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Nov. 30th, 2009


Skewl Sux

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to keep people updated. This semester is finally almost over in a couple of weeks so I will have more time to interact on here. I had an idea for a fluffy thread that I already ran by some people so I'll have that up soon for shits n' giggles. Also, some already know, but I've changed Joe's PB to Josh Charles in case people didn't recognize him. If you want to tag either Joe or Bobby, go ahead and I will reply as soon as I can. Thanks.


Oct. 25th, 2009



Hey guys. Lots of stuff to mention.

First of all, Leigh and I have spent the evening updating pages and pages of stuff. The one that would effect most of us is here: relationships page. There are lots of changes, so read over it carefully. Lol. The threads archive, the taken page, the contacts page and the holds page have all been updated, as well as outlying pages such as 'original character mutations' and 'class/staff list'.

Secondly, Dan has finally picked up Iceman and you can check him out here: [info]mister_frosty.

Thirdly, we've lost Amanda and her six characters due to inactivity. So the following pups are up for sale: Cannonball, Chamber, Deadpool, Pyro, Shinobi Shaw.

Fourthly, Jordan has decided to pick Lorna (Polaris) back up and put Dani (Mirage) on hiatus for the time being until she has more time to alter her.


-Beck (and Leigh)

Oct. 13th, 2009


Work work work.

Hello lieblings. Just a few notes:

- We lost Kait/Iceman due to inactivity. So, Bobby's available. Also, please reuse the flister.

- We need to move things along in the attack threads (ie; get kidnapped if you're supposed to, escape if you're supposed to, get injured if you're supposed to). So, get'r'dun. Don't draw things out; there's a lot more stuff to get accomplished outside of these threads. XD

- I wanted to talk about time jumps and see how everyone felt. After these attacks, there will be a mission to rescue those who were kidnapped and to defeat Stryker. Beyond that, there isn't much planned aside "our take" on what happened in the films, and the aftermath of all of the Stryker / X / sentinels / etc. So, being that there are going to be some pregnancies at the mansion, I wondered if we wanted to take a 6 month time jump after December in the game, or even a year? Things could be backdated, of course. We haven't done a jump that big before, it'd put everyone with a clean slate and make us do something thinking. Let us know what you think.

Beck & Leigh

Sep. 30th, 2009


Hey Kids,

Just wanted to make people aware of some changes and updates. As Beck mentioned below, I dropped Cyclops (sorry Leigh for bailing) and will be replacing him with another cannon. I'm still sort of undecided so if you have any suggestions for me ("You'd play a great..."), please let me know. As for my OC Rory/Pulse he will be going back to Josiah/Recon. The PB will stay the same and the history, but he will be more like the old 'Joe'. Furthermore, if you have any ideas/suggestions for him, please comment. Thanks.


Sep. 29th, 2009



Most information has been updated to reflect the following changes (including the relationships page, the taken page, the holds page, and so on).

♦ Carley has decided to pick up Mercury as her canon ([info]mercurialcess). Look for an intro from Carley soon.
♦ Dan has dropped Cyclops and plans to pick up Quicksilver.
♦ Jordan has dropped Lorna and plans to change Mirage's played by to Jana Mashonee.
♦ I've decided to pick up Pulse, a rarely-seen canon. I changed him quite a bit, because he kinda sucked, but there was potential. His journal is [info]pulses, his profile is here and his wanted scenes are here. Lemme know if you'd like to interact with him / be on his relationships section.

Sep. 21st, 2009


Good news, weird news, news news.

First and foremost - new character. I've decided to pick up Bishop ([info]big_guns). He will totally have wanted scenes by the time you read this. Until then, his profile is 99.99% functional. There are gaps in his relationship section, as well as people listed there who might not be savvy with it, so let me know if you have any thoughts either way.

Secondly, Leigh has decided to drop Mystique. She's now an NPC and will be for-ev-ar. I've decided to drop Dazzler (in exchange for Bishop) and she is now up for grabs.

Click the cut for information about a recently-removed member.

