal burdens are your own, and don’t want them to feel obligated to cheer you up.

Writing helps to occupy my mind from stress, and that is all I needed of her when we started this. She did it without complaint or even knowing, telling me that I am one of the best writers she’s played with and I helped her to improve.

Well. This post is to thank her for the help she has given me, and all the interesting plots we have planned for the future when our schedules slow down.

[info]justajournal, Thank you. You are pretty wonderful.

There is someone else, but I don't have their ooc journal. When I get it, another ~youareamazing coming soon!
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[01 Apr 2016|11:37am]

He has NO chill because I got so excited that you joined!! You are so incredible, you're Nikki and you put up with my terrible Tom who occasionally slides into being Ichabod. I'm working on it, I promise! Thank you thank you thank you, you are amazing [info]nbeharie
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[22 Nov 2015|12:56am]

to the incredible [info]deadlings - it's been ages since i have been so excited about a game and not had that excitement lead to disappointment, lol. to the mods - you are insanely wonderful, friendly and open to reaching out to the players for feedback and suggestions. all of the writers are also so friendly, and not only that, but really, really talented. i've never felt so comfortable and happy in a comm before. every single one of you, mods and writers, are amazing.

♥ ~muggleborn

p.s. a special shout out to ~bluedream, ~corpses, and ~emptythreat. i love you guys so much!
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[19 Nov 2015|12:32am]

To A² -

Thanks again for all the amazing hard work and time you've put in to getting [info]shadowrises not only up and running and looking absolutely fabulous but keeping it so clean and organized as well! I know how long it takes me to set up even one character journal but to have you pull out an entire community while having it look downright amazing in so short a time is more than my ability to comprehend. We definitely couldn't have done it without you and I'm not sure even posting this here is enough to tell you how much I appreciate it!
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[09 Nov 2015|03:02pm]

to the amazing [info]lineart,
i cannot stress enough at how much i love this community. after a year and half hiatus from rp, i very naively jumped right into ~supersuit and got caught up in writing again (even though i had no idea what the hell i was doing). when ~supersuit closed, i thought about dropping for good again, but i had come to love interacting with everyone that i gave it another shot. and holy hell, i'm so glad that i did. in the last year i have met some of the most talented writers that are on this website. i've seen so many lines and characters develop organically that it makes my head want to explode from happiness. there is always something going on, always something to throw my character into that i do believe this place will never get boring.

this is going to be long, and probably sappy )

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[08 Nov 2015|10:40am]

I've gained more than a line, I've gained another best friend. Thank you for being amazing, Yami. ♥ You've become so important to me I don't know what I'd do without you. I love that I look forward to everything with you, emails or rp we just click and it's great. <3
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[30 Aug 2015|11:35pm]
[info]ggrant I just want to thank you for being such a great slp through the year our characters got to know each other. Words can't describe how much it means to me that you IMed Niall that night and we've got as close as we did. We had a good run together. I'm just so glad of what we accomplished and how much Niall is irrevocably in love with Grant that I think sometimes he's just me hiding behind a face. But you have brought out the best in me and I do hope that we never lose touch and that our characters will remain friends through this no matter how hard it's going to be. You've challenged me so much and gave me faith in rp. I'm not losing you all together and that's the best part but I just thought I'd come here to let you know that I'm so grateful for you, your friendship and giving me the best line I ever had. I hope you feel the same but even if you don't, that's okay too. You've challenged me to be a better role player and this seriously is not the end. Thank you again, the way you play Grant - every little detail is how I see him in real life and it just makes it an honor to know you. I don't want to think of this as losing a line but gaining a friendship as we continue to challenge each other. You're amazing. The end. Thank you again again again.

To the rest of [info]biography and the flarrow cast that has fully accepted Niall into the community- it means a lot to me. I'm glad I'm able to have Niall there and be apart of such a wonderful community. You are such a fabulous bunch and I'm so glad to be apart of such a wonderful community. Dane, Kristen, Candice, Katie, Carlos, Stephen, Willa, thank you for talking to Niall and showing me what great players you are. Louis, Liam, Harry, and Zayn, I'm so glad I've found players of 1D that I can tolerate. :) Leigh-Anne and Perrie thank you for playing the girls wonderful enough for me to love on you too! To the rest that Niall has talked to here to us talking even more in the future.
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this is sooo retro [25 Aug 2015|05:16pm]

i didn't even know this place still existed before [info]grunberg posted in here awhile back...but ugh

[info]zalevipugh -- for 8 years we've played together as so many different kids and somehow they always end up with this amazing annoying brother/sister relationship and i am so happy that you unbeknownst to either one of us joined ~originate with Zac, he's crazy as hell and i don't get half the comic references you use but he is love. the bromance between Greg & him and the way those two comment back and forth with their weird man love is epic to watch and keeps me in stitches. thank you my love for being so amazing.

[info]grunberg -- i couldn't give her love without giving you some too. we've ran in the same rp circles for longer than we've known, from hating each other ic to talking every day, your Greg IS Greg to me you capture his goof and his excitement so very well, and never forget how much of a dad he is first and foremost. we seem to find ourselves in off the wall pairings more often than not and i am so happy we're weird enough to look at all those old cast pics and go "yeah!" out of all the times ive played Hayd this is by far my favorite you bring the muse out of me for her, writing her has never been this easy or this fun. i adore these two together. thank you for being so amazing!
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[13 Aug 2015|01:52pm]

[info]saamell and [info]colindonn- you guys give me life. Thank you for writing and capturing the hearts and souls of these men without making them insane. You've made me so interested in the show again when my attention has been waning. Hell- I really hope the real guys are as cool as you. Couldn't be cooler though. Thank you for making [info]originate fun.
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I don't think people really do this anymore, but what the heck. [12 Aug 2015|10:19pm]

Dear [info]lineart,
I could tell you a lot of stories about how I came to join your predecessor, about how I waited for months to join because I was worried that supersuit would be yet another superhero community that crashed and burnt after the first or second adds, but it surprised me. These characters surprised me, this home. I had been out of games of any kind for ages--there had been attempts, but nothing that I'd survived in beyond the initial month. Then came this place, this concept, these characters--and I feel like we've only begin to scratch the surface of their situation, and I look forward to all the crazy ways everything will go wrong in the future. Thank you, mods, for all of your hard work--we've hit some rough patches along the way but you have poured so much into the community and you've worked so hard at working with as many people as you can that it's absolutely incredible. We couldn't ask for better leadership. So thank you guys, thank you for letting me write out this crazy bastard, for making me feel like a valued piece in the community, and for giving me a place to treasure the way I do my home here.

Holy hell, this is so long, people. I am so sorry. )
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Memory lane [03 Aug 2015|07:21pm]
Going through my old customs and reading through some of the most epic spams between Kyle Galler ([info]kyle) and his best friend in rl Jake Able ([info]jkabel). I miss you, where ever you are. Everything from the constant back and forth of who is the top, Mean girl quotes and embarrassing blackmail pictures on the interwebs. Kyle in the radioflyer with a sippy cup will always be one of those shiny gems that can never be forgotten.

Thank you, where ever you are. You made my evening that much better, and I think I was crying reading through their antics. It's killing me to clean this out!
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