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Oct. 25th, 2009



Hey guys. Lots of stuff to mention.

First of all, Leigh and I have spent the evening updating pages and pages of stuff. The one that would effect most of us is here: relationships page. There are lots of changes, so read over it carefully. Lol. The threads archive, the taken page, the contacts page and the holds page have all been updated, as well as outlying pages such as 'original character mutations' and 'class/staff list'.

Secondly, Dan has finally picked up Iceman and you can check him out here: [info]mister_frosty.

Thirdly, we've lost Amanda and her six characters due to inactivity. So the following pups are up for sale: Cannonball, Chamber, Deadpool, Pyro, Shinobi Shaw.

Fourthly, Jordan has decided to pick Lorna (Polaris) back up and put Dani (Mirage) on hiatus for the time being until she has more time to alter her.


-Beck (and Leigh)

Aug. 10th, 2009


Ahem. So, yeah. I'm a lifeless loser. I know, I know. So here, have a firebug that no one asked for you've been missing! My newest pup is Mr. St. John Allerdyce, Pyro to most (or so he'd like to think), John to a select few, Johnny to one or two people who know who they are.

Cut for stupidly long length. )

Aug. 9th, 2009


Completely unrelated to anything.

RandomGuy just posted a new skit on YouTube and it's already in my top five favorites of his. Wade sings. Again. And does it surprisingly well. And just...man. This dude's Deadpool is brilliant. I want to pick his brain every time I try to write Wade, seriously.

Ch-ch-check it out! )

Jun. 23rd, 2009


Greetings, all! Amanda here, suffering from the latest bout of characteritis. I'm bringing in two more and that's it, I'm done. Period. Finis. I think. Anyway, the first of my two new pups is everyone's favorite Guthrie, Cannonball (or just Sam, if you don't do the whole codename schtick). Beck is responsible for the awesome pb suggestion, so thank her. I'll wait.

Basics: Sam just recently turned 22 and has been at Xavier's since he was 19, so he's been here for roughly three years. You can probably find him in the garage working on his baby his car, training in the Danger Room, or voluntarily (!) babysitting whatever munchkins happen to be about. See, Sam comes from a very large family, to put it mildly, and kind of misses being responsible for little'uns, so if you're younger than he is, odds are pretty good he's going to take you under his wing and mother you. Unless you're a cute female who has expressed any sort of interest, in which case he will stammer a lot, blush, and politely excuse himself to go do the aforementioned babysitting. He's working on it.

I don't have any wanted scenes up for Sam yet because I'm lazy and waiting until I get my other charrie done before updating the page, but if anyone wants to do anything with the resident redneck, hit me up here or at solo bandella on AIM.

May. 13th, 2009


Ahem. I'm a bit late, but hey, better late than never, yes? Anyway, this here is your friendly neighborhood Spider-man mercenary, Deadpool, aka Wade Wilson, aka Chester Cheeto, aka Baron Hans von Wienerschnitzelkaufmannmuellerschmidt, aka Paula Abdul (long story), aka Eric Estrada (even longer story), aka Thom Cruz (boy, that was fun), and about fifty others. So say hi, kids, and don't be scared off by his OMG SO SERIOUS icon there. He was in a mood, see, and was drinking himself into oblivion (or trying to, anyway) upon hearing the news of his beloved Bea Arthur, and these things happen.

He's really a big ol' teddy bear. Packing heat. But don't worry, he's totally not after you. Unless someone pays him enough. Or offers him a six-pack and an issue of Field & Stream. But barring that, you're completely safe. So relax, pull up a chair, and introduce yourself to everyone's favorite merc with a mouth.

A few notes about this Wade:
I've tried to make him fit into the abomination that was "Deadpool" in XMO: Wolverine, as well as tying in his comic canon history, so here's the Cliff Notes, after the jump, cut for Wolverine spoilers! )

Also, I've finally updated my wanted scenes post, now with added Katie and Wade goodness. Hurray!

Apr. 12th, 2009


The new pup!

Amanda again, this time with her very first OC (so, as I told Beck last night, this will either be awesome or disastrous), Kaitlyn "Cleric" Malone, as played by the lovely Shannyn Sossamon. Katie is (barely) a Pisces, 21, a dancer (not that kind of dancer), and a mutant. Duh, right? She heals others by absorbing their injury/illness/whathaveyou and fixing it in her own body with a healing factor, which isn't as advanced as what Wolverine and Sabretooth and the like have, but it's something.

She's also a leeeetle bit unstable after basically letting someone die because she was scared her powers wouldn't work, but she's getting better.

She's, uh, also likely to weird you out by being almost junkie-like with injuries; they feel good when they start to heal, dontcha know, and it's kind of like a bizarre drug, so she might stab someone just so she can heal them and get that rush don't let that alarm you.

Various odds and ends:
-- We'll say she's been at Xavier's since, oh, the beginning of the year, okay? Okay.
-- She prefers to go by Katie, but she'll answer to Kaitlyn, Kate, and occasionally (if you're her grandmother), Katie-Lynn.
-- Her long-term goals are to become a semi-successful (at least professional in some sense) dancer, either in ballet or modern dance, and to gain further understanding of her powers so that she doesn't freeze up the next chance she gets to save someone. Short-term goals include kidnapping and marrying two of the three Gossip Girl, uh, boys, and paying off a collection of parking tickets before she gets sued.

No wanted scenes post as of just yet, but will update accordingly when I get off my duff and fill it out. In the meantime, if anyone wants to game with the latest resident weirdo, feel free to hit me up for plotting. :)

Apr. 6th, 2009


Temporary lapse in sanity.

I, uh, need some help.

Help wanted, inquire within! )