Third and finally. )

P.S. / EDIT - I've decided to summarize Magneto's recovery from his plastic prison by the X-Men instead of playing it out immediately. I imagine Diamond being involved for sure, and possibly a slew of stealthy types (Gambit? Kitty? Nightcrawler? etc). So, if you'd like for one or more of your characters to be involved his with rescue, let me know. For details, click the second cut for this goofy-ass entry.


Thanks folks,

Beck & Leigh

Sep. 20th, 2009


O hai

Hey guys. This is Jordan. I just wanted to give a heads up that I'll be taking Beast on, because we all know we need a Hank. He's got a shiny new backdate here. Had to give him a test run. I hope he's okay. :D

I will add him to my wanted scenes soon. Here are his wanted scenes. If anyone has any ideas/thoughts, let me know.


Sep. 18th, 2009



Quick announcement. Crane's profile has been tweaked here and there so that his focus is more on the X-Men and less on his personal career. Also, Becky and I have decided to retcon out Kurt/Storm's few months of dating 'over the summer' so that she and Crane could be married. They wed in 2005. The changes are reflected in their profiles.



Jordan (and Becky)

P.S. Feel free to question or comment.

Sep. 2nd, 2009



Midgets, lots of dem. )

Aug. 31st, 2009


Updates, general chaos...

Foremost, we have some character/player changes.

Rob has created an OC counselor for everyone to vent to. The OOC addressing this character is here and his journal is [info]mr_feelgood.

Leigh has a new OC as well, who communicates/shares abilities with animals. The OOC pertaining to Vivien/Pride is here and her journal is [info]pride_.

Min is no longer with us, and I've chosen to pick up Emma. Husk is now free, however, and has been added to the holds page. My Emma is a bit different, but still very much canon (Min borrowed a great portion of my bio for her Emma, so there aren't too many differences). New Diamond journal is [info]whitediamonds.

Rob, Leigh and I have all updated our wanted scenes to reflect our new additions.

Joan and I have been discussing the possibility of Siryn (age 5) coming into Sean's custody. She would have been the daughter of Black Tom, and gone to Sean after Tom's death. This transition would be played out in game, I assume. So, if anyone has any thoughts/ideas/comments, feel free. She's added to the 'taken' page and has icons under [info]genesis_npcs. If anyone would like the password for that journal, I'll gladly IM or e-mail it to you.

The activity check / character summaries are nearly all up. So if you didn't do one, at least read over the monster. Lol. Here is that thread.

Finally, it's come to my attention that rapid-fire attacks/chaos would be a little trying on everyone, so I'd like to suggest that we have the 'second attack' occur after the Halloween party at the mansion. There's also the option of having the attack happen during the party and making everyone go fight sentinels in their costumes, but that's just mean. XD I think a larger time jump (ie; the end of October) would do us some good, as well. Lately time in the game and real time have been sneaking too close together, in my opinion. I don't want things to get confusing. But for the record, 'time' is addressed in the rules page if anyone is curious. If anyone would like to thread about the attack on the mansion (reactions, etc), please do so. I know there are a load of people with vendettas against Stryker at the mansion now, thanks to XMO: Wolverine. So that should be fun. Wolverine's not in his boat alone anymore. Lol.

For specifics about the Halloween party, Leigh and I have been discussing the when and the how, etc a bit, but feedback / fresh ideas are always welcome. Here's some of what we have so far...

Being that there are children at the school, and that we'd probably want our folks to be able to drink/have fun as they'd like, there should probably be a separation. My thoughts were that the X-Men (of age) could have their party in the gigantic gym downstairs (the one with the speaker system and the pool, etc). They could set up tables and couches and a bar and rock out, that way anyone under 18 could be kept out. As for the younger students or people who didn't want to attend, I think making the grounds 'haunted' would be cool. Then the younger students would have something to do and the teenagers could scare the bejesus out of them.

My other thought was that it could be warm out (50-70 degrees - hey, they do have Storm) and they could do a Playboy Mansion style party outside, with gigantic tents and seating and pillows and tables of food and drink, etc. Example. And the kidlings would be indoors at a "rated G" party.

