April 2010



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Apr. 8th, 2009


Help, please

PB or not PB, that is the question )

E.T.A.: Thanks to the peeps that replied! I've decided to go with Tyler Lough as my new PB.

Apr. 6th, 2009


ooo shiny!

hey, ben here! i come bearing hotness a new pup! (my INTRO post got buried, so i'm linking here as well *g*)

Jonathan B. Chambers
Affiliation: Brotherhood
Wanted Scenes

And while we're here, click on the pics to see my other pups:

Jean-Paul Beaubier: Northstar     Cessily Kinkaid: Mercury

Apr. 5th, 2009


*dangles shiny new pup*

hiya! ben here, and i thought i'd pimp randomly offer a plot/chat idea for the taking. anyone up for a backdated chat in NYC with Jean-Paul? it can be anyone volunteering to pick him up from his hotel, or it can be a random encounter by anyone, including non x-men (members of the Brotherhood, possible Hellfire Club recruitment drive?). Any excuse is a good excuse to get chatting!

i'm also open to any other ideas thrown me way. i'm easy, lol.

Mar. 28th, 2009


hi! and request

looks like my girl Cessily needs a roommate, any takers? *offers cookies*
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Mar. 26th, 2009


Ben's intro

I'm Ben, I'm an uncharacteristic Leo (Gemini rising, Scorpio Moon, but is homey like a Cancer, LOL), and I'll be playing Northstar in the game. My favorite book is The Persian Boy by Mary Renault (who IMO writes about the best historical fiction ever). I love languages and one my best kept secrets is that English is not my first language. *g* You can ping me on AIM @ novoadonai.

Well, I just joined and I already added a second third! charrie. *cough* So here they are...

Northstar: Jean-Paul Beaubier
Everything you could want to know about JP (PB: Ian Somerhalder) can be found on his Profile. I love this character from the books, even when he was badly conceptualized/written, and I think he would translate really well into the movies. I hope I can do him justice in this setting.

Mercury: Cessily Kinkaid ([info]mercurious)
Cessily is not shy, although she is secretive, but she's always eager to please. *eyes* Down, boys! That's not what I meant. Kindly remove mind from gutter now, LOL. All info on Cessily can be found on her info page.

Empyrean: Jonathan B. Chambers ([info]i_empyrean)
Jonathan is a corporate spy and sometime eco-terrorist that hides behind the facade of a philantropist, activist. He thinks himself a hero, or anti-hero, rather, in a very broad, Macchiavellian way. He's a little crazy, but I'd never tell him to his face. See for yourself.

E.T.A. Wanted scenes post here.