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[07 Dec 2015|09:41pm]

I NEVER asked you to be perfect—did I?— Though often I’ve called you sweet, in the invasion Of mastering love. I never prayed that you Might stand, unsoiled, angelic and inhuman, Pointing the way toward Sainthood like a sign-post. )

[07 Dec 2015|11:47pm]

Please take the following question in the spirit in which it was intended.

How long did you think you could keep Barnes secreted away in Avengers HQ?

i'm going back to the start; [18 Nov 2013|09:53pm]

“I dream of a language whose words, like fists, would fracture jaws.”

A gateway to the Mayan underworld, a place of fear, a dark rift teeming with stars ... or a community of like-minded individuals given to stretching their creative muscles via collaborative writing, world-building and character study.

Here, a bit of navigation:

Each [insert relevant word here] page should include ...
  • PREMISE; (two households, both alike in digniity)
    Instead of creating games with a plot to which we must strictly adhere, our premise will state the intention of the writing exercise with just a pinch of detail to whet the writer's appetite. Suggest a concept, throw a wrench in the works and wait for the sparks to fly.

  • WORLD BUILDING; (in fair verona where we lay our scene)
    Provide additional information which will help the writer give scope to a characterization. Answer questions that will draw the boundaries of the land your premise creates. Think about your political climate, supernatural elements, visitors from other planets or time-frames, ecological concerns and more.

  • CONFLICT; (from ancient grudge break to new mutiny)
    If Shakespeare could create a play that spawned everything from Baz Luhrman to West Side Story, so too can you identify a central conflict around which your characters will base their interaction. Whose loyalties lay where? And with whom? What happens when they experience division. Neutral parties are not invited.

  • Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
    In the end, you get as much as you give. Help us create worlds and we will help you people it with the great and ignoble alike. We ask that each page (to maintain the integrity of the community) be tagged with: the given name of your concept, relevant characters, the nature of your writing (log, thread, journal, etc) and its status (closed, opened to any, opened to certain characters).

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