Oct. 21st, 2007


Title: Loyalty
Warnings: Angst, Drama, hurt/comfort, some violence, language
Total Count: 18,275
Status: Complete
Dislcaimer: Yu-gi-oh! is the intellectual property of Kazuki Takahashi.  I do not own it.
Paitings: Yami/Yugi; Seto/Yami; Seth/Atemu
Summary: Set after the end of the series.  The final duel didn't end as planned, and as all things go, for you to have something, something must be lost.  This is a tale of what is to be sacrificed, because not even the Pharaoh can escape the inevitable.

A/N: This is a gift-fic for Dragonlady222 and she has been kind an patient enough to wait until I had it completed before she could read any of it.  Many thanks to Chelle for the superb beta, if not for her, this fic would not be half of what it is now.  Any remaining mistakes are sorely my own.

denotes a flashback or a scene within the 'mind-scape.'

Seto opened his mouth to tell Yami where he could put his ‘request’ for help when Yugi jerked in Yami's hold. The wound on his shoulder pulsed and a viscous black seeped out and spread slowly towards his neck.

Sep. 17th, 2007


[Fic] Speed; R

Okay, so to kick of the first official posting of fic!  Here be fic!  Many thanks to </a></strong></a>[info]ehrlichkeit for this lovely comm.  And may there be more fic for us all to enjoy!

Title: Speed
Rating: R
Parings: Bakura/Yugi, Seto/Yami
Spoiler: None
Warnings: Flangst, some swearing, and adult situations. Mention of character death as well (none of the pairings)
Word Count: 4,081 
Status: Complete
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh is the intellectual property of Kazuki Takahashi. I do not own it.
Summary: It began with 'borrowing' a car, turned into an informative drive and ended with a fight. Of course, that's not counting being caught with one's pants down. Literally.

Many thanks to Chelle for beta-ing this. She is all kinds of awesome, and any remaining mistakes are entirely my fault for not paying heed to her words of wisdom.

Bakura heard the crack of his head hitting the ground.