Either way, doing a "haunted labyrinth" needs to go down, simply because they already have a hedge maze. XD

Because Leigh and I have no lives (well, we don't), we've picked out a number of our characters' costumes. Feel free to comment and stake your claim on ideas for your own pups. And don't worry about doubles (especially with stuff like vampires, pirates, cowboys, etc). It's bound to happen.

Aug. 29th, 2009


EDIT: New character!

EDIT! Just letting everyone know that I'm bringing in a new character. His journal is [info]mr_feelgood and here is his profile. Russell is an empath and the school's (licensed) counselor. I think Emma is a licensed sex/couples therapist and Dani is getting her degree in dream analysis/translation. But he's a standard psychiatrist. He's an all around good guy, so if anyone has any issues, the doctor is in. 5¢. END EDIT

Hey guys. Rob here. My AIM name is now Jaunty Jedi. We recently acquired a ToughBook (for a pack of smokes) and I unlinked pirate roberto from woman of marvel. But when I went to log in, I didn't know the damned password so I made a new ID instead. So. Add me.


Aug. 23rd, 2009


Hey guys. :) Beck here. I just wanted to make a few notes.

1) The attack thread is moving a little slowly, but that's okay. We've gotten fifty posts done in just half a week. That's not so bad, is it? If anyone would like to figure out conclusions to their "threadlets", comment here and hopefully those involved can get back to you. If everything is discussed in public, all the various parts of the thread will hopefully be more cohesive/easier for us to write. :D Scott/Forge have put Mars in charge of leading people around, so he's sort of the operator for the whole thing, seeing as he knows where everyone (even the students) are at all times, and has cameras in front of him and a headset on. So, if your pups need a little help, they can request guidance via headset. We do need to make sure that one of the blackhawks escapes so that Stryker survives, lol. So I think we may be at our limit. But feel free to destroy some Hummers. And for the record, just as in X2, the children are going to passage ways that lead AWAY from the school, under the woods and to the highway where they're just outside of town. So, no one is headed to the basement except a few (crazy) techies who need to be there (or people who don't feel like hiking it to town... *eyes Kiernan*).

2) Joan (our new Banshee!) is under the weather and will be tagging folks back as soon as she feels well again. Get better, Joan! ^_^

3) Minka (Scoot) will know be called 'Tempo' on missions, etc. I've changed her tag in both IC communities, so, that's that.

Aug. 14th, 2009


Hello all. I just wanted to say that I'll be playing Magneto as more than an NPC in the future - a decision that no doubt urge Rob to pick up the Professor. I think he was scared Mags might go unchecked. Bwahahahaha! Anyway, lol, he'll eventually be coming to the mansion. I have his wanted scenes up. Comment here or there if you have any thoughts/requests/etc. I'm open to suggestion.

Secondly, I'm sure she'll be posting her own OOC with further details, but Jordan will be out of town this weekend and part of next week. Michigan, ho!

Thirdly, I've updated several of the pages to exclude an active Cyclops, as Chaku has decided to bow out as our Scott due to time constraints. I suppose Scott will be NPC'd by me (and anyone who wants to mention him) since we already have his journal ([info]seeing_red) and it's up to date with the filmverse/this game. I'll have to tweak it a bit, I think. It's more than likely that I'll end up taking him on if we don't get a replacement soon, so Leigh and Min (as well as Cross!), feel free to make your thoughts/opinions known. I'm open to suggestion, but I tend to prefer him to have loyalties to Jean, and be wooed by Emma, while Wolverine woos Jean. It's like it was PLANNED! omg. Anyway, lol, here's a parting message from Chaku so you all know what's goin' on. Thanks. XD

From Chaku: Hey guys. I just wanted to drop you a PM because I thought I was going to have more time this summer to get all RP-y, but I didn't. My summer semester just ended and now My fall semester is set to begin in less than a month, so it's about to get even busier. I don't think it's fair that I've been so inactive with Scott thus far and think I should let him go. I like this game, but I'm falling behind at my own game as well and don't think that's fair to my players or to you all. So I'm going to drop my claim on Scott. <3 Good luck with the game, it was amazing while I was here.
-Chaku [Scott]

Aug. 13th, 2009


Rob here. Just wanted to let everyone know The Professor is now in the building. Starting today, I'm the new title holder of this classic (ain't he a beaut!). So anyone who whats some of Charles Xavier's time just let me know. His profile is up and almost finished and I'll have my wanted scenes edited soon.

