April 2010

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August 15th, 2009

[info]xalted in [info]xmen_ooc

Activity check + plot discussion.

Excluding Jordan, I just wanted to see who all was still around/active. I know time is getting short for a few of you, so I wanted to see what was up and if you still wanted to play. Please respond to this by Monday, if so.

As for the plot discussion - Leigh and I have been brainstorming today and beyond the Stryker stuff, well, we wanted to have some goals/plans. We tossed around a few ideas about Jean and who/what "the Phoenix" is, so that could all be lined up to use. Or we could save that until a later point (when it's even LESS convenient for the X-Men, lol). Here are some of our options - the first group of which can be used simultaneously, or with one of the latter, grand schemes.

The Basics:
• The Mutant Registration Act
• "X"
• Sentinels
• MRDs
• The Phoenix
• The Hellfire Club
• Morlocks
• The Mutant Massacre
• Psylocke/Kwannon
• The death of Xavier (power struggle for leadership?)

Grander Scale:
• The X-Men come out as superheroes (those who so choose) after being seen on the news fighting in swarms against the Sentinels during Stryker's second attack (personal fave of Beck/Leigh)
• Wanda transforms Xavier's into an Olympus of sorts, while humankind looks upon mutants as God-like (caused by the death of Pietro, maybe?) Mutants keep their memories and wonder why people are leaving them gift baskets all of a sudden. And why they're in togas (personal fave of Beck)
• Wanda creates the Savage Land
• Magneto "sets up" Genosha