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Apr. 18th, 2009


New Character

*happy dance* Eeeee! So... this is Nick. He's been at the school for a very long time. He is an archeologist (focused on Central America). He's an awesome version of Reed Richards, in that he is stretchy, but has, you know, personality. His wanted scenes will be up ASAP. If anyone wants to interact with him, comment here or there. Stan Lee rules you @ AIM, too.


P.S. He's filled out the surveys.

Apr. 12th, 2009


The new pup!

Amanda again, this time with her very first OC (so, as I told Beck last night, this will either be awesome or disastrous), Kaitlyn "Cleric" Malone, as played by the lovely Shannyn Sossamon. Katie is (barely) a Pisces, 21, a dancer (not that kind of dancer), and a mutant. Duh, right? She heals others by absorbing their injury/illness/whathaveyou and fixing it in her own body with a healing factor, which isn't as advanced as what Wolverine and Sabretooth and the like have, but it's something.

She's also a leeeetle bit unstable after basically letting someone die because she was scared her powers wouldn't work, but she's getting better.

She's, uh, also likely to weird you out by being almost junkie-like with injuries; they feel good when they start to heal, dontcha know, and it's kind of like a bizarre drug, so she might stab someone just so she can heal them and get that rush don't let that alarm you.

Various odds and ends:
-- We'll say she's been at Xavier's since, oh, the beginning of the year, okay? Okay.
-- She prefers to go by Katie, but she'll answer to Kaitlyn, Kate, and occasionally (if you're her grandmother), Katie-Lynn.
-- Her long-term goals are to become a semi-successful (at least professional in some sense) dancer, either in ballet or modern dance, and to gain further understanding of her powers so that she doesn't freeze up the next chance she gets to save someone. Short-term goals include kidnapping and marrying two of the three Gossip Girl, uh, boys, and paying off a collection of parking tickets before she gets sued.

No wanted scenes post as of just yet, but will update accordingly when I get off my duff and fill it out. In the meantime, if anyone wants to game with the latest resident weirdo, feel free to hit me up for plotting. :)

Mar. 22nd, 2009


Original Characters' Mutations