He'll be available for all the guidance and mentoring I can handle. First off, I think he knows of a certain little boy who is in the market for a puppy. Sorry Scott, not you. Leave me a comment if you have any ideas. :)


Aug. 12th, 2009


Hey ^^

Just to let you know the wanted scenes for Kitty and Laurie are both up. I also forgot to put up the link to Kitty's journal last time so here it is: [info]shadowcat_

Aug. 11th, 2009


Roommates, relationships, etc.

If something in this post looks off, comment HERE. Thanks guys. Also, because I buried them: Lauren will now be playing Shadowcat ([info]shadowcat_), her intro is here. Amanda will now be playing Pyro ([info]enkindled), his intro is here. Finally, Rob updated his wanted scenes and also added Wolverine in.


SINGLE WOMEN: DIAMOND (staff), JEANIX (staff), MATRIX (staff), POLARIS (staff), STORM (staff).
SINGLE MEN: CRANE (staff), CYCLOPS (staff), NORTHSTAR (n00b/staff), TORRENT (staff).

Some notes/thoughts about some of the pairs/trios...
Britannic/Colossus have been roommates since they were both 13ish, and after getting professional positions at Xavier's, they've just decided that the shared room works fine. So, despite being staff, they're roomies.
Cannonball/Warpath - Bash Brothers! Just sayin'. Enjoy.
Chamber/Omen - I think Will sleeps in Troy's room most of the time, but leaves all his cool crap around (horror flicks, video games, weapons) for Jono to mess around with. So. That's handy.
Dukes/Wolverine - HA! That is all.
Gambit/Nightcrawler - Odd Couple much?
Jubilee/Scoot/Shadowcat - I smell a slumber party!
Levity/Noir - again, enjoy!
Mirage/Risque - Whoa. Look out.
Pyro/Sentient/Trance - I do not smell a slumber party. I smell burnt hair and regret. Take that as you will.




Hey ^_^

This Lauren, just wanted to let everyone know that my wanted scenes are finally up for Wallflower and for my newest character in the game, Kitty Pryde (shadowcat_). 

~ Lauren

Aug. 6th, 2009


Los Dos Amigos


Jun. 20th, 2009


iHola mis amigos!

Alej here with charie number 3!

I'm picking up Rogue since the old one left. :) She's a mix of movie and canon and has yet to be affiliated with anyone. So bring on the powers of persuasion from both sides. lol

Also Amara and Kitty are up for any plotting!


Character changes + stuff.

Beck here with some news and updates.

Happy note: I have a new character (yeah, like I need one, I know). For the most part, she'll be a 'for fun' character, who could be killed, captured, wander off, etc. So, if anyone has a hankering to off someone (they should get help), Asp is your girl. She'll be infiltrating the X-Mansion for Stryker. Her mutation (radiation) allows her to prevent telepaths from reading her thoughts. However, she can still be controlled by them (mental commands). So, she'll be poking around in your dorm rooms, schmoozing your men. And if you're a dude, she'll be schmoozing your babes. Bwahaha.

Her journal is [info]miss_cleo.
Her profile is here.
Her wanted scenes are here (scroll down!).
Her character surveys are here (clean) and here (dirty).

Sad note: Tasha (Blink) and Mabel (Iceman, Multiple Man) are no longer with us due to inactivity. Hopefully we can get things moving at a faster pace (though not too much faster). I know a lot of you want to play, but the inactive players were causing things to lag, so I apologize. I plan to make more time for Rob and I to tag back on threads (mostly Rob). And for the record, Jordan's internet is out in her room, but she has a computer downstairs in her house (shared by 4-6 other people). So hopefully she can post here soon or get the internet issue resolved. :)

Please remember to check out the plot feedback thread here!


