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Oct. 28th, 2009



Leigh and I would like to say: "TAG!" Activity check, hookers. :P That last part was mostly me. I can't back up that Leigh would call anyone a hooker. XD Heh. Anyway, just wanted to make sure who we're still "rollin' wit". So comment back when you have time. Gonna wrap this one up after Friday so we can start with a clean slate on the weekend. Peace.

-Beck (and Leigh)

Sep. 16th, 2009


Activity Check

Hey folks. I just wanted to let everyone know that A) the Halloween Party thread is going awesome (despite a few missing guests) and we've hit the 100 comments mark. Whee!

Also, this is an activity check. If you've posted within the last 48 hours, feel free to ignore this entry. If you haven't, well, please tag in. I just want to know who we still have and so on. We'll start editing the lists accordingly after Monday.

Finally, how soon after this party should the second attack be? (Sentinels @ 3 locations, kidnappings, etc.)

Aug. 28th, 2009


Activity Check + Attack Thread Summary

Aloha. *is Beck* I just wanted to say "tag!" for the activity check in hopes that everyone will respond with some sort of thought(s) about how their characters fared in the attack on the mansion. It's been just over a week, but there hasn't been activity in a few days. So, I'm going to assume that we're either bored or confused or lost or a combination of the three. So, this is less of an "activity check" and more of a "please take pity on the mods and respond with your thoughts" entry. Lol. I have the most characters, so I'll comment asap if anyone wants an example. It'll help me figure them out, too.

We've moved ahead in time, as well. So, any late August/early September birthdays are gone (feel free to backdate). We're in mid-September and I'd like to get to early October as soon as possible. That's when the second attack will go down. If we don't feel like writing that out, we don't have to, but I think it would involve four different threads, so it wouldn't be as confusing. Or maybe four would make it worse. Lol. We can decide when we get there. Since this one didn't go over so well, I say we just get past it (it'll be happening in early October) and say Stryker came and succeeded and then we can send a team after the kidnappees. All of that information (a little outdated) is here.

Something Leigh and I have been kicking around: a mansion-wide Halloween party. We didn't get to write out our BBQ, so we thought this would be more fun anyway. Costumes mandatory. Bwahaha! Feel free to discuss that here, too.

Aug. 15th, 2009


Activity check + plot discussion.

Excluding Jordan, I just wanted to see who all was still around/active. I know time is getting short for a few of you, so I wanted to see what was up and if you still wanted to play. Please respond to this by Monday, if so.

As for the plot discussion - Leigh and I have been brainstorming today and beyond the Stryker stuff, well, we wanted to have some goals/plans. We tossed around a few ideas about Jean and who/what "the Phoenix" is, so that could all be lined up to use. Or we could save that until a later point (when it's even LESS convenient for the X-Men, lol). Here are some of our options - the first group of which can be used simultaneously, or with one of the latter, grand schemes.

The Basics:
• The Mutant Registration Act
• "X"
• Sentinels
• MRDs
• The Phoenix
• The Hellfire Club
• Morlocks
• The Mutant Massacre
• Psylocke/Kwannon
• The death of Xavier (power struggle for leadership?)

Grander Scale:
• The X-Men come out as superheroes (those who so choose) after being seen on the news fighting in swarms against the Sentinels during Stryker's second attack (personal fave of Beck/Leigh)
• Wanda transforms Xavier's into an Olympus of sorts, while humankind looks upon mutants as God-like (caused by the death of Pietro, maybe?) Mutants keep their memories and wonder why people are leaving them gift baskets all of a sudden. And why they're in togas (personal fave of Beck)
• Wanda creates the Savage Land
• Magneto "sets up" Genosha

Jul. 2nd, 2009


Activity Check

Hey guys! I just wanted to say sorry for not being 100% lately. Both Leigh and I have been feeling junky lately, and I know everyone's gotten busy with summery stuff. Despite it being a holiday weekend, I wanted to throw this up in case someone didn't have something (for their characters) to do. Also, please check in so we know who's still with us. I know some of you are short for plot/story for your pups, but please remember to check out each others' wanted scenes lists! They can be a great help. For now, check out the most recent journals. XD


May. 28th, 2009


Activity Check

I'd hate to do one so soon after the last, but everyone's been busy and we've dropped a few people, so I need to know who all is left. Please respond by the weekend sometime. I have a wedding on Sunday, so I won't be contacting/removing anyone until Monday. I have a pretty good idea of who's still around and wanting to play, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Also, I apologize for slacking a bit in my scenes. I'm the matron of honor for this upcoming shindig and there've been lots of things to get done. Blah. But I'm going to be posting today and hopefully starting some new threads. Jordan and I have almost completed some backdated logs between Gambit/Levity and Mars/Zap, so those should be up soon. On with the updating...

I'll be on AIM all day if anyone wants to talk about scenes or check-in. ^_^

Alej, Amanda, Aubrey, Beck, Bill, Cathy, Jordan, Leigh, Lindsey, Mabel, Rob, Sheri, Tasha


P.S. Recent journal entries. I'll add more as they come! Don't be shy. XD

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