April 2010



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Sep. 26th, 2009



The roommates/relationships page has been updated hardcore.

In other news, we've lost Wicked. Laea was removed due to inactivity. Laea will continue to play Wicked. However, we've lost Joan. She felt it wasn't fair to hold Banshee when real life was preventing her from posting. Good news, though, she might return once all of her family (wedding) business flies over. So, good luck to Joan. :)

If you do not have time to play in this game, it isn't fair to occupy a character that people could otherwise be enjoying.

Thirdlyish, Jordan has changed her PB for [info]levity_ from Fanny Valette to Natalie Portman. ... I can't say my inner-Remy isn't intrigued... XD

Aug. 23rd, 2009


Hey guys. :) Beck here. I just wanted to make a few notes.

1) The attack thread is moving a little slowly, but that's okay. We've gotten fifty posts done in just half a week. That's not so bad, is it? If anyone would like to figure out conclusions to their "threadlets", comment here and hopefully those involved can get back to you. If everything is discussed in public, all the various parts of the thread will hopefully be more cohesive/easier for us to write. :D Scott/Forge have put Mars in charge of leading people around, so he's sort of the operator for the whole thing, seeing as he knows where everyone (even the students) are at all times, and has cameras in front of him and a headset on. So, if your pups need a little help, they can request guidance via headset. We do need to make sure that one of the blackhawks escapes so that Stryker survives, lol. So I think we may be at our limit. But feel free to destroy some Hummers. And for the record, just as in X2, the children are going to passage ways that lead AWAY from the school, under the woods and to the highway where they're just outside of town. So, no one is headed to the basement except a few (crazy) techies who need to be there (or people who don't feel like hiking it to town... *eyes Kiernan*).

2) Joan (our new Banshee!) is under the weather and will be tagging folks back as soon as she feels well again. Get better, Joan! ^_^

3) Minka (Scoot) will know be called 'Tempo' on missions, etc. I've changed her tag in both IC communities, so, that's that.