Character Stats, if you're curious. )


Jun. 16th, 2009



Hey folks. I just wanted to say that we've lost another pair of Jeanix/Scott. Raven and Joey have decided to leave the game. So, if anyone is interested in either of those characters, let me know.


Jun. 11th, 2009



Hey kids. Just wanted to let everyone know officially that Cathy has left the game due to RL being hectic/other priorities. So, Northstar and Silver aren't with us. If anyone is interested in JP, lemme know. Also, due to inactivity in their players, Rogue and Wallflower are now open. They (as well as Northstar) are on the holds page, ready for new muns.

And as a side note, should we still have our Wolverine (I don't know what's going on with Aubrey), he isn't at the school yet and he isn't a teacher. I just wanted to make that clear. Some people are confused on the fact. Aubrey wanted him to be strictly new to the scene. And the game is based around the fact that he hasn't shown up yet (i.e. Genesis).

Anyway, I got around to posting replies (finally), sorry about the delay.

Hope everyone is having a good week. If anyone's interested in tagging (or being tagged by) one of my pups, check out my wanted scenes and lemme know. I have enough of 'em (pups). Lol.

Most recent journal entries are here.

-Beck (and Leigh)

May. 8th, 2009


Character changes + stuff.

Hey guys! :) I wanted to make mention that I'd dropped a few characters and picked one up. I'll be playing Dukes (aka Blob), and I've made a few of my characters adoptable NPCs.

Diamond, Toad, Cyclops and Warp are now adoptable NPCs.
Trance is now solely an NPC.

The load was too much and I didn't want to keep characters that others were interested in. Speaking of which, I've already talked to a new Emma potential, and left word with a possible pair of players looking into Scott and Jean (and Mystique). So, yay. ^_^

For specific interactions with those characters that I've dropped to NPC status, please don't hesitate to ask me to write out a scene with you as them until they are taken. I'll gladly write them and we can all make mention of them in threads/scenes. So for you Havoks, Sabretooths, Britannics and all the men who <3 Emma, they'll be around. Don't feel like they're lost! :) I just couldn't be responsible for that many and do them all justice.

There have been some issues related to past players (from here, or from [info]x_aftermath_x) and I wanted to set some things straight. If you have a problem with sex scenes/"smut", please don't read it, or ask for a summary. This game is marked 'adult'. And all of the entries are labeled with descriptions and ratings. None of you have complained, but apparently my enjoyment in writing love scenes has upset people in the past. So if someone has something to say, please do so. Don't keep things bottled up. It's how problems start.

Finally, as a relatively new development, I will not talk about other players behind their backs. I will not complain or gossip about them. If you come to me looking to gossip, don't expect much of a response. If you have complaints about other players (for any reason), I'll listen and try my hardest to handle the situation so everyone is happy. If I have ill feelings toward a player or character, I will either keep them to myself or express them politely in an effort to keep everyone happy and so things stay open and honest. In the past, I avoided sharing opinions of dislike simply to avoid hurting people's feelings. I've learned that most people just want to hear your honest opinion. If this isn't true for you, let me know. I'll completely understand. It is, however, true for me. So if anyone has any issues with my style of writing or modding or any of my characters, please don't think I'll get angry with you for expressing yourself. Via e-mail, IM, PM or comments, I'll listen to whatever anyone has to say. Thanks guys. :)


Apr. 13th, 2009



We have a new player - Fran. She's bringin' winter back. Yay for Illyana ([info]snowdriven).
We have a new original character, as played by Amanada - Cleric ([info]_cleric_).
Zap has a new played by - Rosario Dawson ([info]zapster).
Warpath has a new played by - Chris Oprysk ([info]proudstar_).

The journals list has been updated. And I'd like to ask that each journal entry your characters make by in seperate entries. What else is the journal good for? Lol. Thanks guys.

New Journal Entries )